The black nationalist woman

The white man in his dictionary, defines Black nationalism as “a racial definition (or redefinition) of national identity for “African Americans”.  There are different indigenous nationalist philosophies, but the principles of black nationalist  ideologies are unity and self-determination—that is, separation, or independence, from European society”.

Black Nationalism does not set out to be anti-“white”, in no shape or form. Black Nationalism, though, by its very own definition ( and not one that is defined by a “white” agenda) appears anti white. Black Nationalism appears anti “white” because it proposes we practice what is natural for any other species on the planet.


Being a Black Nationalist is to practice a love of your black self. A love of your ancient and modern Afrikan cultural paradigm. A love of your Afrikan images, language, food, and countries. But even just as important, Black Nationalism is an Afrikan man who loves himself an Afrikan woman and who together strives to build up successful and sustainable Afrikan societies and communities on the Afrikan continent and in the diaspora.

This is called “Nation Building” and is the key principles of Black Nationalism. Black Nationalism by its very nature and practice, is the antithesis to a white pathological ideology of superiority. A false sense of “white superiority” that is enforced through imperialism and colonialism of Afrikan communities, societies, lands and minds.

Since all Europeans, including the lowest of the bottom dwellers, benefit from the economic, reLIEgious, “legal”, educational, social, political and imperialistic nature of this false superiority, practicing Black Nationalism is automatically anti “white” people and their bullshit.

However what is unseen or overlooked inside of the ideology of Black Nationalism is the poison of a kneegrow-peon mentality that tend to seep inside. This poison is a remnant of reLIEgion and post traumatic slave syndrome self hate. A post civil “wrong” bend over and grab some ankles mentality of intellectualizing nation building instead of living it with a purpose.

One clear example of this is how the Black Nationalist woman is viewed and accepted by so called conscious and Pan Afrikanist men AND women. I have separated the three into ideological components that are as distinctive as a two headed chicken. When i was ignorant of nation building i proclaimed my self “conscious”. Then i addressed myself as Pan Afrikanist. However i now proclaim myself as myself. BUT i practice Nation Building. In thought, theory and in my works.

Today i recognize that merely being conscious is to be aware that white pathology keeps kicking me in the head and telling me its a head rub. Nothing about being “black conscious” is really unique, because it indicates an awareness stage.

That’s it!

Being aware that the rain you are experiencing is really the oppressor pissing on your head, is merely the beginning of a long journey to being relevant in Nation Building.

There are too many so called conscious pimps, strippers, hustlers and scammers circulating and intellectualizing off of the one or two books and or videos they have seen. Consequently Pan Afrikanism is black consciousness purported to be about Afrikan liberation, but utilizing a Eurocentric paradigm. Many Pan Afrikanist practice a form of social-ism, based off of Karl Marx’s theory of each members of society being “bricks in a wall”. Neither unique or exceptional, but robotic.

Within those two camps lurk monsters of Euro specific creation and design. Child molesters, rapist, homophiles, promophiles, scam artists, drug pushers, sexual addicts and addicts of all other kinds…..and misogynists.

While the white dictionary describes a misogynist as a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women. What i have seen among so called conscious and Pan Afrikan ideological camp is a distinctive anti Black Nationalist woman practice.

The Black Nationalist woman is necessary for nation building. She is the corner stone and a most important part of nation building. The Black Nationalist woman will produce a future potential Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, Boukman Dutty and Nat Turner. She as the first teacher is whom the actual building of a nation starts with. Without the Black Nationalist woman the notion of nation Building is moot.





Black Nationalist Women

Yet it is painful to see the Black Nationalist woman being overlooked, passed over, used and abused and discarded by these kneegrows who claim consciousness and who claim to practice Pan Afrikanism. Who can recall the quote “the black woman’s role in the struggle is prone”? This was stated by a member of the early Black Panther movement. A movement that promoted socialism and the politics of Moe Zedong of China. A movement that promotes the “rights” of deviants to practice homosexuality as if it’s somehow equivalent to the struggle for Afrikan liberation and our liberation from under white pathology.

The Black Panthers did not begin the trend, but they certainly escalated the trend of including white women into the movement and having these kneegrows walk over the Black Nationalist woman for white pussy. This has left the Black Nationalist woman frustrated, depressed, angry and open for the infection of feminazism, accepting white dicks and even engaging in lesbianism.

There should be no ass fucking, pussy on pussy rubbing or sexing white people, if you claim to be a Black Nationalist. There should be no support for child molesters. Rapists, anti Afrikan woman and anti Afrikan man, ignorance in Black Nationalism.

Also…there should be a set standards of decorum and codes of conduct, based off of ma’at and practiced diligently with the hammer of shango for those who violate the code of conduct.

Likewise there should be no form of worship, except the natural practices of Afrika. Thus Christianinsanity, Arabism, Zionism, kneegrow shebrew-ism, the ways of the Moor-ons and all the other worldviews that does not include IFA, Voudon or any remnants of the Kimityu mystery system is not part of Nation Building and Black Nationalism.

And for those who practice a “foreign religion”, who are offended by my stance, i invite you to view my fields of fucks, of which i have never given out any. I have yet to see anybody who practice these foreign belief systems, truly embrace Black Nationalism and Black Nation building with a Black Nationalist woman.

I have taken the stance that even the most ghetto behaving of black female, will find a male that she will want to follow. Because it is natural for a woman to follow the lead of a man she believes can uplift her and make her feel loved and safe. Alas too many of these women end up disappointed because they pursue false gold in the form of kneegrows who look good and talk good, but don’t practice nation building.

No woman gets the shit end of the stick like the Black Nationalist woman. How she looks in her natural or Afrikan attire. How she thinks, behave and her very presence is a challenge to the so called conscious or Pan Afrikan kneegrow, because her strength and authenticity diminishes his ego driven behavior.

He says he wants a Black Nationalist woman, but ends up with a light bright or damn near white parody of a white woman in a black body. Many of these kneegrows will wife up a woman the total opposite of the Black Nationalist woman because she will have little substance and will not hold him accountable for his hypocrisy.

They will sex up a Black Nationalist woman, but will often not marry her. Mainly because of two things. She will hold him accountable for his bullshit. And she more than he will more often maintain the foundation of nation building. This will be too much for a black male not about that life of nation building.

A void has developed within the circle of the Black Nationalist woman, where the lack of available or qualified complements has opened the door for black conscious pimps and pussy chasers to promote pornography and cheating and call it polygamy. While many other kneegrows just take a piss on the Black Nationalist woman by flaunting their “image woman” in her face. An image woman with her blond or shoulder length weave, that she damn near breaks her neck trying to whip it around, long ass finger claws and hollywierd acting ass.

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I have seen much too much…one too many…Black Nationalist woman left holding the red black and green flag while, the kneegrow she thought was nation building is out in the streets building with other women. This shit is sad and it is imperative that authentically masculine Afrikan men address this shit among ourselves and even among those kneegrows who have neglected their duties as nation builders.

We must rebuild and reclaim black manhood and our position as leaders in the truest sense, so we can present ourselves to the Black Nationalist woman as authentically hers and the canopy over her head which protects her from the enemies and frenemies looking to tear her down. She…the Black Nationalist woman is more precious than gold because from her two wombs nation building is made real. This is truth and should be strongly meditated on.





Black Nationalism and Nation Building in practice