An ode to she who holds my heart: The Black Nationalist woman

Every sane, heterosexual man, wants a woman who encompasses three distinct characteristic of a compliment in his life. With a woman like this his world is brighter, his foundation more firm and his purpose more set.  I want a woman who will love me with all her heart. Who is also my friend, my confidante and support system, even when I struggle.

A (Black Nationalist) woman, a lover, a friend

My passion for you grows stronger every day. My reasons to go on even when times are hard, includes seeing the pride and love you have for me in your heart, as it reflects in your eyes. You are the moon and my sun. You are the breath in my lungs. I will capture rainbows at the end of the rain, place it at your feet, so you never know pain. You are the water that quench my thirst. Steam up my passion, cool down my flame. You are my heart and my soul, you are the other half that makes me whole.

That’s how strong my love is

You are the flower in the garden of my life and I will be the fence that surrounds and protects you from strife. You are my reason for being for without you I am adrift. What is a man without a purpose? And what greater purpose than the love of a black woman to spur him on to a great and meaningful life. You give me the hope of a strong present and future, the passion of your belief to spur me on to newer heights, and children to succeed me and make my days complete

These arms of mine

I knew you at the beginning of time, when we came to this dimension as lovers and friend. We were separated but are back together again. I have loved you, too long to stop now.


I’ve been loving you too long 

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