Getting involved by all means necessary

This morning I shared a petition with many on my friends list, about the current abuse of Afarukans in Libya. My fb sister friend Tee Taylor,  asked me what was the purpose of sharing such a petition? The idea is that unless some bullets are introduced to the heads of some Arab or wanna be Arab’s head, then petitioning serves little purpose.

Here is the link……..……

I believe this is an excellent question on her part and I overstand her sentiment. Still such a question should be one that many of us who don’t believe in marching and demonstrating, should look at. As a younger man I took great pride in marching, demonstrating and “fucking shit up”. It was after realizing what revolution truly meant, that’s when I decided to work on building and creating my existance and reality, instead of demanding that a people with no conscience, grow one.

On the grand chess board of life, our kings are bitches and our queens are hand maids. Our knights, our bishops and rooks are all muscles, mouth pieces and gate keepers … utilized by the white pieces to subjugate us.

Because we are always on the defense i believe that we must utilize clear computer like stratagem to change the game by looking at the board from above high. The reality is the Afarukan world has neither the bombs, bullets or balls to invade a place like Libya to fight the Arab murderers and enslaver, while simultaneously fighting their pimps in washington, Tel Aviv and 10 Downing street. And by we, i mean the Afarukan Union. A club peopled by a bunch of neutered fuck boys, who can’t or won’t even seek to prevent their own people from becoming migrant workers, subject to kidnapping and enslavement.

They’re too busy hoping that Zimbabwe’s new president share much of the  reclaimed stolen lands with the invader settlers. Or they are too busy lining their political and financial pockets while giving the middle finger to the masses.

We need a different strategy and I thought that by sharing the petition I could use the fence sitters and talkers as cats paws to bring awareness to the wider audience, while giving them something trendy to get involved in.

Afarukan enslavement is not trendy. But getting the sheep to get involved would give them enough gumption to get out with their friends to agitate in front of their favorite folly tricksters to force them, to at least talk about the enslavement of Afarukans in Libya.

It worked with the invader settler in Azania, until the pulled an end run on us and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by propping up Nelson Mandela as out own jesus figure. No I don’t demonstrate or march, but many others of us do. So a good strategist is to use that tactic and those “we are the world” types as cannon fodder and cats paws for a political gain and end.

Trust me that I would rather kill every camel fucker and their kneegrow sycophants in sight. Because I have not read or heard of not one kneegrow muslim, who voice concern about this modern-day ma’afa. So lets play the game of GO, where  territories, in this case political and social, are lapped up, instead of purely chess where attrition is the norm.

Only the strategist will overstand this

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