Fuck the #MeToo movement!

First let’s put a disclaimer on this post, so that those who are gullible will overstand that I believe sexual assault,  molestation and rape are all heinous and savage acts perpetrated against often defenseless women, children AND MEN!

This disclaimer is put in place because while women and children are the majority of sexual assault victims in the media…..THE DO NOT HAVE A MONOPOLY ON THIS VICIOUS VICTIMISATION.

I am yelling for those with the hockey helmet, who just got off the short bus and are now sitting in the back row, so they can hear me.

If one is dedicated enough, and if you choose to take on the task, go through ten years of blogging on this page and you will find numerous references and even a post or two where I stated and have stated that we currently live in a society run by feminists, fronting as a patriarchy and managed or manipulated by homosexuals and anti family deviants.

My post about the attack on heterosexuals is one of the ways you should overstand what I mean. The #MeToo movement is nothing but the latest in a long line of propaganda maneuvers to alienate men and women, pitting femininity against masculinity for the benefit of anti male butch dykes and anti female faggots.  The ones who suffer for this fall out are the real victims of sexual assault, molestation and rapes, as well as masculine male and feminine female who object to this political game of shaming men for no other reason than they being men.

It even triggers me when kneegrows once again jump on either the feminist bandwagon or the misogynist band wagon, when we are not in the damn wagon race. Yes we take on the ills of the savage sect.  And yes after 500 plus years of chattel slavery, Jim Crow terrorism, reconstruction terrorism, integration and institutional manipulation and warfare,  we have drifted so far from our Afurakan core of Ma’at, that we have forgotten how NOT to behave like them savages.

Yet while many of us do take on the savage behavior, it is still shocking when documented. When the savage acts his or her behavior, it’s as if the sun came up on another day. It is their nature!

A dog licks ass. A pig eat’s garbage. Rats brings disease everywhere. And the savage will rape, murder, cannibalize and destroy any and everything they have a notion to.

The origin of the #MeToo movement began with some so-called social activist name Tarana Burke, but was popularized by actress Alyssa Milano, who encouraged women to tweet it to publicize experiences to demonstrate the widespread nature of “misogynistic behavior”.

Since then, the phrase has been posted online millions of times, often with an accompanying “personal story” of sexual harassment or assault. The response on Twitter included high-profile posts from several celebrities, and many stories of sexual violence were shared.

People get all up in their feelings when some one asks why didn’t you report it or why dId you wait so long. I get it. Sometimes it’s not that easy, especially if it’s done by someone who has psychological control over you. Or youvfeel could actually physically hurt you.

However I have a hard time accepting that people who live in the make-believe world of hollywierd, who made a tremendous amount of money and garnered a tremendous amount of fame and celebrity hood, should be the poster children of sexual assault. Not after 10-20-30 years. Not after being beneficiary of the casting couch. Not after being aware that this is routine for the industry. ..the music industry included…yet still decided personal aggrandizement trumps personal shame and degradation.

In my world, if a woman decides to give up her vagina or a male decide to give up his anus to a degenerate, in order to make millions, you a ho’. If you come out of that  casting couch experience, financially satisfied and materially set, you a very good professional. If you fail to become successful, then you either are poor at ho’ing, or even after given the chance,  have proven to be even worse at your chosen profession.

We know….KNOW!  Either directly or indirectly of women who purposely use their sex to get ahead or give a head. We also know of these self-same females who get vexed when their efforts never net them the kind of long-term success they sought, then turn around and cry wolf.

These are the types who are most vocal about sexual assault and have led the charge in shaming and destroying men in general. Such foolishness lumps all men, even men who are disagreeable, up in the same garbage pile as real molesters and rapist.

To expect all men to mindlessly jump on board with this bullshit when much too many females are using sex, sexual liberation, sluttish behavior,  slutty dressing and the phenomena of the slut walk movement, to show how they are equal to men is beyond any episode of the twilight zone.

In this world there are monsters who will rape and kill little children or women. This is a fact.  Many of them are in this western (white) society. Do you know what else is in this western society?

Overt sexuality. Excessive sexuality.  Unnecessary selling of sex for commercial reasons. The lack of sexual discipline. Selling sex as love without the responsibility.  Abortion on demand and publicly accepted. The selling of poisons as birth control. The green light to teach five-year old how to practice fellatio,  anal sex and birth control. The promotion of pedophilia and lab experiments as sexually liberated.

At what point do we critically asses that the atmosphere of sexuality makes it even harder for regular males with nary a discipline of sense of what is right, to behave, any different from those males who willingly abuse, rape and molest because they feel above morality. And this same atmosphere also confuses females….especially young females…who are indoctrinated and conditioned to use their bodies to get ahead and not be confused, when teasing or fucking with the wrong dude in the wrong atmosphere can get you really physically and emotionally hurt?

The #Metoo movement is a fucking joke. But what is more of a fucking joke are the feminazis and manginas who automatically lump the gold diggers and bed wenches up with real victims of assault, yet ignore the voices and pain of real victims, in favor of the louder voices of gold diggers and bed wenches.

This is why I am one of those people who ask questions about Bill Cosby and his ordeal. I not an idiot to think Bill Cosby was some saint and was above an immoral behavior. But the pitch fork chasing crowd went after him, even though each one of those that came forward were proven to be liars. This includes the Canadian man thing that originally accused him of assault.

It’s like if a woman says it, it must be true. It’s like women have never lied about being sexually assaulted by an innocent man. Whether the man was even there or actually did it. Or if they and the men fucked, but all of sudden they get buyers remorse and seek to assuage their feelings of guilt.

It is now law in certain jurisdiction for a woman to, in the middle of fucking to change her mind and accuse the man of rape if he didn’t stop on a dime when she wanted him to.

This is how far this has gone.  You actually spread your legs for a dude you obviously want to fuck. Change your mind in mid stroke. Then expect the dude to all of sudden control his natural impulses instantly or face rape charges.

Ever seen a male dog in heat? Going through the motion of fucking air or whatever is nearest? That’s how many of us behave when you interrupt us mid stroke.  There is a disconnection between the rational mind and the lizard brain.

Yet these same feminazis and manginas act as if HE is wrong but not that she also was playing with fire and got burned.

By all means no means no.

Again I overstand that.  But do not stroke my penis, get me aroused,  allow my entrance into your vagina and then suddenly push me off in mid stroke, saying you changed your mind. This is a moment of pissivity that most men will not tolerate. Or even are able to do. Can it be done? Sure! But like I said most men either can’t or refuse to do.

So you accuse them of rape, but not the females for intentionally placing herself in the position of being “raped”. This is an extreme example of what goes on the casting couch and the back rooms of the entertainment industry.

This has nothing to do with authentic rape, where a woman is taken against her will. Or a child is. A recent news report came out that most men in amurdikkka have experienced rapes than women, in the lat little while.  Amurdikkka with a larger prison colony than anywhere else on the planet.

Do I agree with this statistics that there are more male rapes than women?

FUCK NO! I do believe the truth  lies somewhere in the middle though. That despite too many men not coming forward, there are are more men raped and molested than the feminazis want people to know. And there are more female and children that are genuinely molested and rape than they actually give a voice to.

But truth is not on the agenda. Sensationalism is. The objective is to shame, embarrass and control men, while giving loose women free rein to run amok with nary a care or responsibility in the world.

In my world men need to discipline men who sexually assault women, children and other men. And women need to discipline out of control women, who use their sexuality to get over, get paid or get a leg up. But it won’t work because both degenerate men and women glorify overt sexuality and pornographic behavior in music, in the office,  on campus and in the street.

And because I see no end in sight under white pathology, without us going back to our spiritual and cultural traditions of discipline over materialism and celebrity hood, we will continue to act the fool, chasing bullshit hashtag like the #MeToo movement. Obscuring legitimate victims, whose voices are rarely or consistently heard.

And fuck Oprah too. She was one who came up using her sex first and her talent for bullshit, to become a billionaire. Now she acting like a saint.

Note: I wrote this post because I just read where some asshole reporter asked Floyd Mayweather about the #Metoo movement. Floyd Mayweather people. A narcissistic boxer (which by itself is a oxymoron). And when he said he is not familiar with the movement and asked for an explanation he is vilified for being dumb and a woman beater. Even though the fool agreed sexual assault is wrong, but that he never heard of the movement.

This shows me once again that there is barley any intelligent life on this planet. Just peopled by mostly dumb lemmings and sheeple.