Smile for me Jamaica 😢😢😢

On January 27th 2018, I was presented with the opportunity to attend the funeral of my eldest brother in Jamaica. I realized belatedly that this was a golden opportunity to document my journey as Omowale…   “the child has come home”. Due to the last minuet booking of my plane fare I was ill prepared to start my documentation the way I would have liked. However I did the best I could under the circumstances. And as the days went by, I was able to get my feet set and did my best to overcome any “wow” factor to record as best I could, not only my observation of my brothers final journey, but my impression of the Island of my birth after 42 years and five month of separation.

JAMAICA, was once known as the ‘Land of Wood and Water. However, Jamaica’s claim to that title is now seriously in doubt, given that only about a third of the island is still forested.

I had originally and optimistically named this journey, “Smile for me Jamaica”, with the intent to use the few observation for this blog space. However, the smile in Jamaica while evident on the surface for the tourists, mostly. It also masked a lot of frown, anger and disparaged.  Emotions that eventually encouraged me to pen enough notes to where I began to envision a book of social observation that tells a story different, yet similar to both the eternal optimism and pessimism of expatriates and visitors a like.


Well they say the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And as an expat with no illusion that Jamaica is some automatic paradise, I was also aware enough to not believe all the negativity put out mostly by people with personal agendas.

Coming to the end of my brief Journey what I saw was paradise lost, and a people near broken, yet with enough fighting spirit that the potential to rise phoenix like, is just arms length away. Just a fundamental switch in philosophy and perhaps even a hard look in the mirror. There is so much natural talent and genius in this Island nation, that the lack of a cultural vision constantly stalls any progressive successes.

In fact, the lack of authentic cultural imperative, outside of what the savages of the western nations forced on the people, post colonial imperial Britain, is what has strangled the true progression of the people since August 1,1960. This was the day the island nation got fooled into believing it was free of the overseers in London and most importantly the Germanic savages in fuckingham palace.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Contrary to what many may believe; it Is neither western education nor the western political types of mindset, will cure Jamaica’s current social state. It is the cultural shift away from sucking on the diseased tits of the post colonial Brutish system. It’s the cultural distancing from the geopolitical feudalism of Asian and European neo colonialism and foreign interference that will help Jamaica become a self-sufficient nation.

as soon as I touched foot in my district, I did a brief walk around to see how much the area has changed. This plaque stands at each corner of a block to commemorate the local BIA, that not only got funding from the European union to semi “fix” the broken roads. This BIA is entirely ran by white people. This is the disease of which afflicts Jamaica.  Poor governance,  a broken infrastructure, the leads to foreign “white nights” to come in and extend a little “help” in order to win the loyalty of the people.

Sadly it is the lack of authentic distancing from the sugar plantation, that still imprisons the mind of many Jamaicans to the point where the slave mentality has such a strong hold, Jamaica has become a danger to itself, much more so than any foreign entity looking to rape the island natural resources.

Culture is basically whatever you are doing at the moment. There are classical cultures, cultures of days gone by where Afurakan societies thrived because they looked inward for solutions and defended it assiduously. Then there are modern post colonial and post imperial invaded cultures, that have been torn apart and are trying to fit the pieces back together in a huge and disjointed jigsaw puzzle.
As the question goes which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I ask which should be first. Education or politics? Or cultural redefinition?

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.

Within politics or education you will have a foreign influence that is not beneficial to the society. However with a cultural paradigm, based off the principles of Jamaica’s greatest icon…the Honorable Marcus Garvey…plus Afurakan ancestral paradigm that is currently hidden in the spiritual and social practices of the island,  such as Rastafari, Komina and Poco, we have a template of what our education and politics can look like and how it can benefit and encourage Jamaica and Jamaicans to be self-sufficient and proud.

Sitting on a public bus and watching two elders calling on the name of a savage homosexual, whose name was constantly evoked as the overseers tore the flesh from our skin. Did little to assuage my insult.  Jesus never fought to free us from Spanish or British tyranny.  Nor can Christianinsanity engender in us the kind of get up and do for self that Marcus Garvey outlined for us. In fact evoking the name of that white devil, Jesus is to curse the numerous Afurakans who died on the shores of Jamaica, dumped over board or broken like twigs to make them a more compliance slave.

This is why Jamaica has suffered so much, we are calling on the wrong deity. Not the one where Boukman Dutty evoked as he instigated the greatest revolution in the western hemisphere, at the time. The liberation of Aiyti…. Haiti….from the clutches of imperial France.

Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.

We just have to kill the slave mentality we have, that makes us attach our self-interest to foreign interests. We also have to kill the curse of christianinsanity that makes Jamaica by far the nation with the most churches per capita. How can such a place of roughly 2.8million people ( exact estimate 2,898,677) experience population growth that despite so much legal and illegal emigration, still function? With a large segment of young girls and women birthing multiple children to men, who themselves have multiple children with multiple women, how is a nation of 2.8 million becoming more impoverished, more enslaved to political and international neo colonialism and hardship?

The answer resides in the alarming number of senseless and confounding, fratricidal acts by people who see no hope of a future. A people who for 55 years, have been abused emotionally , spiritually, politically and socially by treacherous elements in the political and business sector for personal gain. A people who live in the now, but a now of disparaged and cynicism, because they have been bred to leave their condition and future in the hands of thieves,  criminals and political sambos and lawn jockeys for western imperialism.
And so the journey begins.

My journey. My documentation into Jamaica…a banana republic plantation, run by feudal Lords for colonial interests. What i see in Jamaica is a paradise with a caveat. ..

The good, the bad and the ugly.

NOTE: The above is an excerpt from the introduction to the journal of my experience over the last two weeks and counting. Once I get back to ice box north, I will be publishing my observation. My hope is for it to be a clarion call, not just for expat Jamaicans to go home and try to flush out the constipated waste products governing the island….whether they are puppets for amurdikkka or China…but to show the world that the island nation of Queen Nanny, the Maroons and Marcus Garvey will not go simpering into their destruction, gnawing at their own feet like neutered savages, for the spectacle of others.