My personal thoughts on the Black Panther movie

Like most children in the western hemisphere, over the last fifty years or so, I enjoyed reading Marvel and DC comic books. Batman and the characters in his world, superman, wonder woman and even shazam , where the teevee programs we enjoyed on Saturdays. As a little black child, I wasn’t aware of, nor educated on how white imagery and white stories reinforced and propped up white heros and sheros and made us not even question the lack of important black characters.

I never really grew up being educated on the dangers of white pathology by any adult around me. Characters like Black Panther, Luke Cage and Storm, changed that for me. The gave me an identifiable character to root for. However I stopped following the Comics round about fourteen or such, partly because I noticed ALL the characters in the Marvel and DC universe where stilted and appeared very limited. By this time I had become a serious reader of teen and adult books.

I read all kinds of books in all kinds of genre, up to around seventeen or eighteen and after discovering Black authors, I took off. I guess this was why I missed both the Blade and Spawn comic characters. When the movie Spawn came out I heard a lot of black people went to see it. The ones I heard speak on it spoke highly of it. I thought the film was campy and sort of juvenile, but hey…to each his own. Right!

Blade on the other hand was a better made movie. Perhaps because Wesley Snipes was a producer and made sure to infuse the character with a certain energy, so much so that even white people loved it. Black people saw that movie in droves. A curious thing though is that I never once heard any black person chastise another for rooting for a vampire-hueman hybrid whose sole purpose seemed to be ridding the world of full-blooded vampires.

Which is what puzzles me about the back and forth around the up coming Black Panther movie. I had wanted to stay out of this debate because I see it as foolish and unnecessary distraction, typical of fanatics and self-righteous personalities.
On one hand you have the pro Black Panther crowd, who will go as far as dressing up or say they will dress up for the showings. I never over stood the need for such display of fanaticism. And as a science fiction nerd and former Trekkie, I have always been embarrassed seeing black people carry on this way.
But hey…to each his own. Right!

In the case of the upcoming Black Panther movie, I am even more embarrassed and extremely puzzled with the ongoing attack on the movie and the fans by the so-called conscious crowd. Some of the most ridiculous excuses for hating the movie being put forward, really makes me question my association with some of these people.

First of all….a disclaimer. It’s a fucking movie. It will not save the world. It will not liberate Afuraka from neo colonialism, treacherous nepotism and sellouts. It will not give me sex appeal, nor will it reduce poverty, crime of passion or any form of black on black crime. It’s a hollywierd fantasy flick, with the kind of black representation many of these same conscious folks cried about and say was lacking.

There are no pimps, hoes or drug addicts in the movie. I recently heard a rumor there was going to be a lesbian scene in the movie, but nothing in the previews hinted at this. Perhaps instead of playing broken telephone we should wait to see if this is real or not.

Keep in mind many of you saw Pulp Fiction and didn’t miss a beat when the Ving Rhames character got his in the …er…end. There were no homosexuality in the original comic book series and while I did hear that one of the black writers wanted to introduce a lesbian scene, I heard it got nixed by Stan Lee himself.
Imagine that?

At the beginning of the controversy around Black Panther a lot of very stupid folks cried about white people, like Stan Lee making money off the movie.
What the fuck? What the absolute fuck? Marvel Comics is Stan Lees legacy to his children and grand children. Of course he is going to get paid. He got paid for all three Blade Films as well. But non of you talked shit about that. Now there is a petition going around demanding. DEMANDING that proceeds from the movie go towards the black community. I am not sure what that means, but you people are some hands out, begging kind of slaves.

Demand that proceed from the movie go to the black community? Isn’t that like how we constantly are begging white people to give us money for them building generational wealth off our ancestors backs? All the while inviting children of these same beneficiaries to sit with us and advocate for us? All the while catering to the same people who benefit from our enslavement. While I am confused about all this. One thing I am not confused about.

It’s a fucking movie.

Be honest…how many of you saw 12 years a slave? How many saw Django unchained? Amistad? The movie Birth of a Nation…with all its flaws. That other Canadian production around slavery. How many of you saw Roots the series. What do all of these movies have in common? They depict Afurakans in the most despicable and vile state of humiliation, fear and horrors.

And I have never seen any one of those. Even when Roots was a cultural phenomena, as a child I never saw it and refused to see it. And you know what I did? Kept it moving. Stated I don’t watch slave flicks because it pissed me off. And kept it moving. Never once did I chastise anybody for seeing them. I saw the Blade series though and enjoyed the first two. The third was stupid in my opinion.
The conscious crowd has become a group of religious nut cases. Fanatics who will crusade against any and everybody who doesn’t wear red, black and green the way they do. Quote Garvey in the right context. Live like a warrior as Dr. Khalid did.

Or even be profoundly analytical like Francis Cress, Dr. Clark or Amos Wilson.
We attack che’ whitey for treating us as one monolithic group, then turn around and demand that every black person think and behave as one. And the only one way is the conscious way. Whatever that means. I say whatever that means because I am convince many fail to overstand that being conscious means that you are gonna be conscious of people’s differences. And you should be conscious of the fact that not everybody will be in the same boat or even rowing the same way as you do.

I love how the reasons for hating on the Black Panther movie changes, depending in the day of the week. However, one theme I see cropping up that is disturbing, is people punting out how these black actors are fucking white women.

Oh! So are we still policing people’s bedroom now? We are policing the bedrooms of actors in hollywierd, who are acting in a movie? Actors that are not conscious, bit make a conscious decision to fuck non black women? Do you really want to unleash them kind of kneegrows on unsuspecting black women?
It’s a fucking movie people.
Where people go to escape from their troubles for two hours. Sort of like how some escape into weed, liquor, recreational sex, or a black conscious book. I mention black conscious book because many of these same conscious fanatics will read a book, pontificate on the esoterical profundity of said book, but would never implement said book in their lives.

Overstand that this is not a defence of the Black Panther movie. I must put this disclaimer out has reading comprehension is lacking in a lot of people. This post is a bunch of questions asked.

Why the vitriol? Why demand that white people GIVE you money from their production, when you played no part in it? Why stupidly say you will not see the movie because the owner of the franchise and his family will benefit from it? Why attack people who want to escape for two hours and see a fucking movie.

It’s a fucking movie!

The older I get, the more I come to realize that there are just somethings and some people who will not follow the same route I take. To that I say to each his own. “Give Jack his jacket” and leave him alone. I have enough common sense to overstand that free thinking adults will snort powder up their noses, jump off a cliff or stick objects up their asses. I believe they should be allowed to do that as long as they don’t come around me and mine. Gone are the days I fight with people, who want to do whatever they want to do. Whether destructive or what appears constructive to them, but different from what I consider constructive.

There are battles I believe is more deserving of my time than others. Such as the rise in our defence of transformers, homophiles, pedophilia, sexual assaults, drug addictions, the lack of economic and cultural unity, and how we are much quicker to cuss at and fight with each other, more than we would a savage or race soldier.

Instead of attacking Black Panther the movie, I would rather tackle the lack of cinematic productions in our community, on the scale of Nigeria or India. We have enough talent money and experience circulating, to do so. Why is the most successful black movie maker right now in amurdikkka, is that homosexual cross dresser, Tyler Perry? I am not saying we should attack him for doing his thing. I am saying how come we not doing our thing to counter his thing and the thing that hollywierd is putting out? I believe this way is the best way to counteract his fuckery.

Just like we should be able to make our own Blades and Black Panther to counter whatever you believe is lacking in the two.

At the end of the day movies, just like a lot of books, evokes imagery and forces the mind to see and seek possibilities afar. This is why reading must be imperative for children and adults. Movies are symbolic representation of the minds creative process. A process that evokes emotional attachments and forces the audience to believe what they see is real and can be real. Even for two hours.
I would rather my woman’s son go see movies like Black Panther, than to ever see another slave movie. If WE produce enough ourstorical, science fiction, documentaries and fantasy movies, with positive imagery especially with deep lessons, then I guarantee there wouldn’t be the kind of debate we are seeing around the Black Panther movie.

Because it would just be another fucking movie. To the conscious folks, your energies are misplaced. Your anger is misplaced. Don’t be angry at the fan boys and fan girls looking for a two-hour escape in an imaginary movie. Be angry at yourselves for not coming together, because you are too fractious, opinionated and stuck on stubborn instead of coming together for a cause that would make you happy.

And you are not flexible enough to overstand that not every body will see the world as you do. So beating them into verbal submission, will only engender dislike and avoidance of you and people like you.

It’s just a fucking movie people. Gil Scot Heron already told us the revolution will not be televised and in 2018, you better know that. So allow people their fantasies. Whether you agree with it or not. Allow people to act fan boyish and fan girlish, as long as it doesn’t hurt children and the innocents.

In fact it’s not about allowing anything. Leave fucking people alone. Because I am sure not one of you would take kindly if others question or attack your world view or philosophy. So why bother doing the same to people who don’t see the world quite the way you do?

At the end of the day it’s just a fucking movie. And if anybody wants to dress up in a cat suit and jump over speeding cars…well….I may have to revisit this post. But until then, to each his own.

Just my $2:50 cents worth of opinion (once i factor in inflation and all the applicable taxes)