Doing business in Jamaica

This is the second excerpt from my in pending journal of my Jamaican journey. While there are numerous observation and objects that I feel are contentious, the presence of this particular problem seems to be diminished and shrugged off.

From my vantage point in Ice box north called kkkanaduh, the infestation of the yellow hoard is a major concern of mine and should be for any expat. As a student of his-story and how his-story relates to ourstory, as imperial and colonial subjects to European, Arabs, South and most recently the East Asians, I see Jamaica caught between a jagged rock, of a failed state, and a hard place of being a play ground for crooks, mercenaries and economic molesters.

Contrary to what many unwise people may believe the South Asian presence in the Caribbean, while originally that of indentured workers and not colonialists, does not negate the reality that they view the Afurakans as inferior to them. No matter the fact they breed our women or breed for our men, they see themselves as superior due to them maintaining their ancient cultural paradigm, including ancient stories of black inferiority. They cling to these belief rigidly, even while enjoying the fruits of Afurakan-Caribbean culture.

Jamaicans claim to not see it because the number of South Asians on that Island is not close to the numbers in other places, and those remaining tend to freely interbreed with us. As compared to those in Guyana and Trinidad, where South Asian anti Afurakan hatred is very strong. Sometimes violently strong. Their disdain for us still pale besides that of the East Asians, who are blatant from the jump and make no bones about their dislike of Afurakans.
Whether on the continent, in north amurdikkka or in the Caribbean islands.

Ourstory of East Asians in the Caribbean is also that if indentured servitude. And like the South Asians, never having been stripped of their culture and never having the love of self, beaten out of them on a plantation, enjoyed a measure of respect and allowances from the savages of Europe, never afforded us. Their unity of purpose remained intact and that cultural unity is the ultimate reason why they not only gathered themselves after their own European subjugation, but in learning from them, became like the European imperialists and colonialists themselves.

Their varied excursions into Afuraka. Their murderous rampage in the South Pacific, particularly in West Papua is well documented. Unlike the Savage cave monkey, who is bold in its arrogance and over the top in its ventures, the East Asians tend to be subtle, “moving among the people like a fish in water”, to quote their greatest modern hero….Mao Zedong. And when they get a foothold, they rightly remain apart from the society they profit from and contribute nothing if any to those societies they become rich in.
European chess, a derivative of the Arabic theft of the ancient Afurakan game, is played in a diagonal or straight line. The games genius is in how quickly one can take out an opponent’s pieces, using straight line strategies and tactics.

The Asian game of GO, is less about direct confrontation and more about encirclement. Strategies imbedded in Sun Tzu’s the Art of War. By playing on the Afurakan’s post enslavement disunity and lack of self-love, regardless of how it was fostered on us, the East Asians parlayed that into their own brand of colonialism, that is both brilliant and just as sinister. GO is about capturing territories. Not pieces. That philosophy is centered on gobbling up valuable resources in a way that the victims fail to see until they are encircled and trapped. Bloodless and subtle.

The two major players in East Asian culture, the Japanese (Asia’s “white people) and the Chinese practice a philosophy where “gifts” are extended to unsuspecting or greedy individuals, who become enthralled and entrapped by these “gifts”, but later become pawns when the favors are called in and mention of the “gifts” are used as a reminder of how easy it is to become somebody’s tool.

The major way they do this in Afuraka and the Caribbean is to implement large and medium scale building projects. Projects such as the Beijing highway. On an island where simple road infrastructure is beyond a mess, in comes the yellow knight in jade armor, to offer billions in loans to build several toll highways, staffed with East Asian engineers (who are the only ones able to read Asians blueprint, it is said ) as well prisoners brought in from the mainland as cheap labour.
The importation of convicts as labour, takes care of several problems. They are eager to work off their sentence and will suffer the grind of a hard labour as opposed to the horrors of a Chinese prison. And due to most if not all, not speaking English, they won’t be able to communicate with the small and obligatory local labour force, thus removing the chance of accidentally revealing secrets of the unfair Chinese business practice of forced labour, that would have raised human rights concerns. By paying their own people little or nothing and not getting any blow back, these Chinese business men will state they are being consistent when they short change local Jamaican laborers. All the while watching and searching them as if the locals were in fact a prison labor contingent of their own.
Many Jamaicans have gone off on them when pay becomes an issue. Yet sadly not enough of us have decided to act out the prototypical aggressive ways through fear of loss of income, retaliation or worse… indifference, from a succession of Jamaican government that care as much for the people as they do the nuisance of a mosquitos.
Now after this highway, for instance, built, is then leased back to the Chinese, cheaply and as compensation for the effort for extended periods. The toll goes to the owners, who are really the Chinese government, until the Jamaican government can pay off that loan. Nicely and neatly done.

On a less grand scale the Asians, mainly the Chinese, will encourage their people to go to the Caribbean to set up business. They will give them assistance in numerous ways, including getting the Jamaican government to wave any excise or business tax, so they could undercut the already struggling local business.
With their cultural unity and economic incentives, Asians are able to not only purchase local stocks at below local prices, something the local population is not afforded, but they get to bring in even cheaper items from, you guessed it. China!

When I walk through Kingston huge Coronation market I see Asian garlic all around me. Locals are either astounded that there are any other forms of garlic, or complain that this is the only garlic they have EVER seen. In one instance I had to describe what the non-Asian, non GMO garlic looks like to an incredulous lady.
In Jamaica there are Dominoes pizza, KFC, murderer king and MacDogfood restaurants. But they can’t hold a candle to the proliferation of Chinese food restaurants, selling everything from egg foo young to so-called “Jamaican beef patties”. Their convenience story makes them feel very convenient hiding behind iron bars, with a little revolving door, on the counter, to place your money and receive your items.

These business are fronted by eager mostly young local females for customer familiarity and as front line fodder, for customer ire. All of this is overseen by Chinese men, who seem to be overly friendly with the females and on occasionally overseen by their Chinese wives. A bunch of prune face, ill-tempered harpies, who sometimes act as the “bad cop” to their husbands “good cop” image. Maybe their stink attitude comes from all these young nubile kneegrow females who act too disturbingly friendly to these Chinese men and who often would not think twice about offering up some vagina if it gets them some extra “something”.

Jamaica after all is an economically impoverished and morally compromised island, where robbing and scamming is not always the only way to get ahead. Females across the globe have known this, ever since time started being counted.

Many Jamaicans actually believe the influx of these Chinese business is a good thing for the nation. Don’t get me wrong, they do work their asses off to achieve their successes. However, it doesn’t hurt to be given economic support by both the Chinese and Jamaican government in order to start the 100 meter sprint at the 60 yard line, while the scrambling, disunited locals start at the beginning with no blocks and in bare feet.

I wish I had taken some pictures of how the Chinese barricaded shops looked with my phone, instead of my camera. Which i have to upload to a computer to print off. I would have posted it here. Sadly still, the barricading of stores is really not a Chinese creation, because Jamaica has gotten so lawless, every store in the capital is either barricaded or has one or more visible security guards. Some heavily armed.

I have not seen so many none police, none military, gun-toting people, outside of western movie. However, the barricade just adds another element to their already stink, oppressive and dislikable behavior with black people. If it’s frowned upon for me as a black man, to abuse or disrespect my customers or workers, it should be criminal for a foreigner as nasty and disrespectful as the Asians to do so.
But we sick folks. We are sick folks. The video of that chink slapping around that school girl, accusing her of theft, when she merely had the money for her purchase, fall on the floor, should have ended with the bitch blooded and beaten.

But we saw grown kneegrows standing aside like neutered dogs, watching the spectacle and laughing. We have young waste men, being hired by Chinese business men to be armed defenders against their own people. Viciously murdering opponents, acting as if these Chinese business men worked for the government.

We know that it’s usually the Afurakan-Jamaican business men and politicians, who routinely corner the market on hiring gun men to eliminate their enemies.
Get the shit right kneegrow slaves.
As I often state, I won’t hate too much on foreigners raping and pillaging our resources across the globe. In fact I painfully overstand this, when our political representatives are the ones inviting them in, and we remain the ones making them feel comfortable. Jamaica lacks an Afurakan cultural paradigm related to our ancestral practices of ethics and morality.

After all bleaching is still a huge part of the “beauty” standard here. So our love for other ethnicities over ourselves, makes us easy prey in the competitive nature of the kind of race-ism practiced by everybody but us.

Jamaica is in a catch 22 scenario with the economy and the stink ass Asian infestation is a result of mercenary opportunity meeting the failed state which is in actuality is a banana republic on life support.