Dreaming of a Wakanda of my own

The back and forth between the nerds,  fanatics and those infested by the spirits of the enslaved, who embrace the Black Panther movie as a “revolutionary statement”; versus the anti Black Panther and equally fanatical, clueless and dare I say, perpetually angry crowd, has not abated one iota.The ones we actually live in and give millions to collectively, every Sunday, for some charlatan to build up?

The other night i reiterated to my lady, how disgusting i thought the campaign to get Marvel’s and Disney’s people, to give proceeds of the movie to some fictional “black community”, was.  And how this shows a pattern of domesticated behavior by kneegrows.

This latest venture of a bunch of lazy ass non working beggars ( for real revolution) echo the messy Jessies and other “grant whores” I have come across over decades. Hands out, black lips pouting…. begging and ass kissing massa, to give them some money to help THEM build this fictional  “black community”. You know the community I speak off? The ones with buildings that none of us owns, with nary a black owned business present that we could support.  One that is patrolled by cops none of us have control over. The broken-down and depressed ones we actually live in and give millions to collectively, every Sunday, for some charlatan to build up, while we fail to take pride in building up with our collective resources?

Over this past weekend , the kneegrow movie goers, in many predominately black locals across the globe, were so extra and clownish, that  I saw people Afurakan dancing and drumming and bringing in chicken and water melons and dressing up as if its Kwanzaa . You know that time of the year when we forget the rest of the 358 days? The 358 days when we shunned Afurakan culture, ourstory and the principles of ma’at and reciprocity? Just to play dress up and impress for seven days?

Well that was the feeling I got watching you folks get extra for a damn movie. I even saw where people draw parallel to those Star Wats, Star Trek, Harry Potter, conventions, where escapees from the asylum are used as excuses to act childish.

“But white people do it too?” I hear in that petulant little whiny voice. Sigh! White people shoot up schools and do other unnatural anti nature stuff too. So are we picking and choosing which of white people’s nonsense to emulate?

“Massa.. .we sick?” “Massa can I too act like your simple ass in public too”

I already spelt out how I think the so-called conscious crowds are unnecessarily getting their panties in a bunch, over a fucking make-believe hollywierd production. The conscious and “woke” folks are mad that the semi conscious and “sleeping” folks, don’t see the nefarious “plot” to divest black people of their money and keep us docile.

This is what emotional and spiritual impoverishment creates. A yearning for something unattainable. Unfortunately the mentally and spiritually enslaved always look to the enslaver for their salvation, instead of emancipating themselves with their thoughts, feet, pockets nd deeds.

The conscious crowds are just as much a slave as the unconscious ones. They are like those recent converts, whether to reLIEgion, a new diet or a new MLM scheme, who will chase you up and down the street, until you give in, just to shut them up.

The unconscious crowd strive to purchase revolution at a discount, hoping to sing and dance Wakanda into reality. Yes! People actually thought or saw Black Panther as a revolutionary movie. Not revolutionary as in a major hollywierd production with a majority black cast. But revolutionary like “now we going to be free from tyranny”.

Hell some of you people think there is an actual Wakanda and have asked continent Afurakans if they ever been there.

Lawd! lawd! lawd!

For a movie about a fictitious world. While I believe and still believe that films and a film’s imagery contains symbolisms, and being that they are symbols, are more powerful than words. Both can encourage the mind to dream and create a different world, than one could ever believe possible. This is why the savages push interracial coupling, black homosexual behavior, black women as conniving undependable whores. And black men as drug dealing, hypermasculing and undependable predators.

Because we have come to see these images so much, we begging to see that as our reality. So of course Black Panther would have many of us dancing in the streets or expecting more than what’s necessary for a damn movie.

One butt hurt chump compared Black Panther with Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation. And chastise many black people for not “supporting” that movie. Some have even put out a meme to prove some alleged point.

A story of the great savage cave monkey, slayer Nat Turner. What these chumps failed to address and perhaps failed to overstand was that (A) slave movies are perhaps not the best argument to make for our support (B) this movie, Birth of  a Nation, came from a book of the same name, which was a tittle plagiarized from an earlier book, by two faggots, in William Styron and James Baldwin. Two butt buddies who chose to put “two snaps and a twirl”, in the book’s narrative.

Of course other angry people were upset that Nat Parker and people like Michael B Jordan was having sex with non black women. Sigh! The shit that continually bothers us these days is so much of a distraction.

Dozens of pictures and videos celebrating the movie, put out by people who are just having fun , is pissing off supposedly intelligent people, who perhaps think fun shouldnt be had, unless there is some black power fist raised. Preferably raised upside some crakkkas skull. While I can see that being sort of fun, this is and should not be the only way sentient beings can and should be enjoying themselves.

Black Panther is has already  made over $200 million for hollywierd. Close to, if not breaking the record of one of the Star Wars franchise’s films. The actors have been paid and bills have been paid, so anything else is pure profit. A sequel has already being ordered.  It is from this profit the “grant whores” demand white people, who never give two shits about them, to help the “black community”.

When I  hear this…all i can think about is that Dave Chappell episode called reparations.

Finally another reviewer delved deeply into the plot of the movie, revealing the symbolism between the Killmonger character and T’Challa. Drawing parallel with the Afurakan vs Afurakan -amurdikkklan issues. The whole black revolutionary vs the black sellout issues. And of course the fact that the movies constantly do not portray us in a good light.

Still these very intelligent reviewers who skewer white people for pitting the Amurdikkklan pro black character against the Afurakan integrationist character, either ignore or fail to focus their ire on the black amurdikklan writers who not only invented the Killmonger character, but included him and other less than stimulating black  characters into the film.

Yeah! A Movie green lighted by pedophiles and anti Afurakan entities in homophile-ville. So it’s directed by a black man,  and has a majority black cast. It’s green lighted because it’s a fucking action fantasy movie, that brings in a ton of money for white people.

From black people. Not because it’s a revolutionary movie that will solve our disunity, our own issues with white pathology. Namely systemic racism and incarceration.

I am very sorry to tell you kneegrows that those are issues we have to solve ourselves. Whether it’s actually putting the resources together and have a writer pen a non homosexual, non interracial coupling movie, with a fully developed black hero and shero  succeeding against tyranny and white pathology.

Hollywierd will not do this for your ass. If we are dreaming of a Wakanda of our own. It has to go from a dream to a reality, starting with the first theme of the Black Panther universe. Separate ourselves from white people, white diet, white culture and white reLIEgion.

Now to do this we have to replace all of that with a black one. But not just any black ones. But black ones that practice the best of our culture. Fortunately we have had examples of this from as recent as Black Wall Street, and as far back as ancient Afurakan empires.

In order to effectively replace those things, we have to know who we are. Not indians. Not moors. Not anything but Afurakans. Displaced or not. The apple don’t fall from the tree. Once we relearn how to love ourselves, then it becomes much easier to love another black person.  And if you love someone  you will want to see them do good. And you would try to help them achieve good. Collectively. This is ubuntu working.


This is how we build a Wakanda of our own. Not expecting hollywierd to build it for us. And not get pissed when they don’t. Such is the essence of the slave mentality, we still want white people’s approval and assistance.

Revolution is as varied as is people’s opinions of it. However the one consistent theme in every revolution is that it creates change. Not all revolutionary changes comes about through violence or blood shed. But every revolutionary change is uncomfortable, because it takes you out of your comfort zone of complacency and dependency. If we want to dream of a Wakanda of our own, both the opponent and proponents of this movie best know that white people ain’t gonna save us. Nor are they obligated to do anything but promote themselves over us.

What surprises me is that so many of you are surprised by this reality.