A review of the Black Panther

I am now officially a coon, according to what I am hearing from some quarters. For seeing the movie Black Panther that is. So I will wear that hat well, and proudly, because I am used to people talking shit about me and I am still here. Grabbing my nuts and giving them the haters the middle finger.

Now that I got that bit of that nonsensical bullshit out-of-the-way.  I am going to share what I took from the movie. Which was much more and a much different view, than those who saw it. First of all Black Panther was a nice little Sci-Fi movie with a black face.

I got a deeper psychological meaning from the George Clinton thirty minute movie Cosmic Slop, than I did from this movie.

Lets start with the one portrayal which seem to get a lot of “conscious” reviewers raising their black fist as if this was the second coming of the great Khalid Muhammad.  I am talking about he characterization of Erik Stevens ( Wakandan name N’Jadaka), who earned the name Killmonger, as a rabid attack dog for amurdikkklan imperialism.

Folks are confusing his bid to dethrone King T’Challa and wage war against his enemies as him being some kind of revolutionary figure who wanted to liberate black people the world over with Wakanda’s vibranium technology.

Cheering for Killmonger shows how much so-called “conscious people” tend to take a narrow view of the world. I admit I used to be narrow-minded like that for a minute. Until I expanded my knowledge pursuit outside of black consious books.

Knowledge that I am still growing into.

The actions of people of Wakanda exemplifies the tribalism I spoke about in a post a couple of month ago. When I hear a minority of continental Afurakans act surprised that diaspora Afurakans are into one of the continents ethnic cultures, or hear about some others who are offended that diaspora Afurakans want to embrace an Afurakan image,  I see the disconnect of tribalism that made Afuraka ripe for the destabilization, wrought  by colonialism and imperialism.

Yes…some, not all, do get offended and accuse the diaspora Afurakans of misappropriating their culture. Something they never …or I rarely ever hear them accuse a savage or a scavenger off.  It was this tribalism and superior attitude some Afurakans have for diaspora Afurakan, which made T’chaka leave the young Killmonger without a father. Because he was about preserving his reputation and preserving his bloodline, untainted by the blood of a black amurdikkklan woman.

Many of us are call abruni….and in numerous cases we deserve it, because many diaspora Afurakans carry the infestation of the white man’s spirit and worldview in us. The tribalism practiced by the Wakandans is seen by so many inter-tribal clashes in Nigeria, Southern Afuraka, Sudan, Ethiopia and Rwanda, to name but a few.  The savages did not invent this as much as he exacerbated an already real issue.

Killmonger’s father ( N’Jobu) was sent as a spy to amurdikkka. Which is what most powerful nations do. He N’Jobu, however betrayed his mission, went rogue and stole Wakandan technology, with the aid of a South Afrikan racist colonizer and mercenary, named ulysses klaue. How revolutionary is that?

N’Jobu’s claimed his intent was to help diaspora Afurakan from under white pathology, but he was not clear on how he was going to use the vibranium to help black people. He alluded to using guns as a tool. Which begs the question. What army did he have to start a war with and with who? Wouldn’t it have been easier to bring his concern with his brother and the tribal council instead of taking matters in his hands?

A lot of kneegrows can’t even divest themselves from being petty with each other,  but claim to want to raise an army against monsters that would drop nuclear bombs on defenceless children and babies. Kneegrows don’t overstand what it means to raise an army. Standard or guerilla.

Black reviewers who claimed T’chaka murdered his brother and would have jailed him for treason, were being short-sighted and misoverstand that N’Jobu, was only commanded to return and face a committee of elders, who would have rendered a verdict.  Jail wasn’t mention as a decision, because he never made it back home to stand in front of the council. Nothing was implied about what decision the committee would have rendered.

That was made moot when N’Jobu tried to kill Zuri, the spy for King T’chaka,  whom he thought was his confident and side kick. Because he had a moment of emotional melt down. His reactions explained why his elder brother had him watched as undependable. The killing was an accident, but T’chaka, himself compounded the accident by leaving the young Killmonger without a father, grown up and bitter and vengeful.

All Killmonger was, was a thug who knew some Afurakan ourstory.  Particularly his bloodline and how diaspora Afurakans continue to be oppressed by white pathology. I know shooters, killers, drug dealers, drug users, pimps and genuinely bad people, who loved and quoted Malcolm X and the Black Panthers ad nauseum. But never voluntarily left the street life. Which made them quoting black consciousness obscene.

The white men may have placed us at the bottom of the western social system, but we remain there, not due to Jim Crow or any literal or political violence, but due to our acceptance of inferiority. An inferiority renforced by reLIEgion, mindless violence and a reluctance to practice the kind of isolationism from white people Wakanda practices.  The only issue I have with the generational Wakandan isolationism, is that they practiced the type of tribalism that made them behave superior to other ethnic Afurakans.  Something being practiced in all walks of the Afurakan world today.

Killmonger was a thug, cast as a revolutionary by people starving for any form of black manhood. Even a black power looking masculine one, from a CIA trained mercenary and economic hitman. In his own words he killed everybody from Afghanistan to Afuraka, and others in between.

I lived my entire life waiting for this moment. I trained, I lied, I killed just to get here. I killed in America, Afghanistan, Iraq… I took life from my own brothers and sisters right here on this continent! And all this death just so I could kill you!Erik Killmonger to T’Challa

In other words he murdered Afurakans for a living for Amurdikkka and partnered with a known South Afrikan racist in international crimes. How the hell is a he considered a revolutionary?

Killmonger is and was a killer. A psychopathic and megalomaniac killer, who wanted power for himself. Hence the burning of the sacred garden and the abuse of the priestess who became alarmed when he ordered the garden burnt. When he chokes out the priestess  that should have given lie to his revolutionary bent. He was eliminating any future competition to his power. He was a tyrant who spat on ceremony and traditions and encouraged Wakandans to kill others who did not follow his path.

Killing for the sake of killing is not revolutionary. No realistic revolutionary wants to preside over a grave yard. Which us what Killmonger said when he started shipping weapons across the globe to eliminate his opposition. Something we accuse the savages of doing.  Mindless violence.

Or as Alfred in the Dark Knight stated… “Some men just want to watch the world burn…”

This was Killmonger. And this was also the mindset of the Joker in Dark Knight, two villains people are uselessly  comparing.  At least the Joker made no excuses for his psychopathy. By the way the Joker was a better villain. Heath Ledger’s character out shun Batman because they were given almost exclusive screen time to develop a symbiotic relationship between the two. Killmonger and T’challa had to compete with all the other characters and the CGI, so his villainy appeared a card board cut out.

So his character became that characture of a hood nukka. “Yo whatasup” kind deal. All hip hop, crip walking and gangsta acting…. killer. Damn.! Where have I seen this before?

There were so many homage to Afurakan spirituality that many missed, because they wanted to see some Huey P Newton, Compton created Black Panther counter-revolutionary shoot up. Spirituality symbols like the crowning of T’Challa while in water. Water being a symbol of life and a portal for the deities to come through.

Then there is the ritual burial of T’Challa in red dirt. Him communing with the egungun wearing all white. Him seeking the blessing of his father, his egungun before taking the throne. All this was disrupted because N’Jadaka and W’kabi each wanted revenge and would watch the world burn to get it. All this tradition, would have literally been destroyed if Kilmonger succeeded in his venture.

Starting with a civil war in Wakanda.

The conscious reviewers were also disappointed that T’challa chose to purchase several buildings in Compton,  instead of moving black people to Wakanda. Nukka please! First of all there is a little thing called culture shock, we seriously fail to consider. There is not only the difficulties in the logistics of moving roughly 43 million black people to a tiny nation Afurakan. But also who do you choose to go?

Baba Marcus Garvey said there are some kneegrows that are useless in amurdikkka and will be useless in Afuraka. What the conscious reviewers miss, when they put down the purchase of the buildings, they missed how princess Shuri and Nakia will be rehabilitating the diaspora Afurakans by bringing Wakandan technology and social development to Compton. As a start.

This reminds me of the age-old question. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time of course. The conscious reviewers want to eat the elephant in one sitting.  It was interesting how the one child held back as his friends crowded around the hover car. He was focused on T’challa and was more interested in who he was than the toy he owned. A subtle sign of a cultural bridge about to develop.

To me the CIA operative had to be added to the movie because che’ whity financed and owned the movie. So they had to have a white saviour. “Until the Lion learns to write,  the tale of the hunt will always favor the hunter”.  Until conscious kneegrows unite and learn to financially back their own shit,  we won’t need to have white saviours, transformers or homophiles in our movies.

The United Nation speech was more of the same Kumbayah shit, started with T’chaka, in the last Avenger movie. So we shouldn’t be surprised his son T’Challa continued his Kumbayah tradition.

When I read where kneegrows talked about 98 percent of the movie profits came off the backs of black people. That is so much bullshit.  In the theater I was in, there were almost as much non Afurakans than people who look like me. That is because movies or any thing with a preponderance of black folks in it will attract people of all kinds. This should be incentive enough for the ignoramus’ who  keep saying that we need white financial backing in order to make our efforts successful.

We have the collective funds, the creativity and the skills to create our own blackmystory. We just don’t have the collective desire because we can’t see ourselves isolated from the savage and his decrepit and destructive culture.

The women in Black Panther movie, Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira’s and the rest of the Doro Milaje, are a full chocolate factory of delightful goodies. Intelligent and bad ass. However, associating the Doro Milaje with the fictional Amazons or Valkyrie, instead of the very real N’Nonmiton, of the Fon people in the Kingdom of Benin. The Dahomey women were never lesbians. However, due to the fact that black people channeled their abruni spirit into the script by attempting to introduce lesbianism, or wanting to introduce lesbianism does, a disservice to the image of black women warriors and the image of the Dahomey women.