Amurdikka eats its young….re visited

Roughly two years ago, during the media fest hype of black men, women and children, being murdered like dogs, in the streets of amurdikkka. I likened the government paid race soldiers to fighting pit bulls. Rabid and blood thirsty, that once they tasted the blood of black people, would eventually turn on anything that moves. Including their masters, in the form of other white people.

While not as public or as frequently depicted in the media, police brutalisation and murder of white people, soon became an alarming trend for those who believed that every dead black body, was because of some form of criminality or law breaking, on the part of the victim.

Eventually as the rabid dog started looking for any kind of blood, white people started to add….. all be it too late…to the chorus demanding police reform. While  the folly tricksters were debating the merits of reigning in their former slave catchers. And while burying their heads in the sand around police misconduct and straight up insubordination to the authority of those who paid their wages, amurdikkka was hit with an increasing wave of citizen vigilante terrorism from wanna be Charles Brunson.

Seeking their very own “Death Wish”, these psychopath, hopped on prescription and other drugs for courage, and motivated by amurdikkka’s national pastime of violence on top of their apple pies, served with a gmo burger, begun to wage war against themselves.

America eats its young

A luscious bitch she is, true
But it’s not nice to fool mother nature
The proud mother of god like all ho’s

Is jealous of her own shadow
So who is this young Vic Tanny bitch
Who wish to be queen for a day?Who would sacrifice the great grandsons and daughters

Of her jealous mother
By sucking their brain
Until their ability to think was amputated

By pimping their instincts
Until they were fat, horny and strung-out
In her neurotic attempt to be queen of the universe

Who is this bitch?

Who is this bitch indeed? Amurdikkka, land of the gun, home of many extra judicial death. Land of the trees and home of the slave.

Amurdikkka is at war with itself and it this consumption,  whether black people is going for the ride or not, is there for the world to see. The NRA, second amendment laws, gun boat diplomacy and stand your ground laws, coupled with the pressure of being white and trying to maintain their economic and military edge, in a world that don’t care for white people’s fuckery anymore.

Who is this bitch indeed!