The issue with a lack of standards by the kneegrow

Unfortunately I could not find the original source of the video. However this is a screen shot of some mixed up child…. in his lineage and in his head….who was upset he couldn’t be black.

This appeared on my news feed on stupid book. And there is a reason why I call it stupid book. Because this social media platform, allows much too many stupid people to come on and spread their stupidity as if its gospel.

Some kneegress commented that he should cry because he was part mexican, part black and part Filipino, thus he was half black. Of course your intrepid detective, foolishly couldn’t leave stupid people alone to bask in their stupidity. I had to wade in.

To wish the inevitable responses followed

At that point I had to remind myself to never argue with someone on another’s page. The mere fact that the poster isn’t on my friends list, but is a friend of a friend (you know how that goes) gives me impetus to stay in my lane.

I however wish to state here with great alacrity, that I will never and will never want to be among nukkas with this kind of philosophy.  This is the time of kuumbaya bullshit that has kept us at the bottom of the pile for centuries.

Even the lowest and nastiest of cave savage, zinc scatters, scavengers, cow worshippers and wet backs, will seek to preserve their identity, and much as they can. And if the do end up mingling their recessive blood with an Afurakan, they are usually resentful, because their group will reject that lycan. Or they out right reject it themselves.

Kneegrows be talking ’bout, we are kings and Queens,  gods and goddesses, yet will breed or breed for some hump back, peg legged midget, with an eye patch and looking like a orc. And call that mixed up issue….BLACK!

Kneegrows don’t stand for anything of value or substance and so end up falling for any and everything under the sun, the moon or the sewer.  Last night I was invited to an event to support an Afurakan dance school. Yet myself and two elder couples were the only folks there practicing Straight Black pride. Everybody else were either single black mother’s or paired up with a savage or a scavenger.

The place looked like a kennel of little mongrels. All one needed was some kibbles and bits, to keep the little rug rats happy. Even the dance segment was so out of sync, I swear the coupled up kneegrows gave lie to the notion that black people got rhythm.

Be that it may, rhythm or not. We are fucked up if we think that accepting every dog, cat, rats or chipmunk as black. Worse are the some of the ones who claim to be “conscious”.

Below are examples of what the “half black” crowd gets excited about. A room full of mixed up and messed up lycans and people who practice “jungle love!”