BLM and the homophile agenda

Many of us are ignorant to the mechanism of warfare. Many of us only see the physical aspect of war. And it’s resulting destruction of torn,


Just an aside….some people like to say black men don’t defend black women. I am just saying….

and crippled bodies and believe this is ONLY what warfare looks like. Our ignorance extends to the psychologically damaged soldiers before, during and after they physically stop being soldiers.

If we are unable to comprehend the psychological and emotional damage that results after a soldier became a human cannon fodder, who witnesses wars atrocities, how can we begin to fathom the pre war acts contained in propaganda and psychological warfare?

Sun Tzu said the “war is deception”. And he suggested that one appear weak when strong, and strong when weak. A valid point that tends to carry more traction than the customary sable rattling of those ignorant to the strategies of war.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

The supreme strategist overstands the viability of hitting the opponent where it hurts the most. These are called soft targets. Soft targets are easier to attack than hard targets, which are generally more heavily defended. The destruction of soft targets also disrupts a nations capacity to function.

Interrupting a nations capacity to function, creates a condition where basic hand-to-mouth survival becomes the norm, and the norm then becomes a descent into hopelessness, dispar and savagery. If we were to use the philosophy of Straight Black Pride movement, then our soft target(s) start with the trust, respect and cooperation  between black men and women.

However destroying the complementarity between black men and women is in actuality part of a deeper strategy of faint that causes us to expose or leave the most softest of intended targets undefended. And this most softest of targets are, is and will continue to be black children. The minds and bodies of our future and most precious treasures. The vehicle of our ancestors memories and the waters of which the parents energies, knowledge and hopes are but tributaries towards the continuation of who we are. If we are to survive as a culture, an authentic race and sentient beings we must protect the minds, bodies, spirit and emotions of our legacies.

Black, Afurakan children.

The other day my compliment was listening to a news report on YouTube,  where it was reported that a “transformer” youth, had brought a book on the sodomy lifestyle to its middle school. The resulting upheaval centered not around the inappropriateness of bringing soft porn to school…which is mainly what books promoting the homophile lifestyle is about….. but whether they should have gone through the proper channels to make such reading material a part of school curriculum.

In a time when celebrating the uniqueness of our Afurakan image and ourstory as it pertains to our subjugation as chattel, is dismissed and fought against by respective school boards and individual schools, including many kneegrow-peons….it seems to me that the promotion of homophile behavior is paramount in the savages warfare against a nuclear family in general. But the Afurakan nuclear family specifically. A centralized family with a man+woman=children as the impetus to the continuation of our ethnicity and culture.

The village is ONLY truly relevant if there are pockets of families, with one agenda, to make it up.

It has been reported ad nauseam, that the fertility rate in the United States was the lowest it has ever been.  In the last two years, there were 62 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, down 1 percent from the year before. There were 3,941,109 babies born in 2016.

In an analysis issued by the National Center for Health Statistics, researchers report that birthrates declined to record lows in all groups under age 30. Among women ages 20 to 24, the decline was 4 percent. For women 25 to 29, the rate fell 2 percent. The decrease in the birthrate among teenagers — 9 percent from 2015 to 2016 — continues a long-term decline: 67 percent since 1991.

“The decline in teens is across the board,” said the lead author, Brady E. Hamilton, a statistician and demographer with the center.”

White, low baby birth count, is the primary bulk of this statistics. However the stats make it seem that this is across the board, cross ethnic lines numbers. It is not!

Its been noted that black women have had numerous voluntary abortions, which over the last 50 years, has removed more than ten million babies from our presence.

Babies that could have coupled up together or the many black children missing through involuntary and hospital induced abortions. Yet despite this appalling situation, along with a plethora of systemic attempts to reduce our population. Prison, street and prescribed drugs, the mental institution…..still we have children.

slave lessons

Propaganda is the first strategy of warfare.. ..after creating reasons for going to war. Truth is the first causality of war, long before lives are lost. The truth and reality of the genocide of Afurakan people is lost in the propaganda of the homophile agenda. An agenda which is the reason for our destruction of a people.

Every propaganda requires a vehicle…

Black Lives Matter: what we believe

The savages overstand that coming at us directly will net them equally and direct response on the scale of the Haitian revolution. Based on our numbers, cultural paradigms and reason for living, direct confrontation has proven ourstorically and historically to be a problem for them. So just like they have done over the millennium, they incorporated and conscripted traitors, Mobutu’s, and kneegrows with the spirit of Yurugu as their vanguards.

It is not just the Black Lives Matter, den of homophile and promosexuals, though that are he vanguard of the destruction of the black family. It is also the fence sitters, cowards and appeasers, who object to the idea of black love, rather to replace that with let’s love everybody and thing. I had warned years ago that after homophile agenda, the pedophile and bestiality agenda would be pushed. I had also warned that right after pedophilia becomes the norm, necrophilia will follow. The advent of male and female plastic dolls and sex-bits are preparing and ignorant and careless society for necrophilia.

To date the news reports of isolated spots of cannibalism and necrophilia seems to be attracting imitators. Just like once zoophiles started coming out of the sewers. Now zoophilia is being made legal in many jurisdiction ahead of pedophilia.

Afurakan people…the onslaught is hard charging at us. If we feel we can’t stem that tidal wave, I suggest we get off the beach. Divest and separate yourselves from kneegrows who defend homophiles. Separate from those who see nothing wrong with that death style. We must punish the pedophiles from outside who come to us disguised as coaches, or other “well-meaning” people. By doing this we then become experts at punishing the pedophiles among us. Or we can lump all of them in one fell swoop of punishment.

Our children needs us more than the symbols and rhetoric we adore so much and like to wear as some badge of honor.