The scavengers

“A torture for the eyes”: Chinese moviegoers think Black Panther is just too black— Echo Huang , March 12, 2018

This was the headline from am online movie review website. The level of anti Afurakan and anti black sentiment was obviously curtailed, but it echoed a similar YouTube channel’s interview of random Koreans, I saw last week.

Dr. John Henrick Clark’s warning, that we have no friends, is a constant reminder to those kneegrows who still believe they can find “friends” outside of their genetic family. A reminder we stubbornly keep ignoring.

Now that Black Panther has moved up behind Avatar and Star Wars: the force awakens as the number the grossing movie ever, and the number one action movie, hollywierd has now changed the criteria of what a best-selling movie looks like. Now they are factoring inflation and time period to say that if Black Panther was out twenty years ago it wouldn’t be so popular, because movie prices where lower😂😂😂😂

White people kill me on how they constantly move the goal post on their playing field. Yet we still refuse to create our own game and keep them busters off of it

Anyway this post is not about che’ whitey, but the greatest scavengers on the planet.

Scavengersan animal that feeds on carrion, dead plant material, or refuse.

I remember when he Asians made an uptick in their economic invasion of Jamaica, several videos came out about their physical abuse of local workers. But since no one was killed for abusing a local, they continued to feel so comfortable on that island, that more videos came out about the reduction in the donkey population.

I have seen videos of mounds of donkey bones, stripped of its meat and innards, said ro be destined for a Chinese plate….or worse, a Chinese food restaurant. And Jamaicans like any other kneegrow with a slave mentality, refuse to stay away from the Chinese food restaurant.

I have even seen a video of an elderly  Chinese female cooking outdoor, with a bunch of vermin, running in and out of the cooking ingredient. And done even mention the one where some old bitch was cooking and picking her nose and wiping the contents all over the area.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you never seen a cat or dog around a Chinese food restaurant?  You may see a rat or two, because of the garbage wherever they reside. But you won’t even see too many of those.

Please govern your gag reflex at this video

China is one of he biggest investor in Afuraka and the Caribbean. Pimping out the leaders who have decided to whore out their respective nations for the chance to gladly hand with a nation that will prove to be even more dangerous than the savages from Europe.

China has 1.379 billion people in the vast country.  China has had a modern narrative of consuming any and everything in its path.  Whether the ecology, marine life with its whaling and fishing destruction of the seas, lands, animal life with its murderous ruination of Afurakan wild life for tusks or bells. Or most recently the environment of countries in Afuraka and the Caribbean.

At least the white people drew a line in the sand and demanded that the Asian invasion be slowed in countries dominated by them.

Do we think that anybody that would do what that animal did in the video would go down easy in a fight? The last poets once stated if you are gonna talk about revolution, you have to be prepared to eat rats. The kneegrow talks about revolution but is not prepared to eat from his own kitchen. And we wonder why we keep losing.

Be prepared to swap a savage and terroristic colonizer, for a cannibalistic scavenger who have even less disregard for black lives than the devils from Europe.  If you can believe such a thing is possible. But don’t just read what I say, listen to the warning from years ago.

He who is ignorant of ourstory and history is doomed to repeat the most hurtful parts of it.

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