Spiritual colonization

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

What happened to the people of Sumar?”

The traveler asked the old man.”For ancient records show that the people of Sumer were Black!” “What happened to them?”…ahh they old man sighed. They lost their culture so they died…”

I have only just embark on a roughly one year journey to discover (rediscover) my “personal legend”, into Afurakan spirituality. Being that the IFA spiritual system, while not the only traditional system from the continent, seems to be the most popular. Unfortunately as with anything that my people make popular, there will always be culture vultures swooping in to steal it. As well, we will undoubtedly have treacherous traitors and collaborators who are willing to sell out indigenous culture for a bucket of chicken and some dirty fiat paper.

In many traditional cultures and systems, we see savages marrying and breeding original people and being displayed proudly, as examples of the lowly Afurakans “moving on up” to respectability.  Even worse we see many priests and priestess advocating for and promoting initiating savages and other non Afurakans into our traditional systems.

This initiating of savages into our system, is a big thing in Brazil and Nigeria. Brazil is one mish mash of insanity that strives to eradicate all semblance of the Afurakan base. And the Yoruba of Nigeria tend to be some of the biggest collaborators out there.  So as original IFA is watered down and infested with Christianinsanity, we have Brazilians and Nigerians, initiating savages and homosexuals, who in turn are held up as examples of true Babalowas and Iyanifas or to be exact, Iyalawo,  of an Afurakan system.

This colonization of our traditional spiritual system has become so tragic that you have noted priests,  as Maladome Some, advocating for homophiles. Calling them blessed and saying they are portals to the spiritual world. Being that Maladome was a victim of molestation as a child, while in a Catholic school ( read his autobiography), I am wondering what he thinks homophiles are using as portals to the spiritual world?

If you peruse the internet, search Google or YouTube for information  on IFA, you will find some of the more readily available information being put out by white people or white homophiles.

Remember the nonsense with Booker T Coleman, who now calls himself Kaba Hiawatha Kamene?


This fruity fruit looking fella, was a big supporter of some devil named Danae whatever, who claimed to be a priestess while literally attacking Afurakan women and calling them out of their name.

This kneegrow is also a supporter of one Dr. Michael Beckwith and his Agape International Spiritual Center.

Folks…Michael Beckwith is a batty man. A A girly man! No hiding in the closet in his world. This reminds me of how the African Peoples Socialist Party under founder Omali Yeshitela endorses notorious homophile faggy dogzo (gazi kodzo) as general secretary. This faggot used his platform to claim greater revolutionary status than real men. He also posts pictures of himself in bed with various kneegrow males, and has been on record attacking Afurakan women, calling them all types of derogatory names.

Our people are sick, sick, and the examples are as real as a punch in  the gut. Savages and their familiars are colonizing traditional Afurakan spiritual, political and culture of Afurakan. And those of us who still embrace our authentic traditional systems are fewer and fewer. I see a lot of bullshit and mish mash of people lumping foreign stuff into IFA.

Things such as ancestor money, where Afurakans are encouraged to burn paper play money with images of Chinese people, in order to appease “the ancestors”. Who’s ancestors? Cause none of my ancestors look like Bruce Lee.

So we not only hand over our political, cultural and spiritual systems to the colonizers, we are now embracing the colonizers ancestors and gods. How very Islamic and Christian is that?

Recently I was informed about the mother of all madness.

The above picture is that of some dude named Gano Grills. He calls himself SRI. Which is a South Asian ( Indian) title. Now I don’t have a problem with kneegrows embracing other systems, as long as they stay their asses over there. However this kneegrow has garnered celebrity status by not only embracing Hinduism, mixed it up with Afurakan systems, then turn around and encourage his sheeple to embrace Hindu gods and reject Afurakan egungun, traditional Afurakan culture and traditional Afurakan systems.

Many of his sheeple here in Canaduh….I am talking about the kneegrows here…fix their mouth crooked by stating that Afurakan systems are outdated and the Hindu systems are the rage. One of the reasons many have followed this kat because he does rituals to make them money.  Make money by doing rituals?

Another reason is Afurakan traditional systems, like IFA, demands moral and ethical discipline. Outside of Islam, no other system requires or demands stringent discipline.  Especially around worship or prayer.

This is what all these spiritual systems have come to. Kneegrows engage in certain traditions to do rituals to steal another’s man or woman. To get back at a former lover. To harm somebody who you think disrespected you. To get rich. To have sex with multiple under aged girls….as one kneegrow does here in  Toronto.

This one Toronto kneegrow is held up as the guru of the city and goes to Ghana regularly to get “work” done for him. And while even there will molest and fuck anything with a vagina. This dude has been called out in a personal add in a local paper for his behavior  but is so loved, his sheeple will physically fight you if you even call his name wrong.

Overstand that Afuraka was colonized, not because they the invaders, were stronger than us. Initially. She was colonized because we forgot our culture and what made us who we were thus we practically hand over our culture to these vultures. By engaging in tribalism, which in turn, created a disunited opposition they could exploit.

We also were led by misleaders, who fell in love with their positions of symbols of the people, as well as the imagined power the foreigners offered. So these misleaders, converted reLIEgiously , accepted symbolic power over domains they were lower to share with the colonizers and then forced obedient flowers to convert, as well.

Some of them even engaging in sexual congress with both genders of the invaders. Often times homosexually. They allowed the vampires into our house. Not realizing that traditionally, once in invited in, the vampire always come back.

We have become so colonized and dumbed down, we are and have switched from traditional systems like IFA, for Christianinsanity and Arabism. Now we are turning to Hinduism, while turning over Afurakan systems to be run by savages.

Listen….. before anybody claim relationship with the sidis and Dravidians of India, because they are descendants of the original Ethiopians of the Indus-Kush region, overstand that they are also descendants of the barbaric Aryans of the North and their immersion into that culture far removes them from Afuraka culturally.

Their ancestors and gods are not of Afuraka, but an entirely different group of people. So calling on a foreign God and ancestors not yours, nets you only vampire energies that steals your own.

Kneegrows following Gano Grills or any other gurus and basing their ancestral system in order to becoming rich or gain earthly possessions, fail to overstand that the universe exist on reciprocity. What are you giving up to gain the world? What really does it benefit you to lose your soul or spiritual energies to a foreign vampire culture, because you seek to exist under their cultural paradigm?

White people cannot be elevated in Afurakan spiritual system, because the Ohemma Nsuo and Ohenna Nsuo forbids it. It is forbidden because it is like oil and water. An unhealthy mix.

And black people cannot be elevated in Christianinsanity, Arabism or Hinduism, because your egungun will be rejected and they will leave your monkey asses to the design of these foreigners.

“I am an African, not because I was born in Africa but because Africa is born in me” – Kwame Nkrumah

We need group therapy and psychic cleansing to heal us of this self-hatred and fear of being Afurakan.  Instead of Chinese ancestor money, you can take that to the altar….

7 thoughts on “Spiritual colonization

  1. You bring up great points. Beckwith is very suspect! And I lost a lot of respect for Booker after he did that. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve listened to Gano few times. He’s seems pretty intelligent. But I didn’t know he said to reject African Gods. Did he say that in a video? If so,I’d love to see the video. Thanks for informing me about that. I had no idea he was saying that type of nonsense.

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    1. Greetings black man. I always wondered why he would support Beckwith, who is to me openly homophile. And that savage female, even after she started insulting black women. I was watching 1804 with my cousin, who is very spiritually advanced, and she mentioned casually that she wasn’t feeling this guy. She said something was off with him. And then I looked at the screen and noticed his two ear ring wearing effeminate self realized he left the mens club along time ago. As for Gano Grills, I only heard about him a couple of days ago from my compliment. Didnt k ow him froma can of paint. But she shared how many of his sheeple have stated that was his position. They steady tried to clown her because she practiced both voodun and Ifa systems. They told her that their guru felt that the Afurakan system has now been outdated. Since you asked about video, I will try to do some further research on him. Thanks for stopping by

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  2. Hetepu (Peace & Blessings)

    You are absolutely right on many of the points you made. However, what needs to be remembered is that while it is good to follow some traditions, some traditions we need to abandon because they have outlived their purpose, hence as I am sure you are aware of “nothing in this world stays the same, everything changes.”

    That being said, Ifa could not be practiced in Cuba and Brazil the way it was practiced originally in Nigeria. Just like in North America, the Kongo tradition and Vodun could not be practiced the same way it was done in Africa. In North America, Afrikan spirituality was almost completely wiped out so our ancestors had to learn to practice by not following any rules. This was a good and bad. Good in the sense that everyone could practice without being initiated but bad in the sense that “anyone” could practice or claim to practice it. This of course, gave rise to a host of charlatans and illegitimate practitioners, which is the reason African American spiritual systems like Hoodoo are considered primitive, backward superstitious traditions from Africa. All of this occurred because in my opinion, there were a lot of people who are still trying to hold on to the past tradition and were not changing, while there are others who are changing but adhering to what is right.

    Change is necessary for growth but it has to be done by abiding by strict concepts and principles or change will lead to deterioration. Most of the Nigerians I have met in the US were all from the Yoruba tribe but they all professed to be either Christians or Muslims. They don’t follow the religion and look at it as being a bunch of superstitious nonsense because it was taught to them dogmatically like Christianity is taught to us in the States. They did not understand the concepts and principles, which is the reason they have no respect for it and initiate anyone and everyone into it.

    All of our traditions have been infiltrated because in my opinion people have focused more on the dogma and less on the importance of the concepts and principles. Consequently, there are no pure African traditions – that is in the sense with little to no foreign influence. Then, at the same time, maybe this change is taking place now so that the African traditions can evolve and know how to deal with the upcoming changes.

    Good post. Good food for thought.

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  3. “The only protection against INJUSTICE in man is POWER—Physical, financial and scientific.” — Marcus Garvey

    When a white boy did a piece of artwork that put a muslim leader in a negative light, they gunned him down in the streets in his own land.

    IIRC, the video is online.

    As long as we will not protect ourselves with POWER–we will be assaulted in one form or another. Power protects.

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