Pawns in the game

Chess: A chess is a game based on strategy. It’s most basic purpose is to over come, overwhelm and over take your apponnents pieces and territory to defeat the opposing King. The game has grown to mythic proportion where many have likened it to and an inspiration for military tactics and strategy, prior to entering an actual battle field.

Pawns: A person used by others for their own purposes. A chess piece of the smallest size and value, on a chess board.

Modern society, that is mainly western society, and every others influenced by Western society see regular citizens as pieces of a great chess board. Each of these societies have set up pieces to reflect the chess board and though they may call their particular society,  democracy, a socialist or religious one, they all use the majority population as pawns.

Unlike the chess board though, the moves of the major pieces:

Knight (police/military/ secret service)

Ruck (media/ propaganda)

Castle( education)

Bishop (religion)

Queen (politics)

King (rulers)

…are mainly about controlling their own pieces more than controlling the other players pieces. In fact all the major pieces are in cahoots to control the masses of pawns from recognizing that the rulers/elites/ governments have one real agenda.
Control the pawns. In the military parlance, the pawns are often called collateral damages.
The recently concluded soap opera that was the Bil Cosby trial is a classic example of the pawns being moved around the board, believing their purpose is to help the king and queen over come the enemy. What they pawns fail to realize is that the enemy is the next pain.
Not one of the major pieces will be touched, unless that piece is sacrificed for a greater end. And that great end is to keep the pawns thinking and behaving like sheeple. Dumb and dumber.
The King and Queen came up with a brilliant plan to use the Ruck to mislead the pawns into thinking they have any say in society. They create rules the Ruck sings about. The Bishops preach about and the Castles teach about. Failing to adhere to these plans encourage the wrath of the Knights.
The metoo movement is a distraction and has gullible feminazis, idiot female sympathizers and manginas bitching about rape culture, women’s right and having them attacking every single male caught in their sight. Whether that make is an actual molester, rapists, innocent or just a plan dick head.
Keep in mind not every dick head is necessarily a rapist or molester. But for the metoo bitch asses, “every male is a potential rapist”.
Which brings me to the ultimate molesters and rapist. The ones who set the agenda and blue print. The King, Queen, Ruck, Bishops  Castles and Knights….the ones who have the pawns running around like chickens with their heads cut off!
While thousands of Catholic priest are outed as serial rapists. While thousands of peace keepers, missionaries and tourists to non white countries are outed as serial rapists. While hundreds of governmental officials, including tea goers and care givers are outed as serial rapists.
The video below shows you how many of the training and indoctrinating come about. Now if after watching this video, you remain confused about what was said above, you have failed to connect the dots and will die in your willing ignorance.


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