A tale of the worlds most brutal and corrupt regime

The announcement by the United Snakes of amurdikkka, that they were withdrawing their foul stench from the neutered and impotent body of sycophants, called the UN Human Rights Council, had been met with the wringing of hands and gnashing of teefus.

I even saw one Charles “chicken”little, running around screaming that the sky has falling.  Not is falling!

Overstand that the United Nation as a body has morphed out of a previous body, that called itself the league of nations….. originally set up by one Ra’s al Ghul as the league of assassins, to right the wrongs of a corrupted world.

Unfortunately the league of assassins, became alarmed when one of their own in Germany, fought for autonomy against the infection of he Khazar hoards and their den of thieving cousins in England, France, Poland, Russia and other subsidiaries.

The league of assassins…er…league of nations decided that upon patching up relations with their inbred cousins, with the the help of their pedophile, rapist nephew in amurdikkka, wanted to make sure that no other non white or damn near white countries would ever challenge their hegemony of world domination under the behest of their Khazar puppetmeisters.

Thus I begin the tale of the modern world’s and perhaps his-story’s, most brutal and corrupted regime.

In case one is wondering…a regime is a government based on an authoritarian ruler ship, imposed from above. What makes a regime a reality and in many cases sustainable, is fear, force and farce. The first two is pretty self evident. The farce is the controlled substance called a population, citizen or believers, who accept the fact that the naked empire with small hands, is really, really clothed.

Amurdikkka has been a registered corporation…er…nation for 242 years. Since 1776 and has been involved in a variety of wars for 224 of those years. This is a constant state of war and invasions at around a 94% clip.  This 94% would be great if you are a basketball player shooting free throws, it is not a good look on a corporation…er…nation that bills itself as protector of nations, human rights and a promoter of world peace.  224 Out of 242 Years and has been at peace for less than 22 years total since its birth. Or creation on the backs of Afurakans on lands of aboriginals..

A list of all the wars this rogue nation has engaged in is long as sordid and can be broken up by centuries or decades.

List of wars involving the United States

For a majority of those 242 years, amurdikkka has been at war with Afuraka. From the invasion of the coastal cities to capturing, torturing, murdering raping and stealing the natural resources of the continent.  Almost every move Washington has made in the Afuraka, has helped spread conflict and chaos, while contributing to African destabilization.

Since 9/11, the US military has been making inroads in Africa, building alliances (with weak or weaken misleaders), facilities and a sophisticated logistics network. Despite repeated assurances by US Africa Command (AFRICOM) that military activities on the continent were minuscule, there is still a large and expanding US operations—including recent military involvement with no fewer than forty-nine of the fifty-four nations on the continent. Washington’s goal continues to be building these nations into stable lackeys with robust, capable militaries, as well as creating regional bulwarks favorable to its strategic colonial interests in Africa.

But as men plan, they forget the Orishas, the Ntrus and the Egunguns, are among the ultimate decision maker. And what the deities and ancestors seek is order and balance in all things. Thus the pendulum is swinging back onto amurdikkka, like it did with its syphilis carrying hootchie mamma in England

A US-backed, Islamic cope, in Libya, for instance, helped spawn hundreds of militias that have increasingly caused chaos in that country, leading to repeated attacks on Western interests and the killing of the US ambassador and three other Americans. This also lead to the open selling of black men on slave markets, the raping of black women and children and the murdering of all. Tunisia has become ever more destabilized, according to a top US commander in the region. Kenya and Algeria were hit by spectacular, large-scale terrorist attacks that left amurdikkklan and local citizens dead or wounded. South Sudan, a fledgling nation Washington recently midwifed into being that has been slipping into civil war, now has more than 870,000 refugees, is facing an imminent hunger crisis, and has recently been the site of mass atrocities, including rapes and killings. Meanwhile, the US-backed military of Mali was repeatedly defeated by insurgent forces after managing to overthrow the elected government, and the US-supported forces of the Central African Republic (CAR) failed to stop a ragtag rebel group from ousting the president.

In an effort to staunch the bleeding in those two countries, the United States has been developing a back-to-the-future military policy in Africa—making common cause with one of the continent’s former European colonial powers in a set of wars that seem to be spreading, not staunching violence and instability in the region.

After establishing a trading post in present-day Senegal in 1659, France gradually undertook a conquest of West Africa that, by the early twentieth century, left it with a vast colonial domain encompassing present-day Burkina Faso, Benin, Chad, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Senegal, among other places. In the process, the French used Foreign Legionnaires from Algeria, Goumiers from Morocco and Tirailleurs from Senegal, among other African troops, to bolster its ranks. Today, the United States is pioneering a twenty-first-century brand of expeditionary warfare that involves backing both France and the armies of its former colonial charges as Washington tries to accomplish its policy aims in Africa with a limited expenditure of blood and treasure.

In other words, the devil is using proxies, mostly locals, to be shock troop invaders for the neo colonialists.

In a recent op-ed for The Washington Post, President Barack Obama and French President François Hollande outlined their efforts in glowing terms:

In Mali, French and African Union forces—with US logistical and information support—have pushed back AL-Qaeda-linked insurgents, allowing the people of Mali to pursue a democratic future. Across the Sahel, we are partnering with countries to prevent AL-Qaeda from gaining new footholds. In the Central African Republic, French and African Union soldiers—backed by American airlift and support—are working to stem violence and create space for dialogue, reconciliation, and swift progress to transitional elections.

Missing from their joint piece, however, was any hint of the Western failures that helped facilitate the debacles in Mali and the Central African Republic, the continued crises plaguing those nations, or the potential for mission creep, unintended consequences and future blow back from this new brand of coalition warfare. The US military, for its part, isn’t saying much about current efforts in these two African nations, while experts are sounding alarms about the ways in which these military interventions have already fallen short or failed.

The current estimate for the Worlds population is 7.5 Billion People (2017)) So 1% of that is just 75,270,000 people, or rather roughly: Half of the population of Russia. In October 2013, the incarceration rate of the United States of America was the highest in the world, at 716 per 100,000 of the national population. While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world’s population, it houses around 22 percent of the world’s prisoners.

Below is a chart of the Ethnicity make up of the US’s prisons
2010. Inmates in adult facilities, by race and ethnicity. Jails, and state and federal prisons.
Race, ethnicity % of US population % of U.S. incarcerated population
White (non-Hispanic) 64 39
Hispanic 16 19
Black 13 40

On this day July 19th 2018, 559 people have been shot and killed by police in 2018. 987 people were fatally shot by police in 2017. And we still have 5 month to go.

It astonishes me that in 2018 people across the globe still believe this ultimate shit hole run country is a bastion of freedom, success and opportunity. I don’t care about people who are still patriotic to one of the most brutal regimes in the world. people are breaking their necks to to emigrate or go their as refuges or “illegals”, because the United snakes has directly or indirectly messed up their country’s economy, political stability or social structure. Unfortunately many of the UN signatories are either sycophants of amurdikkka or are totally scared of being labelled anti-US, because they know an invasion would be imminent. I mean the fact that the UN is even based out of New York, itself tells you all you really know of amurdikkka’s bully tactics about taking their toys and leave the play ground.

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