Blacktegrity is a term coined by a young brenden of mine, theincorruptableAfrican.

Blacktegrity is the quality and state of being honest about your Afurakan self. And having strong moral principles and moral uprightness based on a race first stance and standard, as espoused by esteemed ancestors like Marcus Garvey, Dr’s. Ben Yochannon and Amos Wilson and other luminaries of that ilk, such as Thomas Sankara and any who define their existence and future from a wholly Afurakan platform.

Blacktegrity demands absolute loyalty to Afuraka the continent. Afuraka the unadulterated state. Meaning no race mixing. And traditional holistic Afurakan practices.

I emphasize holistic, because due to centuries of colonialism, imperialism and invasion, going back to the times of the pyramids, the mother land has being a source of attack from Asiatics and Euro-clowns, politically, reLIEgiously, socially, Mercantile and militarily.

The above picture was taken from one of my stupid book friend’s pages. It’s the image of two Afro-peon clowns, bathing in the sea of Galilee. A statement was made that the two men, Nigerians to boot, if asked to bathe in Osun river would balk and say that would be demonic and a sinful.

These men are native to the current home of the largest Afurakan spiritual sciences in West Afuraka. And yet this Afurakan spiritual science…..Ifa, is also sought after by numerous non Afurakan people.

I have come across continental born Afurakans whose very lifestyle goal is to be as Eurocentric as possible. They would embrace any and everything European or even Asian, to the detriment of their diet, local business, education, the welfare of their children and their very lives.

Yet these same type of continental born Afurakans would turn around and be disgusted or dismissive of any Afurakan in the diaspora as fake or worse, when we try to dress, speak or embrace Afurakan culture and spiritual science (which is actually the same).

Last night my compliment and I were reading a book on the seven steps to global Afurakan power, by Keidi Obi Awadu (the conscious Rasta). We discussed what would be the first building block to develop a global Afurakan presence. Because to many a local Afurakan presence and power appears to be unimaginable and unsustainable.

The current flavour of the month is to shout out “I ain’t no Afrikan!”, only to call ones self a Moor-on, a Shebrew Israelite, an Asiatic black man, a Muslim or the current most popular…indigenous. the same people who embrace being indigenous to the North Amurdikkklan continent, refuse to admit that we are Afurakans. Failing to overstand that if we were the first people to emerge on the planet. And if we have a presence on every continent, then we are indigenous to the planet. And not just one small land mass.

North Amurdikkka is smaller than Afuraka and Afuraka has the oldest evidence of hue-manity. Just saying. But the Afurakan deniers go even further. I became aware of some kneegrow guru that seems to get most people ( black women especially) in a tizzy. This former actor has become a guru to many and elevated because he was given his blessings by a south Asian guru himself.


OZ Actor Gano Grills Claims to Be God, Starts Cult called Galighticus (this is an actual headline)

Gano Grills was born in Staten Island, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for parts in movies such as Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999), Hannibal (2001) and Shaft(2000). He also appeared in the Teevee series about prison life and rape, called OZ and spent time as a Wu Tang Clan graffiti artist.

Gano Grills is an allegedly emerging cult leader who claims to be god. He says he’s here on a mission to usher 144,000 ( sounds familiar) people off the planet. He claims to do exorcism and revive the dead. He says he’s part of a Galactic Council of 22 gods that contains four insectoids. Women who have abortions suffer catastrophic karmic debt ( I agree with him here), he believes. Kendrick Lamar is a “propagator of Lucifer” and drinking dark rum or Hennessy attracts bad spirits. He sells training programs for as much as $12,000. He also says Michael Jackson told him in a meditation that he wanted the world to know he was murdered.<<<<< hey its Michael Jackson, so it most be true. Right?

Now I am not picking on this loony toones character, because I am mean. But i use him to illustrate my point about Blacktegrity. I heard two things about this dude that is disturbing. One…mentioning Gano Grills anyhow besides in a worshipfulness way would earn me the wrath of his flock. And two…he tells his audience that turning to Afuraka is so yesterday and we don’t need to do that.

This kneegrow mixes traditional Western  Afurakan spirituality, teachings of the mystery systems of Kimit, the traditions of Hinduism and shit that H.Ron Hubbard and the Anunaki crowd talks about.

Insectoids my yute?

There are numerous Gano Grills outside and inside west Afurakan traditional practices that do not have Blacktegrity and thus prevents the collective from ascending to being a global power player. Instead we continue to be the footstool and area rug of the planet. Allowing every Tom, Chin, Raul and Abdul, to walk on, wipe their filthy shoes on and abuse like rented mules.

Blacktegrity ask the uninitiated to refrain from using sex with Becky and Dillon as excuse to pursue global relationships. You want to sex them, by all means knock yourself out. But don’t talk black and sleep white. Or Arab. Or Asian. Or Hispanic. We are the only people who can never seem to grasp the concept of negotiation from a position of power.

Afurakan power!

Other ethnic groups can, if they want to, get easy access to our bodies, medically, scientifically and sexually. The get ready access to our minds, through education and socialization. And they do anytime when they need to, and discard us afterwards. Because each of those groups practice their own form of integrity that centers themselves as the focal point in their worldview.

Anything outside of their worldview is an enemy and is treated as such. Even if they don’t come out and say it.

In other words they practice race first. Ah! Race. Kneegrows and Afropeaons parrot the bullshit that race is a social construct, even while the bleach their skins and cut up their faces.

Until we first echo the cry, I am Afurakan. And take that lip service and move it to embracing a holistic  Afurakan cultural practice, then we are actors in a sketch comedy. We enthusiastically embrace Rastafari, Chrisrianinsanity, Arabism, Hinduism and even Jewish-ism, among the many practices we do. But we shun the cultural practices and spiritual sciences of West Afuraka. I say west because the South is almost entirely covered in lgbqrstuvwxyz infection. And the east is almost completely Arabized. Unfortunately the West, is among the most Christianized and is right now fighting hard against traditional cultural practices.


John Henrick Clarke warned us we have no friends.  But we somehow didn’t get that memo. We chase after integration and a one love type of holy grail, while the invader settlers are stealing our culture and spiritual science.

This is a discussion however that requires more than just a post on some obscure blog. This is a discussion that should be had among us. About our existence as a people. A nation. And a race. Our egungun are warning us and are upset at our delinquency.

Blacktegrity should echo the cry of Marcus Garvey. One Afurakan God. One      Afurakan Aim. One Afurakan destiny. Afuraka for the Afurakan at home and abroad. This means no mutts, no lycans, no transracial stupidness and no association through sexual Congress.

If we have to pause and think about it.  It ain’t the truth.  Blacktegrity! Anything else is uncivilized.

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