Why won’t white people leave our children alone?


Thursday morning I came across this story and it inspired me to aka, what the hell is going in with these kneegrows, on the continent selling babies to these vultures? Does not the Afurakan cognoscenti of what transpired over 500 years ago in the great perversity? 

They have not heard the many stories from the diaspora, how the savage cave beast tore us from you and turned the majority of us into chocolate covered vampires? Every time some conscious person was poetic about “African culture”, I am forced to ask for a definition. Because since the most basic definition of culture is whatever you are doing that’s popular at the moment, does that mean selling or giving away our children to European is Afurakan culture?

An intelligent and logical person would and should ask are they not enough white babies, toddlers and pre-teen out there for them to adopt or foster? But then an intelligent and logical person, with a deep overstanding of warfare would have already surmised that these Euro clowns are not doing this for any altruistic reasons.

They are in it for the government check (primarily as a forester parent), for the melanin, to show off to their lesser inspired friends, or for some sexually perverted reason.

Three times in the past I have tackled this issue and it seems to continue unabated, because these kneegrow parents, guardians or governmental traitor, live them so much of nothing “white”, they are willing to destroy the children in ways other than that tripe called reLIEgion.

I am going to love the links to the three posts for you to read, and have you answer if it’s not true the more things change, the more they stay the same, when it comes to cloning?

Stealing Afurakan children

Child snatching and accessorizing in the 21st century

Invasion of the baby snatchers – revisited


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