Acceptable disparity

Disparitya lack of equality or similarity,  especially in a way that is not fair.

I saw a clip of this interview on my skin-out-gram page this morning and as usual, read the bevy of confused and confusing flatulence disguised as comments.

One black dude stated that “blacks had to work harder than whites to get a piece of the pie”. Inevitably some white dude crawls out of the sewer to chastise hom for using the race card. Which started a round of back and forth. Including verbal abuse and cussing.

Being that it was a Canadian page I was on, another kneegrow lamented that in Brampton ( a city north-west of Toronto) is completely ran by “brown people”. Brown is a coded word that South Asians used to describe themselves. That color description is used to align themselves with the struggles of Afurakan (black) people, so the ignaramous among us who embrace integration, won’t see them as oppressive as Europeans (white people).

Then of course you have a few that stated their was a difference between the 1930s of Buffet’s youth and 2018. Yes!there is a difference. Women can vote now. Homosexuals have torn the doors off the closet and have invaded the nursery. There has been a mass exodus  of kneegrow-peons from black colleges, neighborhoods and business, to rub shoulders with and sit next to white people on the toilet.

We don’t step off the side-walk when white folks approach us. And I certainly don’t have to dip my head and tip my hat when a ten-year old child calls me boy and I answer him as sir or ma’am.

Yet the honest brutality of the 1930s Jim Crow era race-ism, has given way to the 2018 illusion of balance, that many white people, and tragically many black people seem to embrace. In this economic climate where everybody gets screwed by folly tricksters (politicians) and their pimps in big corporations, everybody has to work that much harder for far less, than their grandfathers of yore.

More non black immigrants are coming here as economic and social refugees as much as Afurakans from the motherland and other parts of the diaspora. In the case of Europeans. What they are leaving is a result of the demise of old style colonization and political and corporate induced poverty. What Afurakans are leaving are new style colonization, political and foreign corporate induced poverty AND economic and politically induced wars for natural resources.

We didn’t need “The Donald”, to remind us that making amurdikkka white was and is always the slogan of that country since Plymouth rock was tossed onto the heads of the aboriginal people’s of Turtle Island.

I mean lynching by rope, is making a come back. Lynchings at the tip of a “slave catcher’s” bullet or that of a citizen vigilante’s bullet, never left. The judicial, penal and edumacational institution and asylums still fail to dispense fairness based on merit and not pigment.

Yet Anglo-Europeans and in lesser instances South Asians, insists that Afurakans are being whiny and making excuse for our current enforced predicament at the bottom of the collective social order. The Arabs and East Asians, like us just as little, but they are more silent as they are very practical in their commercial exploitation of us.

One of my younger brother sent me this clip from a radio interview on a Trinidadian station.

In the Caribbean Syrian is a catch-all phrase for Arabs. So what he is stating is that the Arabs and the “Indians” (South Asians), are the second tier exploiters of lower level black criminals in Trinidad. The same goes across the islands, with East Asians being an added exploiter in Jamaica. If course the top-tier exploiter is the settler colonizer from Europe. And all being facilitated by the kneegrow gate keepers in the judicial and penal system.

In North amurdikkka, particularly the land of the trees and home of the slaves, the white-o-spanic ( hispanic) has joined the fray. Witness the current violent take over of black neighborhoods in southern californication, by gangs of wet backs and illegals, paid by Euro-clowns to create havoc and a space for real estate and economic exploitation.

This the disparity of “luck” that Warren Buffet alluded to. And everybody seems to be clamoring to get on the right (white) side of the winning team. Even the severely exploited members of the kneegrows.

Side note: I make no distinction in the didderence of ethnicity between Europeans. That’s for them to fight over. I see the Khazars, Anglos, Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans and Arabs as white colonizers of Afuraka, the Caribbean and my neighborhood. With the two groups of Asians, only bringing up the rear, because it’s hard to miss them.

Everyday black people must ask themselves if we are going to continue to complain to them others about the disparity of exploitation. Hoping to get sympathy and a hand up. Or are we going to shut our pie hole and start doing what Booker T Washington stated so many years ago? “Cast down your bucket where you are”!

If you are confused about that phrase, then consider the meaning. You have valuable resources where you are. You don’t need to go elsewhere to find them. And you don’t need to constantly sit on the side lines and bitch and whine, hoping someone, not of your own kind, will give you a hand up.

As Dr. Clark so eloquently put it so many years ago. We HAVE NO FRIENDS! So expecting others to feel our pain is a waste of time, breath and sanity.

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