Free range parenting

It appears to me, maybe I should not have picked my phone up this morning and just head straight to the book I have been reading.

This morning i had to ask someone what this item was.

Apparently it is called a “pussy pocket” and I had to google this shit to find out what exactly this was and was used for. Though the name kind of gave you a heads up.

This is what google turned up for me.

RealFlesh Pocket Pussy Realistic Male Masturbator Sex Toy

(82)· $13.97· 

In stock·Brand: Naughty Cove
According to he tag line it says his is…
“The RealFlesh Pussy Premium Masturbator by Naughty Cove is the premium male masturbator you deserve. The quality of our Trademarked RealFlesh material …”
What happened was, some kneegrow female was on stupid book, this morning,  complaining that her 10 year old son kept insisting he wanted one.  Then she stated she bought one for him, had second thoughts and then placed it in storage. I stopped listening to his shit at that point. But the caption for the rant stated that the boy bought one with his very first debit card.
10-year-old with a debit card and the gumption to purchase a pocket masturbator, because he had a strong desire to do so? What world are we living in?
Recently a trend has emerged to me, if not to any one of you all, where these females are treating their sons as if they are their friends. I am sure most of us with a smidgen of morality, cringe in the past after seeing a bunch of chicken heads taking family portraits with their young sons, and watch horrified as the son is grabbing her ass, or up next to her in a blatantly sexual fashion.
This trend of a sole support mother, having sexual conversation around their boys, or having their boys up underneath them in a way that smacks of a lack of set borders and restricted privacy.
And before any of you disagree with me, while it’s just as bad for the male parent to treat his son as if they are “buddies”. It is different with a son-mother dynamic, because the boy is coming into his sexuality and the first and closest female presence to his awakening will be that very same mother who refuse to set borders in their relationship.
And a man isn’t doing that with his daughter because then you all would be rightly calling him a pedophile. And even if he isn’t, most men are deathly attune to and afraid of how easy it is to catch a predator or molester label. So they tend to be very careful with their own borders with their daughters. But not these women though.
I am tired of saying that the absence of a strong male presence is not what is causing many of these children to act out sexually or violently or anti social. It’s the presence of these weak ass females, who either don’t know how to or don’t care to set up strict parents child borders.
Mind you an emasculated or hypermasculated ( over compensating) male presence is just as harmful to child rearing as an out-of-pocket female is. I just wanted to put that here.
Your child is not your best friend, buddy or whatever terminology you would use. They are your fucking children! You are supposed to inculcate in them a healthy respect for you and both your parent child-positions. Even while you strive to not be puritanical about that life.
I have had females reject my stance on disciplining a child with a healthy dose of ass whopping, because it turns them into abusers. Such bullshit are the reasons why their children tend to turn out, undisciplined, disrespectful and socially inept. The idea of raising a child up to 8 years old and cementing a strong foundational core, is lost on this generation raised on Dr. Spock’s child rearing crapola, and is one of the cause of a Sigmund fraud based Oedipus complex becoming a religion.
If you are unfamiliar with the Oedipus complex, it is when in the phallic stage ( the phallic stage is the third stage of psychosexual development, spanning the ages of three to six years, wherein the infant’s libido centers upon his or her genitalia as the erogenous zone), a boy’s decisive psychosexual experience is the Oedipus complex—his son–father competition for possession of mother. … The boy directs his libido (sexual desire) upon his mother and directs jealousy and emotional rivalry against his father—because it is he who sleeps with his mother.
Such a state is a European savagery, that never had a place in the Afurakan tradition. Until we became kneegrows and began to be molded in the ways of European thoughts and behavior.
Also if you never heard of Dr. Spock, he is an advocate of giving your children love, hugs and reaffirmation, and to do away with discipline. Years later he changed his beliefs to include disciplining the child, after seeing how the following generation was raised without discipline. But the damage had already been done, and continues to be done by mothers who love their children (especially their sons) but do not discipline them.
Kneegrows being kneegrows and have not learned how to be discerning or mature in their thought process, attribute a good ass whipping, as a last resort, to the horrors of child abuse. So they elect to raise the child with less discipline and a more “friendly” approach to child rearing.
White people have this thing called free range parenting, where the concept of raising children in the “spirit of encouraging” them to function independently and with “limited parental supervision”, in accordance of their age of development and with a reasonable acceptance of realistic personal risks.
These same free ranged parented children are the ones who burn the house down or smash-up the dishes, if you take their phones or video games from them. They are the ones who grow up feeling entitled to grandma’s or mommy’s credit card or car.
Like latarian Milton in this video…
Frankly what appalled me even more than that woman sharing her story about the “pussy pocket”, is the reality that you have kneegrows defending this. And by what I am hearing, many so-called conscious dudes believe here is nothing wrong with that.  When I state that the kneegrow male lacks sexual discipline, I am not talking out the corner of my mouth.
It is this lack of sexual discipline why so many sexual assaults, random pregnancies, molestation and under cover homosexual behaviors are running rampant in the New Rome of amurdikkka and canaduh!
Black people we need to get our shit right. We can’t blame the white man for putting us at a disadvantage under white pathology, yet turn the scope away from our own perverse desire to remain in an adverse position.  This is neither liberating or elevating. Its debilitating.

5 thoughts on “Free range parenting

  1. I was going to write a follow up to my “Exodus” post blasting black women for being “proud” of whorishness ( sex in the halls of school! ) and encouraging bad behaviour in our children. But…I received so many horrible emails from us, mostly male and some females, I said, “fuck it. Let me go tend to my livestock.”

    I’m tired beyond tired of trying to tell us that our degenerate behaviour will aid the next group of Supremacists, Asians, to finish the job of exterminating us. I know this sounds harsh, but when you hear of us being murdered at our own hands, don’t shed too many tears. Nature has a funny way of taking out the trash.

    Many of us need to be put the fuck down like the heathens we are.

    This is far worse than we realize. This is why NOT ONE group of people likes us or respects us!!! Anti Blackness is worldwide and we love it! We actually ENJOY being ratchet and wear it like a badge of honour.

    * sigh*

    I’m going to go on my winter break soon.

    I need to render 100 lbs of lard/ tallow and plan my garden for the next season. Farmers are going out of business up here and famine WILL be on the horizon. I would suggest that you begin stocking up on canned/ dried goods.


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