A society of waste men

By now many would have seen the above video. You have shared it on your numerous social media platforms and discussed it as nauseam about the arrogance of white male savages, who think nothing about grabbing up afurakani/afuraitkait people. Especially our women. Especially our children and youth. One story I heard going around, was of a savage kicking a little afuraka/afuraitkait toddler and stomping on him while calling him bigger. In the presence of his heavily pregnant mother.

Then a couple of days ago, some coward ran a drive by on an unsuspecting mother in Texas, murdering her seven-year old child, sitting in the family vehicle. The guy in the McDonald, was allowed to finish his order, while demand the young sister get fired,  kicking another employee on his way out. The savage who kicked the toddler, was held down by some passersby, which I assume were not afuraka/afuraitkait men, because no blood was shed. In the case of the drive by shooter, rewards are being offered, yet not one single hair of a random cagey monkey child has been harmed.

All this happens in a span of two weeks and the battle cry on social media, was that black men are not defending black women. And it’s not women only saying this. I want address the topic of “black” men not defending black woman, by stating that context is everything. So let’s put that comment in context. There are still brothers that will defend a black woman. Even a random one being attacked by a savage. At least in my generation. However, it has become more and more evident that a kneegrow, will defend a random, white woman faster and more diligently than he would a afuraka/afuraitkait woman.

Like in this video

And of course barely ever rush to defend her when assaulted by another kneegrow. El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz was right. The black woman is the most disrespected person, but not just in amurdikkka. All over the planet.  The planet is in an imbalanced state right now, because, let’s face it, women in general are being disrespected and murdered. But none more than the afuranka/afuraikitkait woman. The Osun and Yemoja energy that runs deep in her vain, is crying out for divine justice. For reciprocity. And the planet will continue to suffer until the out of control masculine energies are balanced by righteous famine energies.

In times of peace we need Obatala’s wisdom and restraint. But in times of challenges and struggles, we need Ogun and Shango to come forward. We need Oya and Erzuli Dontor,  to gird up and step up. Now I know we have some black females that act out-of-pocket and can only be stopped, at least temporarily by the laying of hands, but this is no reason to paint all our sisters with the same brush. Just like it’s not right to blame all brothers as being cowardly and not willing to defend black women. However when i watch cowardly kneegrows refuse to intervene in the assault of a  afuranka/afuraikitkait woman, or a man being assaulted by a race soldier, what I am observing is remnants of (a) the plantation-willie lynch mentality (b) the poison of christianinsanity and (c) the result of poor parenting that are heavily influenced by (a) and (b).

We have seen, heard and read about parents who trained their children, like mindless and spiritless drones to worship, respect and fear Europeans and other ethnic groups. Yet turn around and shun too much association with their own kind. We are proud to eat table scraps from the table, their dogs eat from. Hanging on to values and validation from idiotic civil rights bullshit, and the religion of equal rights and racial harmony. Shit that are as real as the pimple on jesus’s nutz.

“It is easier to build strong (black boy) children than to repair broken (black) men.” – Frederick Douglass

This philosophy is as old as dirt. Yet today we are raising emasculated and effeminate males, and wonder why our girls have to be their own men? In the absence of masculine energy, the feminine energy has to become more masculine. It’s an unsustainable state and causes our people to spiral downwards into the abyss of irrelevance and importance.
I have watched the McDonald video a few times  as well as other videos, including the one in Kenya (I think) where the cave savage jumped the counter in a hotel and birch slapped the worker. It’s not a question of what I would do, because my track record speaks for itself. However, I am beginning to think I am one of the last of a dying breed.

Say it 10 times until you third eye is opened. Say it 20 times until blacktegrity becomes your soul inspiration. There are men and there are males. There are afurakan men and kneegrow males. The difference is how strong one balls hang, or how far it’s tucked up inside the other one’s mangina?

I blame the lack of blacktegrity in parenting skills that for decades now, love our sons and raise our daughters. This is what the Willie lynch syndrome has wroth. Parents who fear for their sons physical well-being, crush his manhood by “loving”to the point where he becomes spoiled rotten with no social or masculine skills or basic survival skills. While they raise their daughters to be independent and with more social and survival skills than black boys.

As men we are supposed to come into this world, to conquer, build, defend and die. Not to be females with penises. We teach our sons to go work in MacDogfood and Murder King, but fail teach him to create his own empire. This is why the Afurakan women feel unprotected and distrustful of us. The only thing most of us have to offer is dick. And she can get it anywhere. In fact most of us are running away from vagina these days. And running to butt cheeks. This is the rest of raising abnormalities and calling them modern black boys.

Yes, you are right that too many black or kneegrow males that are not defending black women. But you also must get on the parents you know, who are raising the Robert Kelly’s and young thugs of the world. Who are raising kneegrow punks to either terrorize black women or who refuse to defend them in their times of need.

Bring back black manhood.  Robert F. William’s style.

2 thoughts on “A society of waste men

  1. So true brother. We got to step up. We can’t allow women to be handled like that. Those brothers should’ve stepped up in that first video. The second video is pathetic. Defending that white woman?? That’s crazy! Real masculine manhood need to come back!! I couldn’t agree more!!👍🏿


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