hy.per.ga.my; late 19th century: from hyper- ‘above’ + Greek gamos ‘marriage’.

Hypergamy is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person marrying a spouse of higher caste or social status than themselves. I came across this curious term after listening to a few MGTOW practitioners who kept bringing that term up. Hypergamy is usually associated with women, as it has always been the main focus of women to marry up in social status. Rarely do you hear of a man marrying up. Whether through class, social status or wealth. It is actually frowned upon for a man to marry up, as it is believed he is taken advantage of this “poor woman”, or he is not worthy of being addressed as a man for doing this. The only time it seems acceptable for a man to marry up, is if he is a white male marrying a Serena Williams, whose status and wealth supersedes his own, but since white males occupy the highest social status in western countries….and black women occupy the second rung of the lowest of social status….just above the black man, their marriage became acceptable and even especially celebrated by black women. For white people Serena Williams marriage, just like the “one minute” interaction between Hallie Barry and her homeless dude, is acceptable because white men are doing what white men always do. That is to colonize another ethnic group and take their resources.  In the case of these two females, its to colonize their bodies, take their money and status and in the case of Barry, leave her to a life of single motherhood, but have her pay colonial taxes in the form of child support.

The few black males that attempted to marry up, such as Oprah’s paramour or boy toy Stedman, and Mary J. Blige’s ex-husband, are vilified or ridiculed by black people. Stedman, who is a successful business man in his own right is weak and “maybe” a homosexual and his relationship with Oprah is a form of bearding; An act that someone wo is a homosexual male does when he afraid to come out of the closet.  Usually this means dating a girl when you like guys just to coverup.   The fact that she didn’t marry him, many feel is because she is guarding her wealth, despite the rumours that she herself is a lesbian. I am not here to argue about their sexual proclivity, though. I am just pointing out the difference when a man “practices ” hypergamy as opposed to when a woman practices it. In the case of Mary J Blige’s ex husband, he rightfully took advantage of modern laws designed for women to take advantage of men through divorce and family court. Being that she is the wealthier of the two and they were married long enough for hm to ask for alimony, I see nothing wrong with this. In the classic response of every hustler…”don’t hate the player, hate the game”!

Women practicing hypergamy is as old as prostitution. It’s as old as men begging for sex from women, which proceeded the peculiar institution of prostitution. I mean some one has to first beg for it before a woman realize she could make a come up off of that? Men and women, the species called humans, are quite adaptable in many things. And though that adaptability has been dulled or put to sleep by modern societies desire to rub our natural instincts out of us, certain innate traits still remain, bubbling under the surface. One of them is the natural state of hypergamy in women.  If we can agree that women always look to men for protection and as a provider, there should be no  argument then that it is natural for women to always seek to climb the social ladder.  Social scientists code hypergamy in scientific babble by stating women look for the “strongest” male in the proverbial “pack”. But many a physically strong man, not blessed with social standing don’t get automatically husband up by women. They may get turned on by his feats of strength, but if that doesn’t put food on her table, Gucci on her arms and feet, or some other homosexual’s apparel on her body, then he is out of luck finding some one. While women didn’t invent flossing, many modern women floss the hell out of whatever they can carry, wear of show off to their friends and associates.  The fact that modern malls and over priced stores cater to women and their need to floss, indicates that hypergamy is a thriving business for women and these establishment. While some women say they can pay for their lavish lifestyles, all would rather have a simp pay for it. This is a classic case of hypergamy on steroids.

And a woman cannot floss effectively if she don’t appear socially relevant or have high status. So again, hypergamy is natural in women. What many MGTOW with a modicum of sense argue, is that hypergamy is out of control in today’s women, augmented by laws that seen to favour them exclusively and aided by numerous weak males, undeserving to be called men. These are called blue pill men, who drink the Kool aid that women, the weaker sex and softer gender, can do no wrong. Red pill men are attacked for pointing out how society aids many out of control behaviours of women, including hypergamy on steroids. Frustration with this more men are becoming MGTOW. Not necessarily because they hate women, and lord knows there are many in that environment who do. But many MGTOW men point to hypergamy as ONE of the issues they have with the modern woman’s sense of entitlement for just for being a female. What’s interesting is that after equal rights and the feminist agenda took over, and has run amok for decades, women are now lamenting the “dearth” of good men. Although good men for them are men that cater to their out of control emotionalism and hypergamy.  I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts how many men (about 80%) end up in jail due to his association with women. That post was inspired by a story where a kneegrow stole an 18 wheeler to take his girlfriend out on a date. For a woman to be impressed by this stupid act, is not necessarily due to her encouraging him. But such a fool will often be around a female that would be thrilled by such declaration of whatever the hell he calls it.

A female who is thrilled by this act, is the kind that would crow to her friends how “Tyrone” made her feel special. Two special Ed people about to climb the short bus that is. Blue pill men end up in jail for three of four reasons. (1) trying to impress a woman to the point he commits a criminal act, like robbing a bank to pay for some shit that was unnecessary, or stealing an 18 wheeler to take his “shorty” out on a date. (2)Trying to impress a woman by engaging in ongoing criminal activities like selling drugs. Flossing and looking fly is a lifestyle in that environment or in general to people with an impoverished mindset and it must be maintained at all cost in order to impress the shortys. (3) Allow his interaction with a woman to make him lose his damn mind and end up committing a criminal act of violence, criminal harassment or some other serious crime (4) when a woman directly sets him up, either through false allegations of rape, assault, child support or something else.

Of course supporters of the women can’t do no wrong mantra, only see point number four and accuse me of bashing women. Completely missing points 1-3, where I indicate the fault lay with the men and their desire to impress women to unfortunate end. As part of the hypergamy gene, it is overstood that women almost obsessively crave attention. Whether major or minor, most women naturally get off being praised and put on a pedestal. Where it goes wrong is when women crave so much attention, they hurt, get depressed, fall out in tears and think “nobody likes them”, if the amount of attention they crave never meets their expectation. Ands it’s the expectation that is the problem, not getting attention, because women will always get attention. If she is physically attractive. If she has something going for her educationally or career wise, for instance. Which is where many rest their laurels on. Many a men seek attention like fame and social status gained through physical prowess and to a lesser extent the intellectual one. Such notoriety is lessened in modern times as chances for men to do something physical outside of sports limits many. Whether she is lauded for her physical prowess in sports, entertainment, fashion, academia, or being Cardi B, women have a greater chance to practice hypergamy than the men. Cardi B a drug using, stripper and prostitute, climbed to fame because the could twerk really good and answered the age-old question...“what that mouth do?” in the past she came out and definitively claimed she gave blow jobs on the set of shows she was on, to producers. She became a big “musical” artist, who can’t sing, rap or speak English properly. She married some mumble rapper, who at the time was more famous than her and recently a video that came out,  she acknowledged drugging, raping and robbing lame kneegrows, looking for “crazy pussy sex”. You know the urban legend that the best pussy is crazy pussy? And few these days are as crazier than Cardi B.

Cardi B is the most recent example of hypergamy on steroids. A woman, whose only true talents is sucking and fucking, who ended her short run, married up into social status, if not class, and is celebrated by numerous black females for her ability to “come up”. Men should overstand that it is natural for women to practice hypergamy. If men overstood that then they would better overstand a significant part of a woman’s worldview. The desire to be protected and cared for. Both ideals come under the umbrella of uplifting her social and class status. Once a man overstand this, he then must work on himself to raise his social and class status. He must do so however, through creating a manual, blue print or agenda of raising his social status through building his own financial, business or social empire. A man focused on this endeavor will then refrain from marrying down…something men always seem to do…but instead marrying or interact with a woman on his level or higher.  Generally men with money or social status tend to reach down to bring up a “commoners” based on “looks” over substance and what she can do for his legacy. European men and Asian men are two culturally sane men who tend to focus on legacy over feelings, most of the time. The kneegrow on the other hand….!

Some of the biggest culprits are the sports and entertainers, who always get with hypergamous women on steroids, then end up financially messed up, socially ridiculed and broken-spirited. In conclusion, now that I overstand hypergamy to go along with an increasing overstanding of how women think in the context of relationship, I am not mad if she practices hypergamy. What I will get mad about, is when I allow myself to fall for the same bullshit that they force feed men about Romantic relationship. Romantic relationship is for Romans, who practice homosexuality, bestiality and other post Greek behavior. In the 13th century wondering minstrels and troubadours would go about dressed feminine and sing to bored females. Troubadours become the favorite of upper class women, because they enjoyed being around males who simp to get their attention. A monk at the time by the name of Andreas Cappelletti, coined the phrase Romance from his book “the art of courtly Romance”, echoing back to the days of the Roman empire, when women would offer up sexual favours to men of certain status and class. The 13th century troubadours occupied a certain status in this period. By the way, to make this even more convoluted, Cappelletti’s book was actually penned with his young male lover in mind. But hey….Romantic people shouldn’t let that bit of information in there with their fantasy now should they.

Climbing socially will always be a go to move for women, who are more adaptable than men in this area. As long as they have a vagina, hypergamy is a practice most women have mastered and most men have been controlled by it. My only solution to this is don’t be that sucker dude who gets involved with hypergamy on steroids. Control that shit before it controls you. That means she has to contribute something to your enterprise or life, or else she will leave your ass for someone higher on the social status food chain. And if she does that, chalk it up to the part of the “game” of life.

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