The blues: part 1: Documenting ourstory

When Bob Marley first sang this song, only those who came from a similar environment as he overstood what he was talking about.

The blues is an expression of pain that refuses to remain buried. The blues is your soul yearning to be free from poverty,  pain and more pain.

I’ve been down on the rock so long
I seem to wear a permanent screw, yeah
I’ve been down on the rock so long
I seem to wear a permanent screw
But I’m gonna stare in the sun
Let the rays shine in my eyes
I’m gonna take a just a one step more
Cause I feel like bombing a church, now
Now that you know that the preacher is lying”


That line right there is the blues talking. It’s the pain of poverty, hurt and the spirit fighting back.


To talk about the blues without knowing its ourstory, is like talking about life, without knowing its purpose. Blues is a music form originating in the Deep South of the Delta in amurdikkka, around the 1870s by captured and enslaved free men. While its roots, like everything that is us came from Afuraka, the musical traditions, work songs, and spirituals, the blues on a whole is entirely diasporian and authentically us!

Sit back, get you a glass of hooch, cup a cocoa or some strong gin. Come take a ride into the belly of hell and back, and learn about the first amurdikkklan born music. The blues!

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