The Monroe Doctrine, amurdikkklan imperialism and piracy on the High seas

Imperialism: a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through militarily disguised diplomacy or out right military force.
Colonialism: the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically. This is done through imperialism and imperial warfare.
Piracy: the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea.

On 18 June 1452 Pope Nicholas V., put out what was called papal bull (Dum Diversas- until different). It authorized military sea captain, Afonso V of Portugal to conquer Saracens and pagans and consign them to “perpetual servitude”. The term Saracens was first given to the nomad of the Syrian and Arabian desert at the time of the Roman Empire. Those nomads ( and you have to pay attention to how the savages uses the English language) were the Berbers of North East Afuraka. Deep dark blue black men. Keep in mind back in the height of the Roman Empire, there were no Syrian or Arabian dessert, language or countries. Later during the time of Pope Nicholas V., that designation was placed on the Arabs and Muslims, who were both opposed to Christianinsanity and also very dark, black with some mongrels mixed in. It was because of the dark-black skin of many of these nomads and Muslims, living in Persian conquered North East Afuraka, why the European countries started a new war of imperialism, colonialism and the enslavement of Afurakans in perpetuity. This time against Muslims and non Muslims in North East Afuraka. Perpetuity means never ending or changing.  Being that Afurakans, despite what ADOS, the Moor-ons or the kneegrow Indian movement would like to shit out of their upper anus, were enslaved as prisoners of Imperialist and Colonialist wars. And suffered the largest mass trauma under the Great Perversion, yet never once received group therapy or compensation in the name of reparations or restitution of all we lost during that time. The Christian’s never enslaved white Arabs as those camel fuckers, taught the Europeans HOW to insinuate themselves in to the confidence of weak and corrupt Afurakan leaders in order to steal, purchase or trick our ancestors into becoming cattle.

They can call it chattel all they want but it is cattle or livestock they see us as. And no amount of proclamations or addendum to that worthless piece of toilet paper called the amurdikkklan constitution can ever change the fact that Afurakans will always be cattle and fodder to the savages. I am presenting this backdrop story in light of the so called new war on drugs, that was introduce under the kneegrows most favourite president, Barak “the homo thug” Obomba. Killers of more black people across the globe, than that coke head two-in-the-Bush ( George Bush Jr). This war on drugs campaign, was and is being led by the U.S. federal government, with the supposed mandate of drug prohibition, military aid, and military intervention, with the stated aim being to reduce the illegal drug trade in the United States.  As amurdikkka has always been heavy handed in their policies, the inevitable collateral damages or victims usually crop up. This so called war was aimed at the “Latin” amurdikkklan countries of Mexico, Columbia and others designated as drug sources. Also keep in mind if you read any of the CIA papers, you will know that amurdikkka has been running drugs to support any destabilization of legal governments in South amurdikkka since they can remember.  In other words amurdikkka decide to start a war on drugs when local opportunists decided they were gonna wrest control of the local drug industry from the U.S.  So far Afghanistan and Pakistan have not sought independent drug ownership , so the war on drugs hasn’t really hit them as yet.  The so called war on drugs, is a continuation of the Monroe doctrine. The Monroe doctrine is principle of US foreign policy, originated by President James Monroe in 1823, which created separate spheres of European and amurdikkklan influences. Amurdikkka promised to stay out of European business and told the Europeans to stay out of the western Hemisphere’s business, therefore any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas is a potentially hostile act against the US. This all changed when the Khazaars influenced amurdikkka to fight in Europe to help preserve their own imperialist ventures in the first European tribal war.

Now that I have painted a picture of a racist,  imperialist and colonialist behaviour made into policies and laws, by people with the largest arsenal of weapons and the intent to use these weapons to destroy governments, cultures and peoples lives. Oh by the way…the imperialist enslavers utilized so called “long ships”…pirate ships to steal or raid the coast lines of Western Afuraka as opposed to buying captured Afurakans from the white Arabs and marching them west. These types of piracy coupled with the Monroe Doctrine, is what has morphed into “Gun Boat Diplomacy”, a language used in hardline politics, but got its origin in slave raids. Captain Morgan? Pirates of the Caribbean? Yeah…them too. When I first heard this story of five Jamaican fishermen, kidnapped by modern day European pirates, held in captivity for a month, had confessions beaten and tortured out of them and then charged for given false information ( yet not smuggling drugs) and held for an additional 10 month, I was incredulous. Not because of the action of a savage imperialist invader country, but by the nonaction or reaction of the Jamaican government and the idiotic slave mentality of the locals, who blamed the black victims ( as all people tend to do) f smuggling marijuana, instead of the assailant for kidnapping and torturing and imprisoning innocent men for 11 month. And for 11 month their wives and children and families gave them up for dead.

The savages in amurdikkka throw out the lie that these men were smuggling marijuana and so everybody believed them, because you know…the narrative is that Jamaica is associated with marijuana, drug smuggling and criminality. In an online news story from Jamaica’s RJR news, it appeared that not only did the Jamaican government give the US coast guard the go ahead to hold and torture these men, but to try and convict them on false charges. Jamaica’s National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang ( a child of scavengers) claimed the US Coast Guard followed correct procedures in the case involving the five Jamaican fishermen who claimed they were subjected to inhumane treatment after being detained in 2017. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which is seeking compensation for  four of the fishermen, claimed they were stripped naked, chained to the decks of US Coast Guard vessels, made to lie in faeces and had their boat burned. On Sunday night Dr. Chang told RJR News that the fishermen did not file a complaint about their alleged mistreatment by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Listen scavenger, these men are simple “peasants” in your elitist world. They are used to being abused by the likes of you and know they must endure. This is not amurdikkka or a teevee special where filing a complaint will get you heard. Not if you are poor in amurdikkka and definitely not in this banana republic Jamaica has become.

The lying dog claimed that the Coast Guard “responded within (the) legal framework of our agreement with the US Government and we had no complaint from the men involved prior to this report.” Note in the video the men stated the coast guard would call the Jamaican government. SO to say they were not aware of any incident is a straight up lie. Chang added that there’s a Superintendent of Police from the Jamaican Constabulary Force, attached to the Jamaican Consulate in Miami to whom they could have made a complaint. The  ACLU in turn counter claimed that the fishermen were denied the opportunity to contact their families, some of whom thought they had died.  The bastard Dr. Chang reiterated that the US Coast Guard has not breached its agreement with the Jamaican Government. What agreement are we talking about really? Steven Watt, a lawyer for the ACLU last week told RJR News that the case involving the Jamaicans was not an isolated incident, asserting that it is a common practice by the US Coast Guard. He expressed satisfaction with the fact that the men were pursuing legal action against the US Government in the matter, having “acquired effective legal representation.”

The Government of Jamaica has finally disclosed that it granted a waiver to the US authorities allowing them to detain the  five fishermen who had being held in inhumane conditions for over a month. In a media release, the Foreign Affairs Ministry also stated that there is no record of any complaint of mistreatment lodged with the Jamaican Government by the men. Is this guy fucking real? How can the people of Jamaica continue to be played a fool by this government or any of the two ass cheek political parties, that have been running that island nation in to the ground since 1962?  The Foreign Affairs Ministry has revealed that its waiver allowed for the arrest of five Jamaicans in 2017 under the Ship Rider agreement with the US, based on information regarding suspicion of trafficking in contraband, the location of the vessel, the Jamaican registration of the vessel and nationality of the crew.  It said the waiver was also granted on the condition that the health of the Jamaicans were guaranteed.
And while four of the five men are now being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit filed in a US court last week,  the Ministry still insists that there is no record of any complaint by the men since their arrest, including during their deportation last year when they engaged directly with the staff of the Consulate- General in Miami, or on their return to Jamaica. The Foreign Affairs Ministry says it also regrets that the family of the men did not contact the Ministry when the men went missing. How could they contact the foreign affairs when the families did not know what happened, probably not know which of Jamaica’s incompetent department could serve them? Remember these are simple people who live in a simple area of the island, if we know anything is that the poor would prefer not to deal government bureaucracies in a banana republic. Now that this kidnapping and torture has now made itself around the world, the Ministry said it has started discussions with the US Embassy in Jamaica regarding the procedures being followed by the US Coast Guard to address the regional maritime security challenges. Motherfuckers!
Here is the story. Hear it from the victims themselves.


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