More kneegrow dumb shit!

For years now the kneegrow female has complained to anybody who will listen and to those who don’t care, that black men don’t support black women. They bitch and complain about the low hanging fruit kneegrows they copulate with, who steal their money, steal their best friends or sisters, steal their affection and most importantly steal their time. For years now these kneegrow females willingly help their white daddy drive a wedge between themselves and their natural compliment, mainly for two reasons. One is in hopes they can position themselves in the white mans favour next to the white woman. And do so by shunning the black man. The second reason is pure unadulterated self hate. Hate of self and hate of their mirror Image. At times the kneegrow female behaves like a drunk monkey trying to shave with a straight razor. Shit she shouldnt be doing, she does anyway.  And any warning against it be damned.  The so called beauty industry,  particularly the hair and nails industry that is currently controlled by the scavengers are the clearest example of the kneegrow females determination to be undisciplined, misbehaving and unruly.

From getting into fights and getting their out of shape asses beat by a scavenger, in the most embarrassing way, the kneegrow females still steals hair from them or get into arguments over the lack of a good job done or whatever reason a kneegrow female finds to argue about. Over the past year or so, we have viewed on social media, useless protest by black men who chose to foolishly march against  Asian assault against these trifling women, only to have these same trifling females go right back to the same salon they just had their asses beat in. I say useless and foolish, because our cowardice, subtle respect or even fear of these colonizers prevents the kneegrow from burning down a scavenges building or ventilate a scavenger for violating the kneegrow female.

I have seen the kneegrow female go right up to a scavengers nail salon DURING a protest, turn around and chastise black men protesting against Asian violence against the kneegrow female. These are the same hair hat hooligans that will scream the loudest theat “black men ain’t shit!” And “black men do not upport black women”. In this vodeo we see the aftermath of one Tyrone Muhammad who in his feminine emotional state, disguised as some masculine act, get his ass arrested for bricking a Asian salon in broad daylight. Even before the dirty fiat bail money had finished hitting the savages filthy hands, this particular salon was populated by more kneegrow females.  Again! The art  of war taught me that some battles should not be entered into. The reality of warfare teaches that we must be strategic in how we enter into a battle and how we extract ourselves. In any cases the best retreat comes after cutting our losses. I was never a fan of the kneegrow female and this obsession with hair and nails above all the other obsession they have. I could never see myself protesting against a scavenger’s salon, in 2019. Not after repeated ass whopping has never stopped a kneegress from returning to the scene of that ass whopping. Of  course a kneegrow female and a simpanzee will take umbrage with this post. However, your irritation is water off a ducks back. And I will point you to my field of fucks  I have not given in years.

The video tells the story



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