Are we not entertained?

There have been two momentous circumstances that impacted and destroyed the legacies of Afurakan people in the west. Two things we have suffered the most from. The first momentous event, most of us know about, was The Great Perversion. It has been misnomered as the slave trade. It was imperialists and colonizers from Europe as well as their bastard git,  the Eurasian settler invaders and enslavers in North Afuraka, who waged century long wars of invasion and imperialism against the original people to capture, enslave and destroy their culture and identity.

Note: A perversion is the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended. Hence the reason why Afurakan people have a fractured set of culture and subcultural mindset, that grew to worship a foreign cultural dynamics of  ourstorical enemies.

The second momentous event or circumstances was the introduction of sports and entertainment as a fixture and a distraction into the lives of the children of enslaved soldiers who fought against Eurasian and European hegemony over Afuraka. If we ignore the slavery deniers and those who swear by their god, sitting bull, that no Afurakans came to the west as enslaved people, the majority of the same ones left would have known of the Great Perversion. Even if their parents where too ashamed to talk about it and the dumbed down edumacation of the public fool shitstym pretend it never happened. The rest of us overstand that we were set back more than 500 years in material and cultural wealth and purpose. Whenever we sought to exert our native intelligence and creativity, we were set upon by rabid two legged dogs who lynched men women and children and burnt our edifices, and destroyed our functioning societies in this shit hole country, called amurdikkka. Like parasites attached to a host, the savage issue of Europe realized they cannot live for long apart from black people. And no matter how much they strive to subjugate our indomitable spirit through terror, legalities or spiritual spells, through Christianinsanity and Arabism, there were always those of us who wanted more. Wanted to be free from under the Jack boots of white pathology. Christianinsanity worked well enough to indoctrinate a fallen people, but it mostly worked for the feminine energy and the female personality which could relate more to passively submitting to a male authority figure, than the masculine energies would and often did. The doers of Isfet…Chaos…found out that sports and entertainment was attractive to both energies, as escapism from the prison of amurdikkka, and the reality of us being enslaved people. Embracing sports and entertainment was a necessary way of staying both sane and safe under the maelstrom of white violence.

There is a reason that the city of London was founded by the Empire of Rome during their excursion to tame the savage Celts, Anglos, Saxons and Scots. The Brutish Empire was the illicit whore of a daughter issued from the loins of the decrepit and sodomy filled Roman Empire. Yet few expected even the Brutish Empire, as her Sun finally set on that war mongering nation, could bring forth an even worse syphilis infected, diseased carrying bitch of a child called amurdikkka. At the pinnacle of each empire stood the one thing that made them great and yet heralded their destruction. And that was sports and entertainment. We know of the Roman Coliseum and the feeding of people to beasts for entertainment. We also overstood that when the economy was depressed giving the people bread and circus was a healthy distraction from the Senate’s and Emperors failures. We know of the Brutish people’s love for setting rabid attack dogs on invaded nations, how they used to kick around and drink from the skulls of vanquished foes. How burning, torturing and raping people as apostate was sporting. And how watching two men in a circle, bludgeoning each other to near death became a national and international sporting event. Just like kicking around a skull morphed into soccer today. Amurdikkka as the latest and last manifestation of Rome, overstood that giving the people bread and circus was indeed the surest form of creating a docile population. Infiltrate this drug with the jingoism of nationalist, flag waving fervour and we have what we have today. Sports in amurdikkka, by itself is 350 billion dollar a year industry. This makes it twice the size of the auto industry and seven times the size of the movie industry. The salaries in sports makes up 6 billion dollars per year in wages. Black men playing Football, baseball and basketball, make up 4.6 of that 6 billion annually in salaries, with the top 10 percent in any league getting the lions share of this amount. In other words we get a lion’s share of the wages as preferred gladiators.

Yet this money barely trickles down or goes back to depressed black neighborhoods these men come from. And whatever pittance is shown under the bright lights of the camera, is to give out back packs, school books, bag lunches, a few individual projects or one or two isolated projects in sporting camps or building homes for single mothers. Given out back packs and school books without addressing the crumbling schools and terrible education systems, in their neighbourhoods or city. Given out lunches and setting up sports camp, without addressing food production and technical skills training. Building homes for sole support mothers without addressing the problem of single mother explosion and broken relationships between men and women, ill prepared to be adults, much less parents. Nobody expect athletes to solve all of these manufactured problems. But one would think that a coalition of athlete and entertainment money could support psychologists, trades men, counselors and farmers to help alleviate many of these issues. These things won’t and cannot happen on a large scale because of a lot of agents are non black and have their own interest and investment and the enormous percentage they make off these entertainers and athletes goes right back into filling the coffers of other white people in two ways. Through the pockets of investors and agents and through the purses and bank accounts of white wives and girlfriends. Even if the white wives and girlfriends are not part of an entertainer’s horizon, many of these black wives or girlfriends, end up divorcing their “baller” husbands or boyfriends  end up in divorce and family courts, putting that money right back into the white mans coffers. In his autobiography, NFL legend and current buck dancing kneegrow Jim Brown, stated that the actor, the singer and the athletes are the apex of manhood for black people in amurdikkka. The actors are whom the women and men fantasize about, based on the illusion of their image and characters they play. The singers are whom everybody knows gets the most pussy. And the athletes are the ones the other two envy and wish they could be. The athletes are the epitome of  manhood. It’s the black Male athlete who epitomizes masculinity at it’s best. This is why people from singer Marvin Gaye to writer George Plimpton entered the sporting arena in hope’s of absorbing some of that godlike adoration reserved for the warrior athletes. Such a hope lies buried in the hearts of most men, who have become “civilized” and have lost their warrior nature.

Sports and entertainment is a huge business and the operators of these business seek to ensure two things. A return on their investment and assurance that the indentured workers do not disrupt the investment. Hence the need and blue print of finding the hungriest and most impoverished potential gems in the ghettos and backwoods of the nation. Those feeble minded people have little formal education in the beginning and have been nursed on the fantasy of breaking out of their circumstances through sports and entertainment. Once a hopeful youth is tabbed as blue chip recruits, they basically stopped working on any form of functional education, except in running, jumping and dribbling that ball just to prepare themselves for a life of sports. In every culture across the globe…or the flat earth if you are so inclined…men have always been the hunter gatherers, providers and protectors of the nation, the culture, the homes and the families. Every invasion forces upon conquering a nation, will kill the strongest and most rebellious men, enslave the weakest for labour and sport and take the women as booty. Without the protection of the men, the women become properties of conquerors and  invaders. So to continue to have access to the women and the next generation of weak men, the sport and entertainment system, remove the potential warriors and providers, from their homes by filling the hearts of the parents with dreams of being materially wealthy so they can escape the manufactured ghettos and impoverishment projects, the government created to deal with the kneegrow problem. In psychology there is a mode of thinking called the “Hegel’s Dialectics” which is a term used to describe a method of philosophical argument that involves some sort of contradictory process between opposing sides. This contradictory process is described as Thesis, antithesis and synthesis. This philosophical argument goes like this… the (Thesis) explosion and presences of the kneegrow is unwanted in amurdikkka. Since they cant kill all of us at one time…lord knows they been trying since the beginning, they decided to place us in specific areas of containment called black neighborhoods, ghettos and projects. And they monitor and patrol these areas looking for reasons to tighten control over the kneegrows. They make it hard for black people to work and live among them. And they make it hard for black people to work and live apart from them (antithesis) . All the while creating an atmosphere where black people digress into a hand to mouth existence of survival at any cost. Occasionally with the continual rise of the prison industrial complex, the system selects individuals or groups to become new era slaves to make money for the system (synthesis).

The rare time the kneegrow was allowed out among whites, were as entertainers and athletes. As athletes we were jockeys, runners and boxers solely. Few things give white men a hard on than watching two naked black men pummeling each other to dirt. This was why back in the early days, pugilism was the number one sport that black men could find success in. Jack Johnson was the most, if not the first, prominent athletes to both earn black adoration and white rage. Because he was unapologetically masculine and flaunted it, white entertainment owners strove to find a balance between creating wealth of the backs of blacks and ensuring these kneegrows don’t mess with the money, by upsetting whites with their uppity ways. This is why the term “character guy” is often used for the acceptable kneegrows as opposed to the Curt Floods and Muhammad Ali’s of the world, who were certainly not character guys, as they challenged the race first ism of the system. It was to the best interest of the sport and entertainment industry to control the image and destiny of their slaves. In hollywierd, actors and athletes are plied with drugs and unnatural sexual opportunities with white people. Orgies, homosexuality, pedophilia and whatever else we on the outside can imagine. Failure to play by that rule will get you tossed out of that circle, your image tarnished and defamed. Or you end up dead by “assisted” suicide. Those buck dancing kneegrows who are good enough to have their indiscretions overlooked, are allowed to descend into their own form of self destruction, until the next replacement player can be brought up. Many a physically gifted athletes were cut and discarded because they were too much of a malcontent, too much of their own man, too smart for their own good, or too ignorant and wild for a team to continue to hold on to them. Sometimes when we wonder why certain exceptional athletes get cut and can not make another roster, it is because there is a concentrated effort to white ball him from the respective league. The philosophy of enslavement and slavery was not just limited to bondage and chains.

There are athletic slavery that goes on daily. And while the extremely ignorant see the millions that an athlete gets to abuse his body, they fail or choose not to see the billions the owners make at the expense of the paying customer. I mean how many people know that the NFL started out as a non profit organization and is still one today. The only one of its kind set up that way to appear as a private league. Politics is a bitch I tell you! Even in 2019 black bodies are still seen as property of white ownership. You see it when random citizen can just up and cuss out a black person for delivering mail, serving at a coffee shop, or walking while black on some random street. You see it every time a race soldier uses us for target practice or as a punching bag, only to be given a paid vacation for reminding black people they own us. This notion of ownership is a uniquely Caucasoid mentality as few other ethnic group endeavors to walk around taking ownership of water, land, air and people. The continent of Afuraka has 53 countries within its borders. When the slavers show up to invade and colonize the Afurakan he came in wooden boats with leather whips. Today he shows up in the black neighbourhood in a Cadillac with leather seats and a scholarship. The  enslavement of Afurakan bodies is embedded in the symbolism of European pathology and reminder of who they are and who we are. Most kneegrows pay scant attention to numerology or the symbolic energies of numbers, unless they are playing the lottery.

Numbers don’t lie

Between 1444 and 1888 you had 53,000 voyages from Afuraka to Amurdikkka of ships with captured Afurakans. The slave ship Amistad had 53 Afurakans who took over that ship. A NFL roster is 53 man deep, a football field is 53 yards across.  In the continent of Afuraka, the captured and enslaved men and the black athletes represents profit, private property and wealth. In Cuba they had hunting dogs called “nigger hunters” that were deported to amurdikkka to hunt runaway prisoners of war. These dogs are today your modern police dogs and those overseers and slave hunters are todays police patrol. As well as their coaches, team owners and executives.  Even today if you want to call Cuba on an international call, you have to dial 53. The symbolism  of Football, more than even baseball is tied into the white pathology worldview in away most cant see. In 1977, Herb Lusk, a well behaved slave, scored a touch down for the Philadelphia Eagles then dropped to one knee and gave the sign of the cross. This was the first time a player brought religion into football and the very first ever show direct public display of faith. His reason was because he felt “god “ had blessed him. Ever since then, some of the most misbehaving of the kneegrow athlete, will call on and thank “god” before his momma for the team’s victory over the other team who didn’t pray hard enough for “god” to grant them victory. They say god is always on the side of the winners.

The politics of Football

Professional football started in 1896 in Latrobe Pennsylvania. From 1896 to 1905, you had over 118 serious injuries, including death. And nothing was done about it, because the male’s body was not only disposable, but football became a substitute for war preparation. At one time the Navel and Army academy where powerhouses in professional football an many of the modern formations where built on the backs of military strategies. The league ran during the first European tribal war, so terms like Blitz, short for blitzkrieg ( German term for lightening strike), throwing a “bomb” and “airing it out”, became very common parlance in football. The sack…attributed to David D. Deacon Jones , came later though the term was till attributed to warfare. As in the Vandals sacked the city of Rome. In 1902, Charles W. Follis, (February 3, 1879 – April 5, 1910) a.k.a. “The Black Cyclone,” because he was that much superior to everybody else, was the first Black professional American football player allowed to play with the “superior” white men. He played for the Shelby Blues of the “Ohio League” from 1902 to 1906. In 1905, when president Theodore Roosevelt saw Charles Follis perform on the gridiron, he called on Harvard, Yale and Princeton to reform the game of football. 1n 1906 the forward pass was introduced and Roosevelt declared that the quarterback position will represent the position of the presidency of the country. A position of authority, statesmanship, decision making power and leadership. A position a black man was denied for the longest time. Between 1913 and 1933 only 13 blacks played in the NFL. Between 1934 to 1945 all blacks were banned from the NFL because of the great depression, that the country for most of that period. The power structure didn’t want white amurdikkklans to see so many black men making more money than a white man or else violence would have occurred and they cared about protecting their brands and fragile psyche, more than they cared about black bodied.

So black men went on to form the Negro Football League. A league that grew and expanded to the point where many players in the Negro Football League were making more money than top players in the almost Lilly white National Football league. Aboriginal men were allowed to play with white men as honorary whites. After 1946 the all black league sought to compete with the all white league. Seeing the writing in the wall, the NFL decided to reintegrate the National Football League. And just like the Negro Baseball League, a great and idea sustaining idea that we could have done wonders with, it was destroyed through integration. With Kenny Washington and Marion Motley leading the way as professionals, black schools were pilfered of their best talents and drafted up into the NFL. A process that still goes on today to the detriment of Historical Black Colleges and their athletic programs. And since 1946 black athletes have taken the National Football League to a Billion dollar market, yet there is not one black owner in that industry. We are the record breakers and trend setters but have no voice in that industry. The slave ships have turned into commercial airlines and the cotton field into football fields. Each year there is over 1 million high school players, 13,000 get football scholarships out of that 1 million. Each year there is 54,000 college football players on every level. The NFL will actively scout 6, 000. Three hundred and forty will be invited to a slave auction called the NFL combine. Three hundred and twenty will be signed to a NFL contract. In less than four years 130 are maimed 85 of them being black men. The black athletes in amurdikkka sustains the sports industry. And just like the baseball and basketball team players, they are persuaded not too hurt their brand by engaging in politics. in fact they are more often directed away form making social commentary than they have been directed away from self destructive behaviours. I, in good conscience won’t place all the blame on these slave owners for the behaviours of the out o controlled kneegrows. But the encourage or enable it, because the science of control states that if acting a fool hurts your brand less than acting with a conscience, then its best to go with a enabling the fool. Antonio Brown’s antics is only dangerous to himself. Colin kaepernicks kneeling can have a longer lasting effect. One is given multiple chances until he is not needed anymore, just like many wife beaters, murderers and substance abusers. Kaepernick has been out of the league for three years now, with no chance of ever being reinstated.

in fact up until 2005 athletes on professional sports team, never stood ramrod straight at the singing of the star spangled banner. And many football players often stayed in the locker room to stretch and get focused on the game. It was when the military gave the NFL 5 million dollars and continued to patronize them, did the flag and star spangled banner become symbol of amurdikkklans nationalism. This was to support the invasion of Iraq by the amurdikkklans imperia forces. When Emmitt Smith retired form the NFL, he tearfully thanked his owner Jerry Jones for giving him “this life”. When LaDainian Tomlinson was inducted into the hall of fame, one of the things he mentioned was how proud he was of having a slave masters name.

On any given Sunday, or Monday or Thursday or Saturday during the playoffs, we witness the effects of the transformation from the cotton field to the slave field. We watch as may even watch the slave auction called the combine to see how the slaves present themselves to each buyer. Many fans who are not church goers, will sit on the edge of their seats, in their respective coliseum and cheer and pray for a miraculous win for their favorite team. I have seen people building alters to the “gods’ of football. Tailgate parties and fan revelries turn into knock down drag out brawls on eh cusp, during and even after a game. The slave gladiators even get attacked by the rabid mobs because the energies in this “bread and circus” event is very strong. This documentary gives us insight into the religion of the Coliseum and Sports and Entertainment in amurdikkka. Its a religious experience to many, and just like black religious in this country it still remain a master slave arraignment.

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