When we refuse to water our flowers

“A woman is a flower in a garden; her husband is the fence around it”  Ghanaian Proverb.

A fence is a protective barrier against outside intrusions trying to get into a garden or a flower bed. If we were to expand on this proverb more, we could state that in this society, all women’s safety and protection should be a priority of men. Regardless of nationality and or ethnicity.  This goes triple for the Afurakan woman, who has been the most unprotected and unsafe female of all. She has been fetishized, disrespected, physically and psychologically abused by our traditional oppressor and by her own complement. She has been sexually molested and raped over a millennia.  Ever since the first Denisovan brute, kidnapped her in his quest for fire and raped her to produce a different kind of “man”.  The black woman today is still being fetishized, disrespected, sexually molested, abused and raped by White men, South Asian men, East Asian men, Arabs, white Hispanics and most disturbingly by kneegrows. The one male of the species who is supposed to protect her.

If you poll a dozen woman, and ask have they ever been molested, raped or sexually interfered with, all of them would either say yes to one or all of the above. I know, because i did it and then choose not to go above a dozen for fear my heart would literally break apart. Your mother, sisters, daughters, nieces, friends and even mates, have had some story of sexual interference by black men. I am talking about black men here. Because if we don’t protect her, but instead contribute to her trauma, there is no way we should ever twist our mouth and complain about non black men abusing her. Most of us don’t even pretend to care either. I am emphatic in telling black women to stop devaluing themselves and let go of the feminist narcotic that has made them a terribly bad behaving version of themselves. I can sit here and document all the excesses and evil behaviour that many black women do to themselves other black women and their children. And it will be true. But i would be terribly remiss if i didn’t also state the terrible things black men have done to black women since some fucked up male leader allowed the first settler invader access to her body and mind. From the Hyksos, the Arabs and the Europeans, to the Asians of all directions, we have stood by and watch our black woman’s mental and physical womb be sullied by animalistic beings. Then we join in. Because for a majority of males, a woman’s body is viewed as a tool or an object to quench or slack their basest thirst, and not that of a divine being. But are we divine? Do we have divine potential? Are not children of the sun? Children of the Orisa, the Abosome? Are we not co creators with her on this plane? Do we not have the divine source, the dark matter coursing through our veins? The same carbon matter that is part of the universe? As above so bellow?

When “gods” fight, the universe trembles. When “gods” destroy “gods”, the universe dies. I do not throw the term god around lightly.  In fact i shun using that appellation on us, because of how far we have fallen from our divine potentiality and platform. Yet the divinity in the black woman is evident. And as black men many of us go out of our way to destroy it. I am tired of seeing news stories of child rape. Some dog impregnating a prepubescent child. Some animal or group of animals forcing girls into sex trafficking. Of hearing horror stories from an adult, of her mothers boyfriend, cousin, neighbour, uncle, molesting her. Repeatedly raping her and in some cases murdering her when the evidence of that vile act shows up in her belly. For sure black women, particularly those who experienced similar assaults as children,  fail to protect or believe their daughters when they next become  victims of molestation. And there are some stories of female molesters, but black men molest black women, girls…hell even boys more than the white man does. Willie lynch is doing the Irish jig in his grave.

Even today, you have white men, white Hispanics, Arab and Asian men who sexually abuse their wives, sisters or daughters. Yet those men will still rise up in arms if a black man does the same pr even dare to date her. Chinese and Japanese men have shown to murder Afurakan men who date Chines and Japanese women. We don’t do that though, because we are equal parts cowardly and do not value our women enough to righteously kill for her. For me there are two reason that men kill for their women. There is the righteous reason, when a female family member has proven to have been molested, raped or attacked by another. I say proven because I am well aware a lot of females are trifling in falsely accusing innocent men of assault. But that leads into the second reasons people use to kill, and that from a purely immature emotional reasons. This is something that while tragic, should not be a reason to check yourself, as there are more than enough evidence that black women are viciously being attacked on the regular , and that is due to ignorance. The trifling kneegrow has been known to encourage their ‘best buddies” of other ethnic groups to screw our women and some even sell our women and little girls to them as commodities.

Only the rare black men today is automatically willing to kill a rapist. Most black man wouldn’t  even think about killing the predators in our midst,  so we don’t even dare think about doing the same to others. White men have been known to lynch a black man on the lie of a white woman. Raid a jail house and drag an innocent black man or men, to torture, mutilate, hang and burn. They have been documented burning down whole towns and neighbourhoods. Kill men, women and children on the fabrication of white women. Yet till this day Tawana Brawly is called a liar by black men, despite evidence that showed the police and politicians covering up the crime. And the judicial system complicit in dismissing the case and assailing her character in public. The fact that we cant even drum up enough rage to take a body for a black woman who has been ,molested, shows how much we care about her safety. And other men like policemen who sexually abuse or rape our women are allowed to go to trial as we pray that they get whatever form of recompense Jesus will send them.  Even to an animal like the European male, a savage that savages his own female, he wouldn’t allow others to savage her. Despite her issue with him, the European female knows that most White men would not stand around and not body a kneegrow, for just looking at her the wrong way. Shoot…i have seen dozens of stories of Hispanics or white men who retaliate on men of their own race if they were known as a rapist or molester. Usually in the hell that is the prison industrial complex, where the bars are set higher for rapists. I have seen a scant few stories, such as that of black men, in Jamaica cutting off a rapist’s penis and shoving it in his mouth. Yet this is still a culture that still devalue women and little girls, so whatever that rapist did, was obviously beyond egregious.

Yesterday i read a story where a sister stated emphatically that a rapist should die, and a kneegrow jumped in to state he should have therapy. THERAPY! But I say to this that death to pedophiles, molesters and rapist of women and children is therapy. We as black men will never know the level of pain black women carry with them through out their lives. The damaged to their two wombs and the inability to trust in positive pair bonding, because of what they have endured as females. And we should never dare tell them how they should respond. All we can do is work with them to heal and develop a mindset that rapists must be dealt with. Even if they are our friends, brothers, cousins or fathers. The case of a Detroit father, who blew his sons head off, when he found out the teenager molested a neighbours little girl, horrified many. But he was adamant that that stain would not remain on his family’s legacy. For a man, legacy is gold. Your name is platinum. And to sully that is a crime against later generations of men. As painful as it was for that father to do that, that man should be applauded for the courage to take his sons life for that violation, and for being an example of what real man of honor looks like. There was a time long ago when righteous men would kill a family member who viciously prey on others. Today we live in a society of girly men, who wear manties (panties for men) and redefine manhood as wearing a dress and sucking a man’s cock. A society where we prey on our won women as much or more than those people who have been oppressing us for 1200 years. Note that when we speak on our enslavement, we should make it  a habit of including the Arab enslavement of free Afurakans, because they seem to get a pass some how.

Today we look the other way and pray…that Jesus, the court system and the police, who hates us, to take care of that animal. All the while we are perplexed when black women grow to hate their bodies, have difficulty pair bonding or become promiscuous as a form of reverse coping from childhood trauma. So many black women have mental health issues, barely holding it together, because if their past. And we as black men either ignore it, or continue to pile on to their ongoing trauma .


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