It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

“Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.”

There is no spoon!

Winston Churchill  famously stated “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” He also stated that, “Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is. Truth is that which is in accordance with fact or reality. We have heard these words before, have we not? “There is his truth, her truth and then there is the truth”.  So what is truth then? While truth may suffer on the uneeliable opinions of people, who strive to bend truth to their reality, teuth actually is more than that. If truth lines up with facts and reality, then for sure we should agree that truth is consistent, DESPITE opinions! The Matrix we live in blurs reality and seeks to over turn the natural order of nature. Men in modern soceity do not overstand themselves as much as they should. And as such, soon grow to accept an incomplete version of themselves, that is detrimental to them as men. In so doing these men in turn become a detriment to women and children and a civilized society. Contrary to what a large segment of people tell themselves, we do not live in a patriarchy. The myth of a patriarchy in reality, is a very limited thought process that in the past sought to oppress women in Europe, Asia and the Arab Peninsula. There has been three notable and specific nations of Greece, the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia, that have had legal and historical examples of patriarchy that oppressed women and still oppress women. Now even though the Greeks and later Romans did have a patriarchal mindset where Agape, the greatest love was between an adult male and boy, even those two civilizations still promoted female empowerment in allowing women to have wealth and resources in those societies. Those two civilizations also had female deities, just like every other civilizations on the planet do and did.  This meant that patriarchy was not an institutionalized social standard, but the philosophy of a few individuals. East Asia has had its share of patriarchal mindset, yet even those areas have produced some empowered females who were allowed or gained rights equivalent to their male counterparts. The closest nations or civilizations that one could truly say oppressed women and was/is extremely patriarchal, are the South Asians, who were known to practice infanticide on “unwanted” female babies, and the Arab Peninsula where the oppression of women is legal in certain jurisdiction. Although even that is changing at a snails pace.

Please note: For ourstorical and historical fact, the original term Arab meant “sand dwellers” and discribed the people that populated the North East Afurakan Sahara, where Kimit and the surrounding black nations of Sudan, and other newer nations exists today, and is misnamed the Middle East. The modern Arabs are the bastard spawn of early the Greek, later Roman and Persion’s rape and sexual interaction between the native Afurakans and those three imperial European powers, during centuries of physical and cultural  colonization. Those bastards never left that area and infact have stolen the legacy and culture of the original people.

Today an ideology and movement called (SWJ) Social Justice Warriors, have been pushing the propaganda that the problem with the world was due to men oppressing women.  “Social justice warrior”  is a pejorative term for an individual or group, that claim to promote socially progressive views, including that of feminism, civil rights, and multiculturalism, as well as identity politics. This is what they define themselves as. This is not what their agenda is though. Social Justice Warriors are the philosophical bastard children of cultural Marxism. While the so called left wing, eviscerate the right wing for the right’s hatred of socialism, the left connivingly take on the mantle of victim to gain sympathy from a society ignorant to the history of communism and its association with cultural Marxism. Socialism…watered down communism… seeks equity in all things. In effect seek to fit all the blocks in a square hole. Whether the  blocks are square, circle, triangle or hexagon. The desire is to further control society in away that despotism’s brutality was not able to do. There is a reason why one is called left wing and the other right wing. They are two cheeks of a vulture’s ass, that constantly seeks to exercise absolute power, especially in a cruel and or oppressive way. Everybody under despotism is consumed ravenously. And everybody under social Marxism is consumed ravenously, but in smaller drawn out bites. However you look at it, consuming or cannibalizing the people is the name of the game. Patriarchy’s relationship to social Marxism and the social Justice Warriors lies in propaganda. As I stated, the previous lies that there is a thing called patriarchy dies in the face of carefully researched history and ourstory. Where feelings and notions of male superiority expressed in literature and in public has never been consistently supported legally or socially by the majority across the board. In fact the closest example of total patriarchy over the millennia actually  occurs in the three Abrahamic cult and their numerous offshoots. Ironic since most of these religion, except perhaps for the Islamic offshoots, have more women in their folds than men.  And even Islam is changing in this way. What most religion have is a male head and female adherents.  And very few religion is as masculine in appearance than Islam. For now, let’s not  focus on the ideological difference, of which there are numerous, but the basic foundational presence of the male in Islam, because more than few muslims, tends to exude some level of masculinity.

Despite what feminism and its adherents strive to bury in their propaganda, women…ALL women are attracted to masculinity. The problem is men in the west, have been indoctrinated  to devalue themselves and men who are not twisted, actually love women and would often and unnecessarily bend over backwards for women’s validation. Men created the language and practice called romance. Men created chivalry and practiced it on women, to make women feel important and to let them know how much men value them.  All society throughout the ages practiced an hierarchy where high or low value is based on economy, status, accomplishments, age and sex. Men occupy the apex of society based on their value as builders, protectors and providers. Men build civilization and nations. Men lead the major break through in science and technology. Show me a civilization that women build and you will overstand what I mean. Men, based on their superior physical strength and aggressiveness, exist as the apex predator in nature. His brain is bigger and he is more intelligent across the board, due to the biological imperative of him being the apex predator, provider, hunter, soldier and protector. I have never heard of a predator who was a sissy and a punk, and who couldn’t nail a picture to a wall. Despite all of this, even ultra masculine civilization like the Spartans ( ignoring their practice of pederasty ) allowed women freedom other nation states of Greece never allowed their female population at the time. Many of the  practices outside of Afuraka was not persuant to the propaganda succeeded or survived oppressing women, but in actuality over protect women, often from their impulsive and highly emotional nature.  Those civiliztion that rose and fell, wither oppressed regular people, men and women, or they fell due to the rottenness of each society’s core values and excesses. Hypergamy was built into women’s DNA over time, as an acknowledgement of the higher value of men in society.  As well, as earlier women’s recognition of men’s inherent superiority in provision and protection of the family and the nation. Women took advantage of hypergamy and used it to (a) enhance their position in society and by default, (b) force men to raise their standards as providers and protectors. Those men who refuse or were incapable of raising their standards become men of lesser value to high value women or women seeking higher value men. He may get a lesser value women, but if he is of lesser value himself, she won’t be happy, because she has to settle for less than she wanted. This is due to her own realistic social devaluation which sits below her aspirations.  No! Cinderella the orphaned domestic will not marry the Charming Prince, because both exist in different worlds, social circle and economic station. She will have to settle for the foot soldier or shoe maker. Both honest professions I might add. But not necessarily as exciting as a Prince.

If the spoon is a lie, then you cannot make the spoon a truth, unless you bend your mind to make the spoon seem truthful.  Such is the idea that is taught about seeing the truth. That there is no spoon. Feminism as been fed to us as the fight against the spoon called patriarchy. So men in their infinite stupidity saw the spoon as real, instead of recognizing the steady diet of poison fed to them, as social justice in the guise of socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, and multiculturalism, as well as identity politics. Identity politics is basically homosexual males who dress as females and want to be accepted as females, and attacking heterosexual men for not wanting to be with them. Dick, balls and all.  Identity politics are women dressed as kittens and want a kitty litter and hacking up make believe fur balls. Or women who pretend to be men, through surgery and harmone therapy, who by tampons for their monthly cycle, but then complain about the female symbol on the package. Multiculturalism is forcing people who embrace their individual ethnicity to mingle with other cultures, against their will and expect them to be happy about it. People interact with others if they WANT TO or FEEL like it. Legislating it or shaming people to accept it, causes resentment and retaliations. Civil rights has become an excuse to makeup imagined violations against those whose views differ from your own. Again in order to force people to comply to your personal demands. Feminism replaces patriarchy, but so extensively that most feminists and some beta bitch males,  envision a world were men are women and women rule men. To the detriment of those men who do not want to be women or want a woman to rule them. And progressive views are anything that bolsters the Social Justice Warrior’s socialist agenda of everybody being another brick in the wall. No personality, no individuality and no sense.  Each of these key points I mentioned, as part of the social Justice Warrior’s framing, have their merits and positives when viewed from afar, or when addressed individually or rationally. However up close we see how irrational their ideology is and how allowing it to run amok becomes detrimental to a stable society. If men loses their status and power in society, women lose their benefits and position as well.  When the creator of women’s study program can publicly muse that she hopes one day to have the male population of amurdikkka reduced to 13%, we have entered a dangerous space where insanity replaces common sense. When feminists and beta cucks, promote the idea that men are dysfunctional or deformed females, they devalue men and promote the idea that men are really not a part of nature’s design.   When 70 % of marriages end in divorce and 80% of those are initiated by women. When 75% of children are born to sole support mothers. When 43% of boys are raised by single mothers. When 78% of all teachers in grade or high schools are females. When we see that 50% of all boys in modern society have 100% female influence at home and 80% feminine influence in the public fool shytstem, we can chart how masculinity has become a dangerous presence in society. And these people dare to talk about toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is not a male problem, the lack of masculinity is.  Ideological tyrants throw the term toxic masculinity out there to attack men who refuse to date transformers, who believe in holding women AND mem to accept personal accountability and who demand certain standard and that is above society’s current norm. Tbese are men who embrace the differences between men and women as natural and orgnic.

For decades, boys in North North amurdikkka have died from suicide far more frequently than girls, even though girls have statistically attempted suicide and report contemplating it more often. In the suicide prevention world, the phenomenon is known as the gender paradox. The paradox still persists today—but new data suggest the gap between male and female youth suicide deaths is narrowing. “What we’re seeing is alarming,” says study co-author Donna Ruch, a researcher with the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. “On top of the fact that females are thinking about suicide more and attempting suicide more, now they’re actually completing suicide”.  This is due to the lack of clearly defined roles in a society that not only blurs gender lines and promote unrealistic positions, but a society that cares not about the devlopment of boys and girls for a future that is economically bleek and socially unstable. Amurdikkklan Suicide rate for US adolescents are rising, but the uptick hasn’t been equal across genders. Starting in 2007, suicide rates for girls ages 10 to 14 began increasing annually by about 13%, compared to about 7% for boys, according to one study. For teens ages 15 to 19, rates among girls and boys increased by about 8% and 3.5%, respectively, the new study says.  Suicide rates among teen girls hit a 40-year high in 2015, according to previous federal data. And in the process, the disparity between male and female suicide rates has lessened considerably. In 1975, boys ages 10 to 14 died by suicide 3.14 times more than girls, but by 2016, they died 1.8 times more often. For boys ages 15 to 19, those numbers dropped from 4.15 to 3.31 over the same time period.

Even though there have been massive campaigns underway to promote health and well being for girls and women, who are under going societal stresses, more and more females, including black females, are being medicated at a higher rate than decades ago. Are being diagnosed with depression and mental illness, than decades ago. And are dying at a younger age when life expectancy is supposed to exceed those decades ago. Boys and men are marginalized and expected to suck up whatever issues they have, because if they complain, they are soft and whiny. And when they express anger the way malea have being doung for millennia,  everybody is shocked and ask how did it get this far?

If men and boys are devalued in any society, they become a detriment to themselves and to women and children in society. And to society itself.

 “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth”

– African Proverb

Tragically, suicide is not as rare as one might think. In 2016, the last year global data is available from the World Health Organization (WHO), there were an estimated 793,000 suicide deaths worldwide.Most were men. In the UK, the male suicide rate is its lowest since 1981 – 15.5 deaths per 100,000. But suicide is still the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45. And a marked gender split remains. For UK women, the rate is a third of men’s: 4.9 suicides per 100,000. It’s the same in many other countries. Compared to women, men are three times more likely to die by suicide in Australia, 3.5 times more likely in the US and more than four times more likely in Russia and Argentina. WHO’s data show that nearly 40% of countries have more than 15 suicide deaths per 100,000 men; only 1.5% show a rate that high for women. The trend goes back a long way. “As long as we’ve been recording it, we’ve seen this disparity,” says psychologist Jill Harkavy-Friedman, vice-president of research for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a health organisation that supports those affected by suicide. Suicide is a hugely sensitive, complex issue with a tangled multitude of causes – and the very nature of a death by suicide means we can never fully know the reasons behind it. Still, as mental health awareness has grown, there is greater public understanding about potential contributing factors. One of the questions that has persisted, though, regards this gender gap. It seems especially large given that women tend to have higher rates of depression diagnoses.

What is not mentioned, even though WHO claimed to be stumped as to why this is happening, is the affect of Globalization’s pernicious influence and intrusion into older societies.  Globalization is a $10 word for weatern influence and western imperialism. Imperialism that are cultural, economical, social as well as military. Globalization that rips cultures apart and destroys ancient social orders and ways of life.

Compounding all of these is the over all general population of youth living with out of touch parents who don’t care about them and who choose to abandon, abuse or murder their children, striving to climb dome imaginary ladder of success in a society that cares nothing about the 99% of the population that are not filthy rich. Of course black youth have the additional issues of poverty, discrimination, homelessness, low and functional education opportunity and death by police and citizen vigilante, that compounds the stress of living in a society like amurdikkka. A society that is oppressive, violent, racist and broken. Imagine as a child growing up in a society where promoting males in dresses while doing pole dancing in elementary schools children, as being more important than them accesding free school lunches. Or worrying more about promoting identity politcs, instead of finding ways of stemming child poverty and in decreasing unemployment for adults as well as young people entering the workforce.  Western society is certainly not a patriarchy but a broken gynocracy, which fronts an anti family agenda, where consumerism ( a decidedly feminine trait) is pushed as the solution to poverty and unemployment, instead of manufacturing and production ( a decidedly male trait) which is the back bone of any strivinh and thriving economy. Any civilization where men have lead and where both men and women contribute respectively through specific gender roles, usually function optimally. As long as they don’t descend into decadence. In countries around the world, women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and to attempt suicide. So why is the male suicide rate still several times higher than female?

Under a gynocracy, the female perspective is hardwired to be self-focused. Masculine deference was what balanced that. When both genders overstood the score, each perspective could be calibrated by daily recognition and first-hand-experience of their role & bio-specialization. With that gone, there’s nothing to anchor them in reality. Combine that with universal propaganda deliberately perverting their assumptions & beliefs about reality, and its pretty difficult to expect anything different from them. Can you blame someone in todays society for the culture that raised them? The culture that tells you that there is a spoon that you can bend, instead of overstanding that the mind bends and there are no spoon. Truth is consistent despite opinions…this is a confirmations of the failures of gynocentrism, which can only thrive at the expense of men and men’s value.





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