The mantrapment

Entrapment is primerely used as a defense to criminal charges. It’s based on interaction between police officers and a defendant prior to (or during) an alleged crime. A typical entrapment scenario arises when law enforcement officers use coercion and other overbearing tactics to induce someone to commit a crime. However, in a broader scope, to entrap someone  also can be used in coercing one party into doing non criminal acts, that would benefit the other party. Such a coercion is the marriage game or hustle. Proponents of marriages and its predecessor the engagement, believe these two states are how men and women celebrate their “love” and future commitment to each other and are testaments to traditional union. However, what is being done these days is neither a testament to traditional union, nor is it a celebration of “love” and future commitment to each other.  What they both are, are hustle games to pull hard earned funds out of a man’s pocket (whether the father of both individuals or the potential husband) to benefit the BUSINESS sector that control this industry. The game also benefits the woman’s vanity where she gets to show off to her family and friends, even strangers how she bagged her very own prince charming, before he turns in to a frog. This is why they say the women get the wedding and the men get the marriage. Remember, 70% of marriages end in divorce between 5-10 years and 80% of those are initiated by women.

I still remember the last wedding I went to over 20 years ago. I noticed that the couple signed two books, handed to them by a church official. I asked why two book? And was told that one was for the church record and one was for city hall. Fascinating. Yet when couples divorce, they don’t go back to the church but to the family court,which is controlled by city hall. The modern marriage is an exercise in vanity, AND an excuse for respective local governments to interfere in private lives with long term cash grab with the man ending up the loser on three fronts. He loses at the beginning when forced to spend thousand of dollars on engagement rings, wedding rings and weddings. He loses in the middle during the divorce farce, even if he is the main bread winner, a self made man and have no children. She still gets half or more of his fortunes. And in the end, he pay through the nose for child support and spousal support, whether the child is his or not, or a product of her cheating. Whether an unemployed, young and healthy female should be getting $3,000 a month and the 6 month old child getting $2000. Sometimes the woman gets welfare from the government, but she gets a bigger welfare payout during the divorce and child support hustle.

For awhile now feminists, male supporters of feminism, women and media talking heads have been beating the drum of despair on the downward trend of men opting out of marriage. Mind you this is decades after statistics have shown how common law arraignment or cohabitation, have increased and are often a preferable alternative to a “legal” marriage. The difference between common law arraignment and men opting out of marriage is that one is an open or unsaid agreement between the two parties, to live together. And the other is men out and out refusing to marry, despite the desires of women. Do you see what the deciding factor is in all of this? The woman’s final decision is absent. In other words, if the woman does not agree with it, society won”t agree with it. Numerous articles have been produced about the ‘increase of man caves’, the lack of men going to college, and fewer men getting married as  tell-tale signs of what is really going on to men today. Over the last decade, men have conducted, consciously or subconsciously, a cost/benefit analysis, and have concluded that marriage, college and work are not worth it. Instead, men have decided more and more to make decision on their own time about their own lives and reasons for these choices. From out of men’s choices comes the cry in the wilderness of where all the good men went!

So where Did All the Good Men Go? Well an increasing few like Thomas Ball of New Hampshire, who set himself on fire on a courthouse steps in order to shed light on the injustices of family court, have been resorting to increasingly drastic steps to show how men are marginalized and dismissed ever so frequently in modern western society. And like clock work, the incident was hardly reported on public media. Then there is the case of Mohamed Bouazizi of Tunisia, who set himself on fire because of governmental oppression and lack of economic freedom. That flame ignited a revolution in Tunisia because the people had enough. By setting himself on fire, one man started a revolution, the other was barely noticed. Men in this country are ripe for a revolution, but lack conviction, purpose and for lack of a better word, balls to revolt en-mass against the imbalance in modern western society.

Yesterday I saw a video where a cross section of people were asked to comment on men sharing their emotions, And almost all the women expressed being uncomfortably with men showing sensitivity. They are called soft, weak and unmanly. Yet in the same breath the narrative is that men don’t share or communicate what they are thinking. Thanks to the media and over 50 years of propaganda, most people, (mainly women), think that men are horrible at communicating. They are seen as abusers, as idiots, or just evil. As Psychologist Helen Smith, Dr. Helen Smith has witnessed, in court, “men are typically exploited for merely being men.* They have to pay child support and alimony. The system is rigged in favor of women as seen in the program W.I.C. (women, infant, children). Welfare is given to single mothers. Some will argue that women need support in helping raise the kids. They need someone to provide for them. The one who was to provide them is now out the door.  Today’s society has placed female privilege above male justice. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, said Martin Luther King Jr. But men in general aren’t standing on the picket lines. They aren’t causing a ruckus. Men are just removing themselves from marriage, fatherhood, and the American dream. Interestingly enough, they don’t complain openly because that isn’t manly, they don’t want to be seen as weak, sexists, or misogynistic. Instead, they put up with it and then the anger starts building up. One of the hardest things to do is to get men to ask for help for themselves. Warren Farrell has said “its hard to confront the feelings we’ve learned to repress and hard to confront the women we have learned to protect”.

So many of us have wrongfully thought that because men are acting irresponsibly it is because of immaturity. According to Dr. Helen Smith though, men are acting rationally. There are not many incentives for men to get married anymore. Men view marriage as a ball and chain. For women, it is in their favor. Women ages 18-34 viewing a successful marriage as a positive thing has raised from 28% to 37% between 1997-2007. Men’s take on marriage, however, has plummeted from 35% to 29%.  John Ball from New Hampshire set himself on fire because he was done being bullied for being a man. Men have been emotionally rejected and have had their pocketbooks slashed. This revolution that is already here is a subtle, quiet removal from men in marriage, fatherhood, and the American dream. Women will feel their removal, and it will be too late for them.  The battering rams of feminism have beaten away at masculinity and manhood to the point where men have had enough. Men are increasingly ostracizing themselves marriage, fatherhood, and the American dream. In Dr. Helen Smith’s book, Men on Strike, she has compiled a list of information on not where all the good men have gone,but  why all the good men have gone–on strike that is.  Dr. Smith shows 8 reasons why men are seeing the risks of marriage as too high:

  1. You’ll lose respect
  2. You’ll lose out on sex
  3. You’ll lose friends
  4. You’ll lose on space
  5. You’ll lose your kids, and your money
  6. You’ll lose in court
  7. You’ll lose your freedom
  8. Single life is better than ever

After looking at this list, it is no wonder that men don’t want to take that risk. What is fascinating is the differences between men and women. Women will get together in groups and bicker to each other about their mile-long list of grievances against their husbands, but men typically don’t do this. They just leave. They don’t throw pity parties, they just walk out. Our society today is relentlessly anti-men. Men are seen as idiots, useless, and unimportant. In fact, apparently, even dogs get treated better than men do.

The marriage Hustle

The deck is stacked against them. But here is where balance is necessary for society to thrive. Ideally this society if it wants to slow the entropy effect of its self cannibalization, must have strong male leadership that teaches the honor, old time values and productivity over consumerism. The men should be heads of their households and have the respect of their wives. Women should lovingly submit to their husbands and should be helping their husbands take dominion over the provision and protection of the family and therefore society, as well as to coexist with nature and not competing with her.  Women should be taught to not withhold sex from their husbands. Because let’s be frank, women don’t always want to have sex at the same rate as men. Men need sex. This is their outlet, their solace, their comfort, their resting place from the battle they face every day. This may grid some people.s gear, but this is one of the biggest issue and complaint when marriage breaks down. That and boredom from women. Men are vital to having a functional society. In our society though, boys don’t dress like their fathers, but fathers are dressing up like their sons. What are the incentives for men to get married? Whether you agree with the idea or not, but in many religious cults, a huge incentive to get married is the fact that sex outside of marriage is a sin and therefore, less sex outside of marriage is happening. Unfortunately the decay has even seeped into those institution as recreational sex, pederasty and all kinds of decadence with in these institution have mirrored outside society.  At one time a boys passage into manhood included the sanctity of marriage. He becomes a respected member of the community when he takes on the responsibility of having a wife and, eventually, children.

When boys are given the privileges of sex and girls at a young age without the responsibility, there will be a rise in promiscuity, the hookup culture, and inevitably, a society without men. But since marriage as a hollowed institution is now corrupt, men are moving away from even that bastion of sacredness.


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