Rwanda 25 years later and what it means for the continent going forward

From 1980 till 2017 Robert Gabriel Mugabe, became president of the divided brutish colony renamed Rhodesia, by the settler invaders. This name was applied to the country in memory of one of history’s most fervant murderers and the second greatest killer of Afurakan people after King Leopold of Belgium. The settler invader Cecile Rhodes was ever so honored by the savages of Europe, that a highly respected and sought after scholarship was named after him. This scholarship was built on the backs, stolen wealth and legacy of the ancient civilization called Zimbabwe. It is sad to see so many kneegrows genuflect to and view this scholarship as a holy grail of edumacation today.

One of the first things the newly elected Mugabe did, was to purge the filthy name of that savage and take back the original name of the country. Mugabe was elected under terrible opposition by the brutish and amurdikkklan governments, who had the proxy army of Joshua Nkomo wage horrific attacks against supporters of Mugabe and the government itself.  A war that was somewhat abated by including them in the transitional government.

Part of the hand over of power agreement between Zimbabwe and England was that England would compensate the settler invaders for the stolen lands they possessed. After repeated attempts to get the savages to honor thier treaty,  the government decided…under pressure of a coupe from the war veterans, to take back the stolen lands. This was when sanctions was placed on Zimbabwe till now. The reason being that the white farmers were the producers of Zimbabwe products. Mainly tobacco. And even though they lied and said this, as we know, the actual farming were done by the Afurakans, while they remain landless and barely benefited from proper production. Saying the land owners were producing is similar to saying the slave owners sat on their porch drinking mint julep while they enslaved toiled from can’t see to can’t see to produce wealth for western countries.

Afuraka has always been sweet honey to a variety of invader bees, from the west and most recently, from the east. These invaders, colonizers and imperialists call themselves democratic. Yet never in the anals of ourstory or his story has a democracy ever colonized another nation.  Unless its a Afurakan populated one. So the western democracy’s call for Zimbabwean democracy by savages who never intended for self rule made Mugabe straighten his back and tell them to mind their own business. Eventually they got through to his vice president who felt bending over and grabbing his ankles would appease the rapists, and allow sanctions to be dropped. His story and ourstory has taught us one thing. The Eurosavage never forgets and never forgives. So the current regeme in Zimbabwe is under attack for not given back land already liberated from the unvaders. And Zimbabwes neighbours care less because they have their own distabizing problems they are dealing with.

In 1884, Germany colonised Rwanda as part of Germany’s East African invasion, which was followed by Belgium, who invaded the countryin 1916 during World War I. Both European nations ruled through emasculated kings and perpetuated a pro-Tutsi policy. Well the Hutu population revolted in 1959. Since then the country had been destabilized via ethnic lines, that the savages like to call tribalism. On July 8, 1993: RTLM (Radio Télévison des Milles Collines) begins broadcasting and spreading ethnic or tribal propaganda, to stir up the Hutus against the Tutsis. On August 3, 1993, the Arusha Accords are agreed upon, opening government positions to both Hutu and Tutsi. April 6, 1994. This was not enough though as Rwanda’s second elected President, Juvénal Habyarimana, a Hutu, was killed when his plane is shot out of the sky. This started the descent into choas that lasted 100 days and took the lives of a cconservative 800,000 people. Mostly Tutsi. All this while the United Nation of rapists and molesters of Afurakan children, stood by and watched. Out of this crisis rose Paul Kagame, who eventually asserted control and went on to be elected as the president of the post genocide Rwanda.

His story and our story will tell our children…if we indeed ser out to practice the mantra never forget…that France, Belgium, England and Amurdikkka were the four most prominant devils behind the destruction of Afuraka. And two of these, Belgium and England, oppressed and continues to oppress the soverign nation of Rwanda . Righteous people will overstand that the world had abandoned Rwanda. Today Rwanda has the most transparent government and the fastest growing economy as well as the most sophisticated digital network system on the continent. Paul Kagame had the unenviable task of rebuilding the nation from the ashes of genocide into a powerful and healthy nation, where ethnic difference wil never ber seen as a badge of contention. He had a very tough job of delivering his people the best of the best, despite 25 years of attacks from external and internal forces, bent on recolonizing Rwanda. By using their twisted version of free speech and some made up Eurosavage shit called democracy. Consider that the Kongo, and Zaire are two colonies of Belgium. Both much larger countries with greater population and with much more vaster wealth. Yet neither is anywhere close to what Rwanda is today. If we view Kongo and Zaire has human beings, both countries are sex trafficked victims, pimped out by Belgium to the devient pedophiles of the west and east, for its natural resources. Resources that runs our everyday lives.

Anytime outside forces cannot control you in your country, they call you tyrant and demonize you. Paul Kagame has changed Rwanda and the way Afurakan on the continent and in the diaspora currently see Afuraka through the veil of western racism. President Kagama came to fix a broken nation, bring it back from disaster with the people doing well. Law and order was restored and observed, yet the child sex traffickers of the west, calls him a dictator. If this is so, then Afuraka need more dictators like him. President Kagame has a policy where no one can promote ethnic superiority publically in Rwanda. Everybody is Rwandan and its the best policy ever.

Because a country cannot progress when personal interest or tribalism is placed above national pride. A powerful nation like China became powerful, because they faught to destroy tribalism and grew to its current power, with its only impediment being the very tribal Hong Kong that is now being touted as progressive by the Western savages. Many of the people who object to Kagame’s rule cannot say anything about where the nation is at the moment. So they proceed to attack the man’s character. The west talks about journalists who are imprisoned by the government for speaking out against its policies. But what  policies though? Some of these journalist were promoting ethnic division, which is ilegal in Rwanda. Other opositional forces are telling the government how to run a successful enterprise, while not contributing one iota of sweat to that enterprise.  Its as if i go and demand that Jeff Bezos give me say in Amazon and start trashing him when my demands are not met. This is what external distabalization looks like. A successful Rwanda and a successful and autonomus Afuraka is a concern to the invaders and colonizers. Being braineashed under Eurosavage spells, we have come to worship on the alter of democracy, when democracy has been shown to shit on good governance of sovereign nations that do not worship at that alter. Which means democeacy is a shell game by the imperialists and colonizers and embraced by slaves. Being safe and developed is much more important than democracy. So the west must fuck off and not interfere in Rwanda’s policies. Remember amurdikkkka toutes itself as a democracy.


How has that worked out for Afurakans between those borders, for the last 500 years? England created this shell game called democracy, yet i was born on a island colony called Jamaica and it still remains a colony till this day. The prime minister answers to some one called a governor general who answers only to Elizabitch of England. This is what they call democracy. In amurdikkka poverty is rampant yet it is made illegal in numerous jurisdiction and people are jailed. Thousand of poor none white people are purged from voting lists, to ensure white people get to vote in their favorite racist. Kkkanaduh is a colony of england, with a governor general and a mandate to threaten Afurakan with population control, because we are having too many little “pickaninni’s”.

The dictator Mobutu Sese Sekou was loved by the west, while he destroyed the Kongo. Charles Taylor of Liberia was loved by the west, while he ravaged that country. Blaise Compaore was embraced by the west after murdering a so called dictator in Thomas Sankara, thus plunging the non democratic Burkina Faso into over 20 years of chaos. There are many examples of sell out leadership embraced by the Eurosavages and the scavengers of the East. As long as they destabilize Afuraka so the vultures can swoop in and feed on the dead carcass. Here is a short history of this bullshit

Singapore has had one government for 54 years. Singapore is praised for a bevy of wonderful things, even  while they administer draconian punishment to those who violate its laws. But Singapore does not have the resources that Afuraka has. Nor is Singapore been a source of fear of the kind of rebirth that threatens European hegemony on the planet. Yet Singapore is held up as a jewel of democracy and stability. England has a monarchy, and despite how many feel about that family of incestuous devients who control the most lands on the planet and is only second to the shadow power brokers of the Rothschild in over all influence, they are still seen as benevolent examples of rulership.

And just to put things in proper perspective, Al jazeera is a channel based out of Qatar. An absolute monarchy yet it proposes to report on whether an Afurakan country’s leader is authoritarian or not. The reporter in the video below, seemed to push the notion that Kagame practice authortarian leadership. The irony of it all. This is what colonialism and imperialism do by using propaganda as a tool for the destruction of Afurakan sovereignty.

This is President Kagama’s response to a rude reporter trying to push the same tired old nonsense of democracy on a working government.