Lets make america great again. They said!

Amurdikkka has builb itself as the greatest country in the world. Amurdikkklans, in theirbmost jingoistic state, feel that what makes the country great is their military might and their wealth. I recently read somewhere that what makes a great country, is the composition of people who are free to be the very best and most productive they can be. A great country values education as a means to build and strengthen its society and not as a means to brainwash and indoctrinate its population.  The term quality of life describes the general well-being of individuals and societies, outlining negative and positive features of life. It observes life satisfaction, including everything from physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, safety, security to freedom, religious beliefs, and the environment.

When the Oranage man was selected to  ascended the throne in the Caucasian house as presider over “the leader of the free world”, his catch phrase slogan was to “make america geat again”! Many asked when was amurdikkka great. Some ask at what point was amurdikkka great. But to this day no definitive answer was given. Others presume that amurdikkka was great when it was a white male patriarchy,  when men were men and women knew their places. When whites ruled and Indians and kneegrows knew their places. Heck when amurdikkka was great there were several tiers of whiteness, and if you were Afurakan or any other none white ethnic group, you had to look up at the lower tiers  of European whites trying to fight their way up the ladder of White Anglo Saxon success. Long before any of those ethnic group members would even be allowed to come near that ladder.

I have even seen videos and read where Trump supporters have said amurdikkka is theirs by right of conquer. That they got it fair and square because the native population failed to defend the land. So they lost it. A childish refrence to the juvenile taunt, finders keepers, losers weepers. Amurdikkka was “great” and remained “great” for two foundational reasons. Everything else that came after those two foundational reasons is what currently engenders invincibility in the psyche of the population.

The first reason amurdikkka became “great” was the his story of human trafficking. Amurdikkka stole the European trade in Afurakan trafficking from the super powers at the time, France, Portugal, Spain and the Brutish Empire. Since England was amurdikkka’s birth mother, i guess it was a matter of family discord that made the daughter knock off the mother and stole her hustle in enslaving previously free people.  With that immoral and vicious business venture, amurdikkka went on to become movers and shakers in the world of commerce. Everything England created out of the human trafficking, i.e., insurance companies, the banking system,  the tier system of government,  and the industrial revolution was transfered to the new empire. And it was in turn repackaged promoted and maintained around the globe by aggression. Military aggression. Wars.

Amurdikkka has been at war 93% of the Time its been around. First as a republic and later as a corporation. A count of 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776.  The U.S. has only been at peace for less than 20 years total since its birth as a republic. We won’t even mention what it was doing as a colony of invader settlers, killing the people native to the soil,  when they chose to land there after England released her depraved from its dungeons. The latest sable rattling at Iran is another chapter in the long and endless set of conflict that this shithole country is engaged in. This is a country that feels its their right to interfere with the internal workings of other soverign nations simply because they have the biggest and vaster collections of bombs, guns, warships, war helicopters, nuclear arsenals and evil men willing to unleash them on the world. What is sad is how non whites defend this type of psychoses, identifying with a history of psychopthy that keeps bringing the planet closer to destruction. Willing to wipe out 3/4 of the population just out of spite. A number chisled in stone on the walls of the Georgia Guidestone

And while amurdikkka is policing other countries, the homefront is falling apart. We won’t speak about the fact that 50 percent of the worlds arsenals are sold by amurdikkka. They incarcerate more people than several other first world nations combine. They incarcerate more innocent people or convict more people of minor crimes than several first world nations combine. That they are the most crime ridden of the so called first world nations and that their educational level is below many third world nations with less infrastructure and accessibility.  What also makes amurdikkka “great” is its religious adherence to capitalism. The mantra of pulling yourself up by your boots strap and it’s a great country to become a success, was a thing up untill the losses in the manufactoring sector. As traditional manufatoring jobs got sent to third world countries to save large corporation billions of dollars. Amurdikkka is the largest comsumer nation on the planet, yet there is little manufactoring being done on the soil to compensate for this reckless consumerism. The resulting loss of jobs, lack of skilled trades,  impractical and usless education that nets so much student debts that debtors prison will soon be a real thing, makes amurdikkka not so great after all. Of all the things that indicates a country’s quality of life index,  poverty remains the biggest and most glaring. And amurdikkka like it does everything else, does fo poverty large. The following documentary is part of numerous other documentaries telling the story of the dirty draws of a country that has no right to call third world countries shithole, when they have no excuse for the poverty now assailing the population. Keep in mind poverty has always been a fact of life of amurdikkklan history. However, even those who 70 years ago would not have endured this, are now doing so. How the mighty has fallen.