Patrice Oneil relationship advice for the ages

On the heels of K Michelle eviscerating black men for not being up to whatever artificial standard she has set for her self. Remember, she is a self proclaimed “bad bitch” and like all of the other bad bitches who are strong, independent, educated and unsubmissive black women like K Michelle, knows what they  want, yet can’t get what they want. Of lately the trend is for used up community properties or morbidly obese looking bad behaving bed wenches to chime in on white society’s propaganda about black men being unreliable, unfaithful and just plain bad. Nowhere have we seen the women of other ethnicity go on social media, day time teevee shows, movies and book best sellers, to talk about their men, as black women do black men. White men, Arab men and south Asian men have being doing so many vile and nasty shit to their women for centuries. East Asian men till this day still grope their women on public transit…in plain site! And while i would never justify ANY of these behaviors, often times their women will mostly complain about individuals who do shit like that, but rarely rarely ever follow the path outlined above, by black females to publicly disrespect, eviscerate  and tarnish the images of white men, Arab men and Asian men. Even when their decrepit shit is wildly known. Because those women, have race loyalty and those women deep down know that NOT ALL of their men behave this badly. I have never heard an east Asian, white woman or Arab women who enter into a meaningful relationship with a black man, dog out men of their own race as much as black women do black men. I have heard second hand stories of women, mostly white women, who sexually objectify black men and do so by belittling their men, because they know that the kneegrow male’s fragile and beaten down ego, gets a boost from being complimented on something other than running, jumping and catching a ball. Or shooting up the place. So what if the compliment is tantamount to him being a dog in heat. Or a stallion ready for breeding. As Richard Pryor once answered the question as to why black men like to grab their balls? He stated that “after the white man took everything from us, all we have is our balls, so we hold on to it tight”! And rest assured the kneegrow male is not the only one that is fixated on his balls or his penis. Other women, especially white women AND black women do very much!

Black women and the kneegrows who simp for pussy will loudly and proudly lambaste the kneegrow male for being racially disloyal himself, despite actual statistic and not media propaganda saying otherwise. There are disloyal, self hating members of both genders, but only the small number of males who show their stupid asses,  will be blown up and promoted as the norm. While the few disloyal females are praised and sympathized with as the majority. To spread the false narrative that black men are the problem when black relationship falls off. Relationship is and always will be an issue in western culture or cultures that abandon their own traditional cultural practices for western ones. Modern society has lost its values and thus women have forgotten what it means to be feminine and be on code. And men have forgotten what it means to be masculine and be on code. The only none black women who go in hard on the men of their ethnicity are primarily the feminists, lesbians and social justice idiots,  who find an excuse for every solution. Black women like K Michelle, Janet Jackson, Serena Williams, Lesbo…er…Lizzo and of lately Loni Love, have gone public with their disdain for black men. As if their father wasn’t black? Or probably because they didn’t love their fathers! You know, the same shit they like to pull on black men. Loni Love’s verbal diarrhea about unfaithful black men, justifies her swirling and covers up the fact that people like her are not and where never suitable mates for any man of value. Females like these will chase after a white man, but will never be chosen by an alpha white man, because he knows his value and wouldn’t put up with the shit she expects black men to put up with. Plus a white man of value can easily get from a white woman of value, all that compliments him, without the attitude and other funky behavior. Unless he is into fetishes and will only use her in a 50 shades of grey way. Consequently black females know this and will be immensely more accommodating to white man’s demand and desires. Demands and desires she finds difficult to give to black men.

Modern women in general, are not taught to be feminine anymore. They are indoctrinated seek all the privileges of men. To keep all the privileges of women. And to reject the responsibility of both. Black women on the other hand have all the expectations of the feminist mindset, but with the additional baggage of the miss daisy syndrome. Back in the reconstruction era, black women who were never oppressed by black men, worked in white peoples home as maids, cook and nannies. She didn’t have daddy’s inheritance, no generational wealth and often had to supplement the household income when black men had a difficult time with employment under Jim crow and reconstruction. It was here in miss daisy’s house, black women saw all the fine stuff laying around and as per the nature of women, want what they can’t have. Many of these women growing frustrated with the lack of fine things, in their household and lives, grow frustrated and obsessed with wanting those things too. Envying the finery she saw in the white woman’s house,  she ends up badgering her man to get some of that for her. Some of these men either kill themselves to get for her or in overstanding the nature of women, decided to use her desire for miss daisy’s finery to trick her out of her panties. A practice we still see today. Rest assured hypergamy is a biological component of the woman. Hypergamy is not a bad thing. For centuries hypergamy has protected and secured women’s safety and comfort in society. Hypergamy also encouraged or force men to step up their provision and protection game. Modernization made hypergamy less of  survival imperative and more of a left over socialization that is incongruent with equity of the genders, as laid out in law. And because masculinity has been neutered, hypergamy without femininity becomes the mill stone around the neck of black relationship. Over the past seventy years since the Women’s rights bill was passed, women have glorified in being openly sexually promiscuous, doing things they used to call loose and whorish back in the more conservative days. With the attention paid to their new found sexuality and coupled with their vanity and strong desire for attention, many females lost track of something called context.  Contextually men are programmed socially and mentally to be sexually promiscuous. Am I saying it is ok? NO! But the truth is the truth. Men are also biologically designed to be sexually promiscuous also.  This is why men can impregnate a female even at ninety years old.

Women on the other hand are designed with a small window of fertility and sexual attraction. The years between 15 and 25 is the heights of feminine fertility. It starts going south from there and they lose their powers as they grow closer to their 40s and 50s. In modern times women spend most of their fertile years using up their vagina and womb, either through sexual promiscuity or abortion. Playing the field and inviting countless men into their womb. Along the way they lose the ability to bond with a man, because of years of bonding with the wrong type of men. Many of the men they chase are men who 100s of other women chase, which means he has his pick and will not commit to any, or she chases after low hanging fruit fuck boys,hoping to turn him into husband material. Also, many of these women provide nothing to a low hanging fruit that he doesn’t get from other women any ways, so instead of working on her character and wife skills, she doubles down on her sexually skills. After the proverbial wall rises up and slap her in the face, she turns around and state that ALL black men are unfaithful, undependable or “aint shit”! Meanwhile she continues to chase aint shit men, men of different races, giving them cooperation, she wouldn’t give to a black man, or like some other women, decided that they are going to “love” themselves and be by themselves. A clear sign of public begging, because if she was truly working on herself, she wouldn’t be declaring it publicly.  Sanaa lanthan below is a great example of an attractive black woman who wasted her prime years being a hollyweird ho” then later wonder why no man wants to settle with her.

This is a picture of one of those women who claim to be tired of men and want to date themselves. Apparently this is her man. No one sees the tears of a clown.

Men and woman approach sex differently. A woman will be attracted to a man who is a pursued by many woman. A man who has sexual experience. The problem is when she catches up to him, she wants to make him exclusive to her, growing board of the fact that he is not a attractive to to her woman anymore. And if he refuses to stop being attractive to women, she grow angry because in her mind, he is no good. Men on the other hand will be attracted to the woman who has as little a number o sexual partners as possible, and would marry one in an blink. A majority of woman will give up her sex to a male ho” and a majority man will give up his sex to a female ho”. Like everything there are exceptions. Exceptions that tend to be lost in the narrative of sexual freedom. Free dumb! Most men do mot overstand hypergamy and thus do not overstand women. Overstanding women should never make a real man angry or vengeful.  It should make him wise and gives him the insight to be a better man, better protector, better provider and better presider over his personal orbit, his purpose and his home. Malcolm X famously stated that every black man should know what the pimp knows. That is to know the nature of woman, so he wouldn’t get caught up with the K Michelle’s and Loni Love’s of the world. Society has changed these days and men are taking back their balls and growing a back bone again, as more and more women, seeing that the gig is up, bitch and complain more about their “dating” issues. Decide to swirl more, only to find that even white men are not putting up with a lot of their shit. Comedian Patrice Oneal is considered the OG on putting men up on game. Game you say? Yes! The relationship game. By not only saying out loud what many men think to themselves, but he has left volumes of gems on how to best handle yourself in an relationship. This information is also great for women who are confused about their relationship problem. Because it’s a man telling her what men think. Not no damn single female or sympanzees like Steve Harvey or Derick Jaxn telling her what men think. Listen carefully. Get out of your feelings and listen carefully to what he is saying and maybe you will overstand why the Loni Love’s of the world will forever be a joke to authentic masculinity.