The seven levels of disrespect

Saw this story on stupid book today and it reminded me of some gems old heads used to pass along to the young kats back in the day about a man being able to control himself, his life and his woman.  If the foolish out there get your thongs in a twist about control, then this post is not for you and i respectfully suggest you kill yourself. As i stated previously this world is built on masculine energies. Empires are built on masculinity and masculine presence.  Of course i don’t  dismiss femininity nor the feminine presence, but in a gynocratic society we need to bring back order or chaos ensues. A majority of woman and even worse, a majority of men fail to overstand that “A man trains a man and a woman trains a woman”. This is an Akan proverb that counter the western idea that a man can learn how to be a man from a woman. Since the increase in homes without a male presence or father figure, women have been training boys how to be men and HAVE NOT been training girls how to be women. Modern society has a problem where emasculated or hypermaculated men see women as disposable properties that they can do with in whatever capacity their immature, weak beta male sympanzee minds feel. We all know an emasculated man is a male who lacks the necessary masculine component that makes up authentic masculinity. Hypermasculine males are those who are subconsciously aware of this deficiency and overcompensates in the most negative of ways, to portray the thuggish, gangsta or emotionless stereotypes of manhood. The need to respond to feelings of “disrespect” will never allow these immature males to let go the burn of being rejected when he tries to let at a woman or even when she cheats on him. Cheating is as old as begging for sex and the way society is now, and where it is going without ethical intervention, men and women would be best served if they accept that their significant other is cheating on them, and just agree that if it is discreet, then hurt feelings can be better managed.

As I stated in my last post and other posts, women gravitates to men who seem to or have a high sexual body count in his history. She does that because she competes with other women for the prized male o the hierarchy pf market value. She also believes this is a man that can satisfy her sexually, fulfills all her wildest sexual fantasies and make her the envy of other women. The problem happens when she wants him exclusively to her self, or worse wants to dampen the very same energy that attracts him to her. Because she fears he will attract other women and give them his attention. This is the female equivalent of wanting to turn a whore into a husband.  Subsequently men are attracted to women who’s sexual body count is very low, because men value a prize that is rare.  Now all women are sexually aroused by oversexed or men with high sexual value. But she is on conflict because she is attracted to men who are providers. Arousal clouds the mind and takes away from her hypergamist need security and comfort. So she chases after economical or socially unreliable men, forsakes or disrespects economically or socially reliable men. This is why she disingenuously lament that ALL men are unreliable or cheaters or any of the 100s and counting excuse she has to cover for her irresponsible behavior. Only a few males with feminine energies are sexually aroused by an oversexed woman, while the majority who value themselves are both aroused and attracted to women with low sexual body count. Such a woman to these specific men are teachable in more things than sex. And if neither are sexually experienced, he also knows he wouldn’t be shamed for not “swinging that bat like Barry Bonds”. Knocking the ball out the ball park! Over the past year, numerous back and forth go on as to who is responsible or more responsible for the break down of relationship between intimate couples. Reams of paper are produced from thousand of murdered trees, along with hours of hollywierd propaganda, YouTube channels, teevee programming and other social media platform have concluded that men and only men are responsible when a relationship goes sour.

The reality is this…a woman will leave a man or cheat on him, even though she is in financial secure relationship if she has options. Women loves…LOVES attention! Divorce counselors have been on record telling those who care to know that while finances is the number one deal breaker in a failing relationship, cheating is next. But behind the need for cheating is that women grow bored of their partners. A woman’s nature is to always want more. Like children who grow bored with a new toy, they soon become dissatisfied and seek another exciting toy. Another exciting moment. This is why 70 percent of divorces are initiated by women and of that 70 percent, 80 percent are college educated. One of the thing that kept many older relationships together and what helped couples whether problems is the safety net afforded modern women. Women and men cheated as far back as one can remember. Numerous men were given bastard children by women who willingly get pregnant for their paramours. Often the man knows, suspect, but stays either to save face or because he truly loves her.  Many men have produced bastard children, some not interested in taking care of them, and while the women know, chose to stay because of the lack of safety net, to save face, or because she truly loved him.  The problem with long someone is that when in “love”, it becomes an excuse to take abuse, disrespect and even personal health for granted. When asked most women said that the lack of feeling loved is the biggest deal breaker for them. It is a testament to women’s upbringing that looking for love outside of herself is what drives her to make poor decision in choosing a sexual partner, a life partner or leave a relationship. It causes them to nag and get frustrated at the man and  drives them from the relationship. For men the deal breaker is respect. Or the lack thereof. Unlike the feeling of being loved, feeling disrespected is pretty straightforward.  Either respect me as a man or you don’t. Be aware of the false sense of disrespect that some men put up. That’s is not what I speak about. Nor the real with drawl of affection from women, that quite a lot of men do display.

Men and women will agree that more than a few man are physically stronger than a woman. And both will agree that women are tyrannical with their mouth and attitude.  And while men through out the ages are cautioned to not be physical with a woman or risk being labeled a brute, a cad or a bitch ass. Depending on the time period. And many will even be assaulted by white knights swooping in to save a “woman’s honor”. These same people will not be so willing to swoop in to defend the disrespect that creates bad blood in a relationship and even causes the men’s health to drop. A majority of males in this world fail the masculine test of leadership of himself, his life and his woman. Men lead! There is no question about that. And authentic masculinity leads the best. Women will always test your manhood and leadership ability. This is not necessarily wrong. But when her test is less about value and abut her being frustrated with her state. Then allowing this disrespect in the form of test to continue, will unman him and make her hate him progressively. There are seven levels of disrespect that every man and woman should be aware of, that can destroy a relationship.

1. Combativeness-This is when your “woman” starts being combative just for the sake of being combative example; if you say “I want us to go eat Ghanaian food tonight” she’ll say ; well I want to eat Chinese food! or if you say ,”I want us to watch a Action movie tonight” she’ll say, well I want to watch a Comedy Movie!. It is not to say that he can’t have Chinese food, but when his desires keep getting challenged and ignored, that is combativeness.  This is where the authentic masculine puts a stop to the nonsense before it gets worst. As they say give a man an inch he takes a yard, allowing even this mundane seeming responses will leave to even worse down the line. Remember its always a test.

2. Slick comments-This is when your “woman” will say random slick comments when you two have a normal conversation for example ; If you say something like “I’m thinking of writing a book” she’ll say ; yeah right like you could do that . Or “I’m thinking of starting my own business” she’ll say; Yeah right with your dead end job, how are you going to do that. This is the proverbial support that men often talk about that women dismiss or fail to give. If she is not there to support his dreams, even if it seems far fetched in her eyes, what she is telling him is she thinks he wastes his time trying to do better. If he does better, she does better. And he does better if he knows she is riding shot gun on this ride. This is the very line that he can reach and allow her to reach before there is no return.

3. Insults-This is when your “woman” starts attacking your Man-Hood she’ll go for the Gusto too . And say something like ; You’re a little nukka, or You’re not a Man you’re a nukka, You’re an Idiot etc. She’ll say this with a “Playful” demeanor and a smile on her face, but the more you let this go unchecked watch as her demeanor becomes less and less playful. She’ll test you to see how far she can push the envelope. At this stage she sees you as a bitch and will wonder why she is with you.

4. Public Embarrassment– This is when your “woman” will create a drama Scene in front of a lot of people at a restaurant , in front of her family, And any social spot; at times she might even hit/slap you because most of the time the Law will side with the Female. And It’s considered somewhat politically incorrect to check a female in public. At this point the relationship is beyond repair and you can only salvage your image and manhood by beating up on her, which is a no no. Or leave her, which a lot of woman will further use to besmirch your reputation. Especially if you have children with her. The reality of such a situation is, is it worth it to stay with your children and completely be unmanned? Or leave and get eviscerated by her and the court system? In one your self respect is rounded into dust. And the other one you end up losing consistent relationship with your children.  Many men choose to stay until they woman then initiate her exit strategy, which made his staying for the children or in hopes of making things better, a waste. Tough choice, but since you cant pour coffee from an empty cup, my mental health takes precedent.

5. Slander-This is when the female will throw dirt and salt on your name by saying malicious, false, and defamatory statements or reports of slander against your good name with her friends and family (and even your family). For example, she’ll say something like He’s terrible at sex , He’s such a jerk I cheat on him and he has no idea or , He treats me like I am his mother ( When in reality It’s her) . This happens after the dude refuses to leave her or correct from the jump. She is pushing him away and he refuses to be pushed away. But at the same time, he is not correcting her by manning up. Which is one of the insult she would throw at him.

6. Infidelity-This is when the female will become so BOLD with her disrespect that she”ll start to have multiple sex partners. At times she”ll even sit there and talk with her “friend” on the phone in front of you so she can get her weak ego boosted . And at times she might even bring her “friend ” around you as she watches you clueless while you and her “Fuck-Buddy” share the same vibe in the same room. There is nothing left to be said here, because most men if they are honest with themselves, have various manifestations of more than one of these levels in their lives.

7. Set-up for Robbery/Murder –This is the most dangerous of them all, and while is rarely attained, this by now the guy has to have a clue of what”s going on . (Unless he’s the biggest simpanzee in the world) This is when the female becomes influenced by the guy/s she’s having sex with and she start to plot for your down-fall and demise. At times she’ll have you set-up to be jumped and robbed by her “Fuck-Buddy’s “ or his friends. It can get so crucial that she might even plot for your demise. ( We often hear of church going house wives on the news caught trying to hire a hit-man to kill their husband to cash in on the insurance money.) And at this stage there is always a financial component that only the police overstand. While regular citizens remain clueless as to why it got this far.

If a man corrects his woman on her behavior or something she does that bothers him… many women will begin to speak on the shortcomings, failures and imperfections of their man instead of taking the constructive criticism and improving their behavior and speech. Talking about their accomplishments, other men and deflecting from the issue at hand is a manipulation tactic so many women use.  All women, no matter what race, background or culture may have manipulated or been disrespectful to their man at some point or another. I’ve personally observed this and continue to see it done to this day. The point here is to bring awareness to the men so they understand if a woman can’t be corrected in love or respectfully without her changing for the better, that man may need to reevaluate his relationship with that woman.