The myth of the unloved black woman

Do black women really not get any love? Is this truly a thing? That question has usually been asked by black women, often thrown out as a complaint, in one form or another for years now. Who started this rumor? Was it black people themselves or is this part of the ongoing agenda to disrupt the power of the black family? One of the most telling example of a woman who is loved and feeling love, no matter where you reside on the planet,  is in the institution of marriage. White and even black media outlets, talking heads, pseudo psychologist, false relationship experts, back room gossip mongers and a plethora of ignorant mouth breathers have either come out with, or support a series of news reports about and the false story telling, that the black relationship and black marriage is at a “crisis.” On the surface, such stories seem to be concerned with and centered on the narrative about black women in search of love. And all these opinions have fueled stereotypes about black people having or not having a loving sustainable relationship. I use marriage as the base line example of this mythical lack of love that black women “feel” they are in need of, only because most of you think that living together in a common law arraignment is not as “legitimate” as the white pathological state sanctioned union is. And by suggesting that too few black men are available to wed, news stories on black marriage have done little more than predict doom and gloom for black women who hope to marry or who claim to not be loved. Ever since Malcolm X stated that the black women in amurdikkka is the least respected woman in that shithole country, the white media and kneegrows have taken this out of context and ran with it like Marshawn Lynch against the New Orleans Saints that one year. Sixty seven yards to the end zone.

This statement by David Banner, Bruce Banners idiot adopted brother, reinforces the negative stereotype against black men that we don’t love or want black women. Again, using marriage as an easily identifier, we can easily disclaim the barrage of news reports about the black marriage rate in amurdikkka and black women’s chances of walking down the aisle as being bleak. A while back a Yale University study found that just 42% of black women are married, and a variety of high profile news networks such as CNN and ABC picked up that figure and ran with it.   Please overstand that context is everything and everything should be seen in its context, so when looking at polls and stats, one must approach information like this on three levels. What is the context, who benefits from this kind of  report and how is this information compiled. Researchers Ivory A. Toldson of Howard University and Bryant Marks of Morehouse College question the accuracy of this white elitist Yale University finding.  “The often-cited figure of 42% of black women never marrying includes all black women 18 and older,” Toldson told the “Raising this age in an analysis eliminates age groups we don’t really expect to be married and gives a more accurate estimate of true marriage rates.”  Toldson and Marks found that 75% of black women marry before they turn age 35 after examining census data from 2005 to 2009. Plus, black women in small towns have higher marriage rates than white women in urban centers such as New York and Los Angeles, Toldson remarked in the New York Times.

The educated Black Women having it harder is another myth, purposely put out by disgruntled kneegrow females, echoing their white daddy in the media.  If you hear it, getting a college degree is the worst thing a black woman can do if she wants to get married, right? Even though at the same time black women are puffing their chest out and celebrating that they are the most educated group in amurdikkka.  News stories about black marriage often mention that more black women pursue higher education than black men—by a 2-to-1 ratio, according to some estimates. But what these articles leave out is that white women also earn college degrees more than white men do, and this gender imbalance hasn’t hurt white women’s chances at matrimony. What’s more, black women who finish college actually improve their chances of marrying rather than lower them. “Among black women, 70% of college graduates are married by 40, whereas only about 60% percent of black high school graduates are married by that age,” Tara Parker-Pope of the New York Times reported. The same trend is at play for black men. In 2008, 76% of black men with a college degree married by age 40. In contrast, only 63% of black men with just a high school diploma tied the knot. So education increases the likelihood of marriage for both African American men and women. Also, Toldson points out that black women with college degrees are more likely to marry than white female high school dropouts.  There is also the persistent lies that black men drop black women as soon as they reach a certain level of success.  While plenty of rap stars, athletes and musicians may choose to date or marry interracially, when they achieve fame, as like neutered pets they follow their masters as they are told this is good for their career arch,  the same is not true for the bulk of successful black men. By analyzing census data, Toldson and Marks found that 83% of married black men who earned at least $100,000 annually got married to black women. The same is the case for educated black men of all incomes. Eighty-five percent of black male college graduates married black women. Generally, 88% of married black men (no matter their income or educational background) have black wives. This means that interracial marriage should not alone be held responsible for the singleness of black women. And as such should also not be used as an explanation for black women not feeling loved.

Just because black women are more likely to graduate from college than their male counterparts doesn’t mean that they out-earn black men. Actually, black men are more likely than black women to bring home at least $75,000 annually, as trades men and laborers. Also, double the number of black men than women make at least $250,000 annually. These numbers indicate that there are plenty of financially secure black men for black women, so we cant or shouldn’t even use the nonsense of black men being intimated by successful black women, so we abandon them. Of course, not every black woman is looking for a breadwinner. Not every black woman is even seeking marriage. Some black women are happily single. Others are lesbians, bisexual or are into interracially relationships themselves. Also intentionally overlooking the reality of black women who are not marriage or relationship material, due to immaturity, overtly masculine aggressiveness and confrontational characteristics AND those who spend a good potion of their more high value years riding the cock carousel, eventually trying to pretend that the past 10-20 years of fucking Tom, Dick, Harry Ray ray and Pookie, didn’t happen, what we have are women acting like spurned prizes in a discarded paper bag. To people unaccustomed to my style, you may think this is harsh, but truth is consistent despite opinions and butt hurt feelings. Overstand whoever, this is not just a trend of black women. But we know in amurdikkka, if black people wake up and take a hard shit, the larger society reports on it as if we are the only one to do so.  The comment by David Banner reminds me of Both the two most recent shit head females, Serena Williams and Loni Love. Williams claim that white men treat her better than all the other black and white guys she was fucking for a good part of he tennis career. And Loni Love who like Williams, married down, something these specific fefails wouldn’t extend to a black man, finds her self supporting said white man. But you don’t want to have that conversation. Williams recently came out and stated that while pregnant, she hated her husband’s smell.

No matter who you are, you must admit this is one of the most disrespectful and niggerly shit a woman can say about a man.  Of course other fefails chime in with their monkey asses echoing the bullshit that pregnant women have sensitivity to food, smells and other sensations. No Drop that nonsense. She specifically said she didn’t like his smell, not his cologne. Not his shampoo or the brand of soap he uses. His smell. His body odor. The same that is magnified when he was fucking the mammy out of her soul. What this indicated to me is that both fucked up, but won’t admit it. Loni Love is quietly taking ca of her fat white paramour with he fat mammy ass. And Serena Williams is admitting that she wanted that half breed child, but is regretting the extra baggage that came with it.  So like all those black women with a fucked up track record, is blaming everybody but that track records for them not “feeling” loved.  One cannot love that which is hard to love or knows not what love is. I am but then again am not disappointed with people like David Banner. He was in the entertainment industry. He has seen it all. Yet like much too much kneegrows, he is pandering to pussy, instead of authentic masculinity, by making the low hanging fruit kneegrow’s behavior as the standard of all black men, while ignoring the numerous happy relationship of mature black women for the whining and bitching of low hanging fruit kneegresses