The Willie Lynching continues

“…with the natural capacity to take care of their offspring, we break that natural string of independence from them and thereby create a dependency status, so that we may be able to get from them useful production for our business and pleasure…

“Therefore, if you break the FEMALE mother, she will BREAK the offspring in its early years of development; and when the offspring is old enough to work, she will deliver it up to you, for her normal female protective tendencies will have been lost in the original breaking process.”

These two are excerpted from the infamous Willie Lynch letter.  Its a remarkable feat of propganda, and the post enslavment colonization of the mind, that kneegrows today will fight you tooth and nail, to prove the Willie Lynch letter as a document is false. But not one effort is putting into addressing how the mechanism of destroying a free people, reducing them to a perverted state of kneegrow dumb, is attained. History and ourstory, time and time again, have shown that an invading army, from Europe and Asia,  will kill a majority of the warrior class and turn the survivors into slaves. Beast of burden. Mules to be worked to death. In order to reconstruct the damaged infrastructure of the conquered land. Of the weaker men, most are enslaved as well, while the more compliant are used as servants, as local liason between the colonizers and the colonized, or even bed warmers for the sick and depraved desires of the invaders. The women are chosen as concubine, brood mares and servants. Women having a different survival instincts than men, overstand that their bodies can be used to get them reprieve from death. Or being worked to death in the fields. However, to ensure their loyalties, the colonizers use the fate of their children as a sword dangling over their heads. Women being women, for the most part, would rather see their sons and daughters be kept alive as sexual toilets, than to have their heads dashed against a rock. More often the boys. Thus the mechanism of the great perversion and plantation reality was to break the women’s resistance, by removing the strong men in her life, via horrific torture and death as a spectacle. Then the colonizer would promise the same to any baby boy showing a smidging of masculinity. A mother’s love being what it is, will make the woman become an enslaver by proxy. For fear of having the same horror vested on her boy as was done to her man.

Psychologists tells us that trauma stays in the DNA and is passed from mother to child. From farher to child. And no event and experience, on the planet, is as traumatic as the great perversion for 500 years. The practice and effects still going on today. Long before the civil wrong bill was signef in 1964, mothers have been cuddling and emasculsting boys to appear SAFE to white savages, so that they could be safe FROM white savages. Those boys in turn grow up to be emasculated fathers, who join the mother in further emasulating their boys of another generation.  In the reality under white pathology, and nature itself,  the two genders must be either masculine or proven feminine. A male proven not to be masculine.  Or refused to be masculine will be seen as feminine. And feminine energies will always be seen as the weaker of the two in a sexual power dynamic.

The rise of homosexuality from paedophilia, is the end result of this uneven power dynamic. The embracing and acceptance of this result, mainly by black women is a continuation of the Willie Lynch buck braking mechanism. The following is a clip from a movie, taken from the YouTube site BlackegrityTv, testifying to the Willie Lynch agenda …

…the movie called Doubt (made in 2008) shows how actress Voila Davis allows her son to be violated by a Catholic priest. It was of course insinuated by her in the scene that “the nature” of the boy was already Gay (and that God had made him that way) and that perhaps these children want to get caught. Viola (the mother) acted very defensive about the whole ordeal as if she considered what was going on to be a consentual secret relationship with the pedophile.

“Viola did not want the pedophile exposed at all (and if there was to be punishment, she did not want the scandal to expose her son as the victim). All Viola seemed to care about in the scene was that the secret relationship be allowed to continue, until the end of the school’s year, so that the child’s “homophobic father” (presumably a Blackman, who becomes the symbol of “toxic masculinity” for the movie) wouldn’t “kill his son” for being expelled. It is to my knowledge the first time that homosexuality and pedophilia have been merged together in an “approved manner” in a film.”

This exchange made me sick. But this is where we are now. Where we are still to this day, the focus of the homosexual community is on male homosexuality and homosexual paedophilia, more so than the female kind. By removing and or destroying masculinity the colonizer controls the women and thus the state of the colonized. By controling the feminine, the colonizer removes and or destroy the masculinity from the colony.  Such is how the Wlie Lynch mechanism effectively control us across the globe.  And uou wonder why traditional societies, that are considered conservative, will do anything to keep foreigners from influencing their women.

Deontay Wilder’s loss is a metaphor for today’s black men versus today’s white men

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”  ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected .”  ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Sports is a metaphor for war and war is a metaphor used in sports, business and even in interpersonal relationships. Among those who call themselves “black conscious”, “woke” or any of the similar similes attached to that particular group. As I grow older and hopefully, grow wiser,  I have found myself moving further away from those self description based on its limited and constricting self imposed labels. For instance being “conscious” of your blackness and relativity to Afuraka, based on phenotype for some and color for most; seems to be all a person needs today to pass the test of worthiness. Worthiness is based on how black you sound, look, think and talk.  But many fail to grasp the reality that before one becomes black conscious, one must first become conscious of the essence of their being. As a man. As a woman. As vessel of truth and the example of what each person’s ancestor laid out when they were alive. All things being relative, we find that many so called “woke” have accepted a person with one non black parents as being part of the black contingent, whether one agrees with it or not.  Such a stance ignores the fact that there is a non black parent in the equation, because the old and useless white racist argument that a drop of black blood makes you black. This is not only biologically nonsensical, but also strategically stupid. Because history and ourstory have repeatedly shown us where the loyalty of a half breed lies, under the dynamics of White Pathology and the black white power dynamics.  Being “black”, whether you have one or two black parents should not just be the definitive badge that separate you from those not consideted black. Consequaintly having knowledge of ourstory, history, talking, acting and being proud of our blackness and love of Afuraka, shouldn’t be enough to qualify for conscious or woke status. One must be able to live in truth AS a black person. Sometimes that truth is not black or not black. But that truth is just that. Truth! That truth is universal and when applied to ones existence as an Afurakan being, carries a deeper and much stronger meaning. Honesty, consistency,  integrity are three such words that when applied to the hueman self elevates one from being merely woke or conscious, to level that may seen unpalatable to people who only love to talk about being woke, but not BE “woke”.

For example, there are black men who talk about being kings… a talking point for many people who massage or like to have their egos massaged as being conscious. Among the ancient prerequisites of kingship is to be an example of masculinity, sacrifice, courage, wisdom, fairness, integrity, authority, firmness and humbleness.  Yet there are many so called “kings” who exhibit, selfishness, arrogance, covetousness,  cowardice and are abusive to others. Worse than those still is the unwillingness for self reflection and growth. Because at sometimes in our lives, we may fall into one or more of those short comings. But it’s the ability to critically self reflect and the willingness and courage to change oneself and grow into a better person, that differentiate those who talk about it. And those who are about it. Hence the reason i personally dont call myself “King”. I am a flawed being striving to be better today than yesterday. I am not saying a man shouldn’t or can’t call himself by that title.  But one must realize that upon embracing such a title, there will be greater expectations placed on every move you make and everything that comes out of your mouth.  The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment if one stumble or falls. We see it often in self proclaimed leaders and teachers. We see it in celebrities and others elevated to iconic status. The higher the monkey climbs the more his ass is exposed. No sane person wants their ass exposed. Ass being a metaphor for your flaws or weakness. As part of their stance, the “consious” or “woke” people tends to take a hardline position on who people should have relationship with. How you must conduct yourself both privately or publically. And why they think you should act accordingly  in relations to THEIR strict standard.  Your standard is YOUR standard, and as such should not have you twisted. This is both common sense and therapeutic. You can not agree with a different take or behaviour from some one else, but when the difference becomes a distraction from what YOU are doing. People end up living rent free in your  head. As a younger man i used to be a hard lined fanatic about how people who don’t know me from a can of paint should act. If you consume meat you are flawed. If you don’t date dark skinned women, you are flawed. If you don’t think about Afurakan liberation 24/7,  you are flawed. A funny thing happened on the way to maturity though. I found out that not everybody HAS TO  think or act, or see the world as me. And i learned to be alright with that. Because I i believe my way is better, and i DON’T want just anybody to be like me. Thus i am exclusive and dont care if YOU care. Andvi havevbeen labled arrogant for that. I mean, health wise snd from the construction of the gastrointestinal system, eating meat is bad for one. But its you that’s eating it and not me. So why am i being mad at YOU? Conversely…and this is something that grinds the gear…so to speak…of conscious people, is if somebody is not hardcore Afurakan centric,  in their totality. I have seen people who get unnecessarily upset at black men with none black women. Black men who embrace the “love everybody” mentality being called coon and race traitors. Again as a younger man, this would cause me to waste time and energy feeling and maybe expressing intense dislike for people who don’t know me and probably don’t want to know me. As i grew older and hopefully wiser,  i realize not everybody is on the same path as me. Not everybody SHOULD BE on the same path as me. Not everybody will THINK like me. And not everybody is me. Because the me of yesterday as hopefully evolved today,  and will evolve even more, tomorrow still. And this became even more entrenched when i was lead to Afurakan spirituality, by an ex. She was “conscious”, “woke” knowledgable in areas she knows. And as arrogant, selfish, dishonest, cowardly, vanglorious, conniving and verbally abusive, as anybody i know. Especially when the man in me refuse to place her on a pedestal, as a…queen! People like her and others in the spirituality community, exhibit the same tendencies as those in the “conscious ” community and made me realize that self reflection is indeed one of the greatest barriers to growth in us as a people. The lack of honest self reflection creates stagnating. Regression even. It causes one to always find a ax to grind, because one is always looking outside and not in. The lack of self reflection causes one to expect those who are not on the same path as one, to be angry that they are not doing the same thing. But should we really be angry at those not on the same path as us? Or should we be angry at those ON the same path, who betray the spirit of the path and use it for self aggrandizement? I think the latter is infinently more an important matter than the former. However, for many “woke” people, its easier to be mad at the dissenting voice or lifestyle, of an outsider, than it is to confront the flaws of themselves and those of their associates.

Another thing the “conscious folks” have an ax to grind with, is in the arena of sports. It seems that if you are supposedly conscious, you shouldn’t, must not or worse CAN NOT, enjoy any sporting event.  In fact they conflate the love of sports, with the worship of sporting events and figures. It doesn’t help that many conscious kneegrow do indeed, develop a fetish for sports, on the level of cult status and as such further muddy the waters of healthy sports watching with the unhealthy kind. The unhealthy kind being sports fanaticism! The only time a woke, conscious person will celebrate a sporting figure is when a black athlete dominates a white one. Then the idea of black physical superiority seems to dominate the conscious space. They suspend their distaste for all sporting figures as being nothing more than grown children, running, jumping dunking and performing for racist billionaires. Like $40 Million slaves. The favorite sports of the conscious and woke crowd is boxing. Boxing is the most primal of sporting event.  Its in fact the first sporting event, followed closely by wrestling. Striking an opponent before wrestling them down to the ground still remains the basics of combat. Which is why mixed martial arts has grown so much in popularity.  Black people do not love mixed martial arts as much as boxing, mainly because boxing still remains the oldest example of black men’s physical dominance over white men. Where as mixed martial arts, with its overemphasis on ground work, looks too uncomfortably like gay porn. Mixed martial arts shows non combatants and combatants alike that there are more than just striking required to win a fight. And even in boxing, most black men fall for the same narrative that white men do. And that is the knock out. Thus someone like a Mike Tyson, will always be loved more than a Floyd Mayweather, because one is determined to take punishment in order to give greater punishment. And one is determine NOT to get punished at all, but instead, choose to paint a master piece of skill and precision.  Of course black men will point to Mayweather’s personality as a “coon”….woke people talk for not black conscious….as an excuse to dismiss his exceptional boxing skills. And lets be honest Floyd maywesther jr should only be seen as a brilliant boxer and business man. Not as the second coming of Malcolm X. But he should not be expected to be a Malcolm X, because all he doea is punch people in the head for a living. This is unfair to him and stupid on our part. Even Muhammad Ali’s life has shown that he was only “woke” for the three and a half years he was denied a boxing license. Growing up in the 60s and being associated with Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, gave Ali a cult status. But he wasn’t  very woke when he abandoned Malcolm for Eijah, knowing full well that truth was on Malcolm’s side. And the fact that he was a womanizer who chastise others for their percieved flaws in my eyes makes him worse than a Floyd Mayweather. Because Mayweather jr never claimed to be “woke” . The “conscious ” folks will accept Mike Tyson’s thug persona as more acceptable…woke people talk for uncompromising blackness…as an excuse to ignore his brutish and destructive, but not as artistically skillful…er…skills! Yet Mike’s boxing journey was made possible by white mentors. Floyd’s was by his black father. Both are generationally great. But only one is considered an icon. By the conscious folks  The other a coon. Both womanized. Both behaved distastefully. Both exhibited arrogance. Both had trouble with the white establishment. But one’s life came crashing down, almost irreparably, due to self destructive ways from a sad childhood. Before rebuilding himself. The other is still writing his life story.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying Mike Tyson, the heavyweight is not skillful, it’s just that Floyd Mayweather Jr is an impresario. A genius, that comes once in a life time. Like John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Or Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye. Legends that only come around once in a life time. An impresario is a skilled artist, that is not only creative but is adaptable, innovative and original. If you ever listened to Marvin Gaye sing heard it theough the grape vine, acapella. Listen to train blow his sax on some complex arraignment that, like a love supreme. Evoking mathematical equations. Then you won’t overstand what I am saying.

“If you wish to control others you must first control yourself” ― Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

“The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy’s useful actions but allow his useless actions” ― Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

“You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter. Too much is the same as not enough. Without imitating anyone else, you should have as much weaponry as suits you.” ― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

This brings me to the topic of this post. Saturday past,  boxing champion Deontay Wilder suffered his first loss in 42 fights. To many black conscious and woke men, this was most devastating.  I overstand that some black people were dogging out Wilder for losing to a White boxer, with limited phsyical skills, like Tyson Fury. I haven’t seen any of that …yet! I however have seen black men who focused with horror, on Tyson Fury’s licking of the blood of Deontay Wilder’s shoulder.

Image result for Tyson fury licking blood

Now this is distasteful…no pun intended, but the focus and response was on cannibalism and the blood lust sickness of white men.  And not on how he made the boogie man of boxing look  like an amateur. Yesterday I went on a post and mentioned that the better boxer won and got eviscerated, first by a  fefail, who accused me of supporting white supremacy and of being a homosexual… because I choose not to ignore her bitch ass self, instead verbally lashed her for her disrespect.  Of course as is par for the course in a gynocratic society, in comes the beta males.  So called “conscious males”, wearing capes and pantyhose to supported and protect her from my verbal assault. I was again called a supporter of white supremacy and for mistreating a “queen”.  The so called black conscious crowd are living example of the old proverb…if the only thing you have in your tool box is a hammer, everything will look like a nail.  In the case of Deontay Wilder, his tool box is filled with one hammer. His explosive and destructive right hand. He has nothing else in this tool box.

Not a…

  • Claw Hammer to Drive Nails. …
  • Flathead Screwdriver. …
  • Tape Measure. …
  • The Adjustable Crescent Wrench. …
  • Vice Grip Pliers. …
  • Electric Drill. …
  • High-Quality Level. …
  • Utility Knife and Blades
  • Pliers
There are four main punches in boxing:
  • Jab…
  • Cross…
  • Hook…
  • Uppercut…

A skilled boxer is able to use all four in a variety of combination, along with movement, feints and other tricks of the trade to come out victorious. The only tool Deontay Wilder had in his tool box, the only one he continued to rely on, was his hammer. Or straight cross. This hammer has saved him on a few occasions when he was being out boxed by a superior boxer like Louise Ortiz, in their second fight. In fact Wilder was on his way to losing that fight until he out of nowhere unleashed the equalizer. In the first Fury-Wilder fight, he was again being out jabbed and outpointed by the British fighter, this time, before unleashing the hammer. For 41 fights, Wilder a football player, who fell into boxing at a latter stage in his life, fell in love with his hammer and decided to carry that hammer around with him. Like the mythical Thor. Even to a paper mache’ making class.  Wilder like a lot of people who gets by on having only one redeeming quality or skill, grew even more arrogant, depending solely on that skill. So arrogant that he felt he need not pay attention to fixing his weakness or add on to his limited repertoire.  Keep in mind, Deontay Wilder is athletic, light on his feet and has a warriors heart. He also lacks discipline, patience and ring IQ. As well, he lacked trainers that either couldn’t help him shore up his weakness, or men who couldn’t get him to listen to them. If it was the latter, it shows how arrogant Wilder really was. In the second fight, he barley if ever threw a jab, a double jab, any variety of hooks, upper cuts or combination of the four main punches. Everything was head hunting for the knock out. Tyson Fury is not a particularly skilled fighter. In fact today’s heavy weight boxers cannot be compared to yesterdays boxers. Which makes it egregious that Deontay Wilder has stated that he would knock out a prime Mike Tyson. Now this is boxing, the heavy weight division, so anything IS possible. But Deontay Wilder has nothing to slow down Mike Tyson. The boxers who have beaten Mike when he was still serviceable, used the jab, movement and clinched him in order to slow him down. And being shorter, pressed their heavier bodies on him to tire him out. Wilder never showed the patience to use his superior reach or discipline to use the jab. Whether coming forward or moving backwards. He does not tie people up as a strategy and has not shown he would use side to side or circular movement to create angles and opportunities. Just straight forward and winging it. Hoping to land the hammer.  Compared to the 90s, todays heavyweight division is peopled by midgets. And Tyson Fury has shown to be king of the midgets. Because Anthony Joshua who has being avoiding Deontay Wilder, won’t beat the so called gypsy king either. Boxing icon, Lennox Lewis’ had predicted Tyson Fury would win the second fight on points, although he felt it could end quicker. He explained that Fury was a lot more difficult to hit than Wilder. Because he Fury, “offers up all sorts of different angles”. “He moves well and he’s evasive”. “He makes life difficult for his opponent and, if we wound back the clock, I’d rather fight Wilder than Fury as Wilder’s just a bit more one-dimensional.”  Leading up to the second fight, Lennox Lewis felt that “If Tyson Fury can stay away from Deontay Wilder’s power then, for me, he wins. He’s got to be careful not to start throwing the combos too recklessly. But he can use the Wilder power to his advantage, allow him to throw and miss and then he needs to step in there to take his chance. That’s the difference he needs to make from the first fight.”

Of course Wilder felt differently about this and while we admire his belief in himself, this is a man that said he could easily knock out the 1996 version of Iron Mike Tyson.

 Fury put Wilder on the back foot from round one as he romped to victory

After the fight Lewis said this…“Tonight Tyson Fury solved the puzzle that was Wilder by making him fight going backwards where he’s not as explosive. Big Manned him.” Deontay Wilder wasn’t able to adjust to Tyson Fury’s come forward style, as he was previously known to be a counter puncher. This was a testament to Fury’s corners game plan and Wilder’s lack of. As well, Tyson Fury had elicited the help of the infamous Kronk gym of legendary Emmanual Stewards nephew. A gym that had turne out 41 world champions. Including Lennox Lewis. Fury reinvented himself through training at this training facility. Now the conscious and woke folks would probably see that as Lewis and those trainers as being coons and betraying the black fighter. But war is business and sports is a metaphore for war. This is where Wilder’s journey resembles that of the black man under white pathology. The black man, particularly the so called woke black man, feels that his blackness alone can earn him respect and awe in society. He expects that every black man must think like him or be regulated to the category of coon status.  Black men in general goes into society as a one trick pony. Its either his slick talk, his penis or his mean mugging. These black men think this makes white people fear them.  News flash. ..just because white people avoid you, that doesn’t necessary mean they fear you. Black people have done a lot of things to justify white people’s hatred of them. But they have done far more to engender white people’s lack of respect.  When dealing with an enemy like the white man, a healthy dose of fear must proceed respect.  An intelligent opponent knows if his adversary is relentless, must make him respect the fact that you can be more relentless and ruthless as he. Not only will he fear messing with you in a trivial manner, but your constant vigilance and preparedness has to out match his strong desire to survive as a minority on the planet. This is what drives white people. Their fear of annihilation. So they will be furious in preventing its happenstance. Lke Deontay Wilder, most black males rely exclusively on that one trick, hammer punch,  to get his point across. And think that’s all he  will need.  That the fear of that one trick is all white people, women and other black men will need for him to get respect. And if another person addresses his short comings, he, like Deontay Wilder will accuse them of “hating”.  The story of the shooting death of Markeis McGlockton, a 28-year-old man in a Clearwater, Florida parking lot on July 19, 2018, illustrate this very same flaw in the black man’s one trick pony thinking. Apparently McGlockton had parked in a shopping plaza’s handy cap parking space, while not having a sticker.  According to the Circuit Judge Joseph A. Bulone, he Drjeka “… just seems to come out of nowhere, kind of like a superhero, to see that he enforces the handicapped parking spot,”  It was clear that the savage was in the wrong and deserved the 20 year sentenced handed down. However, what transpired was an example of black people and black men in amurdikkka, like Deontay wilder…going to a fight ill prepared. First Florida is a stand your ground state, where white nut-bars run a round looking for an opportunity to shoot anybody.  McGlockton’s girlfriend, Brittany Jacobs, began arguing with Drejka, as he showed displeasure in her being parked in the handicapped parking space without a visible permit. I cannot say she was wrong for arguing with him, because he accosted her and probably in the foulest of fashion. What puzzled me was she didn’t have situational awareness to consider that a white man coming up to her in a State like Florida could be armed. Then… even more telling, McGlockton’ was shown on CCTV camera, confronting Drjeka and pushing him to the ground. Immediately after pushing the visually aggressive white man to the ground, he STEPPED BACK, opening space between himself and his murderer. Immediately Drjeka pulled his gun and shot the frozen in place McGlockton several times in the chest.

I have grown disgusted in seeing numerous black men posing on social media with a variety of guns. From the basic hand guns to military grade machines. I have seen footage of black men teaching black women and children and other men to shoot on a range. But white men are also watching them. White men with guns who don’t like black people.  White men with sectet paramilitary training, who believe black people are their natural enemy. White men with guns who have no remorse in using it on black men, women and children. Now these black men, from the “woke” to the “slumbering”, feels this social media prancing would intimidate white men with guns. I feel thevless they know about you, thevless prepared they will be for you. Or as theyvsay in boxing, its the punch they don’t see, that knocks  them out. Obviously our misunderstanding of the aggressive and competitive nature of white men continues to trip us up. I have made it clear to men who do this to stop doing that shit, because all it does is prepare white men for a violent confrontation, every time they encounter a black male. I have watched dozens of videos of white men, boys, girls and women train assiduously as if their lives depend on it. I have yet to see or hear of black men as a collective put real world fear of retaliation in the hearts of white men with guns. Because whenever white men kill black people, its in large groups. Or picking them off singularly.  I have yet to see a collective of black men today take a page from the legendary Mark James Robert Essex (August 12, 1949[1] – January 7, 1973) . May his name be recited  and remembered for eternity.

White people also have indoctrination session and classes, where they inculcate into the minds of each other, that blacks… particular black males are waiting to kill the men and rape their women. Now whether you agree with this or not, is immaterial. Whitevmenbare ALWAYS prepared for a violent encounter.  This is why so many white hate groups have popped up recently. And they all say the same thing. They are under attack from governments trying to take their guns and immigrants and “niggers” encroaching on their white space. The majority of black men chooses from their tool box, the hammer of more education or more employment with white establishment to show they are just as equal. In the best case scenario. In the worse case scenario, they choose to take their women and children out into the streets to march, protest and vote. Another useless tool against an apponnent with a multi tool kit. Because they think that the system of white pathology will overnight embrace them as equals. On one hand the black man, like a Deontay Wilder acknowledge he is not loved by the government and boxing politics. They both rail away at the unfairness, yet hang around expecting their presence will force the establishment into giving them that title fight or equal representation in society. Like Wilder, the black man overstands that the white man, “yanks their chains” and moves the goal post constantly. His  belief in his record of intimidating white men with his one trick, arrogantly blinds him to the fact that the white man is ruthless, but not stupid. He has studied us. He knows our tendency to come in a straight line trying to throw hay makers.  So each time he encounters us after the initial punch thrown, he changes strategy and tactics. He has us fighting off the back foot, he presses his weight on our necks and ties us up in litigation, propaganda and funding meaningless programs and false leadership, to misdirect and defuse our aggression. Like Deontay Wilder, the conscious black man believes he is physically superior to the white man. The white man,except for the MMA junkies, weight lifting addicts, survivalist and military specialists, may believe so too. But he leaves nothing to chance. So in studying the black man, like Fury studied Wilder, made note of his tendency to come forward and swing for the knockout. So every move is counter moved. He keeps the black man off balance and backing up, And just to show Wilder’s corner and the “woke” black men, he showed how far he is willing to go in his blood lust by symbolically and actually, licking the black man’s blood.

CIA Considered Bombing Miami and Killing Refugees to Blame Castro

CIA Considered Bombing Miami and Killing Refugees to Blame Castro

This blurb and picture came from an old news paper story. The white man is willing to kill his own people to get rid of another white man that is competing with him for economic and ideological positioning in the Caribbean and South amurdikkka. Do you think such a beast is intimidated by a one trick pony? To quote our beloved ancestor El Hajj Malik Shabazz, Malcolm X…“I’m telling you,  you don’t know what a revolution is. ‘Cause when you find out what it is, you’ll get back in the alley; you’ll get out of the way.

Like the so called conscious black men, Deontay Wilder has to face the fact that trying to get by with that one trick pony is not enough when dealing with an apponnent who is willing to adapt. Who may not have the phsyical attributes. But is smart enough to take away your strength and leave you stumbling all over the place. Sports is and will always be a metaphor for war, business and relationship.  You don’t have to be a sports fan to get this. You just have to be intelligent. And adaptable. Because “truth is consistent,  despite opinions” ( akwesi sankofa).

APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys

Forty-six years ago, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) — the largest psychiatric organization in the world — made history by issuing a resolution stating that homosexuality was not a mental illness or sickness. This declaration helped shift public opinion, marking a major milestone for the legal acceptance of homosexuality as an “alternative way of life”.  This ruling has had a profound effect on several view point around sex AND gender.  Note I stated the APA cleared the way to make homosexuality a “legally accepted behavior”.  The practice of homosexuality has been around for centuries. And while the practice was never entrenched in legality, it was a publicly accepted behavior in civilizations from Greece, to Rome, to Asia and the British isles. Even in Afuraka, after the infection of the Asiatics, all the way through colonialism, homosexuality was known. However unlike Europe and Asia, homosexuality in Afuraka. was seen as a sickness. An imbalance against nature.  And instead of persecuting them, homosexuals where offered rehabilitation. Or refusing that, they are ostracized. This is why there is no oral tradition or symbolic depiction of homosexuals and homosexuality in Afuraka, particularly before the Greeks, Persians, Roman and other settler invaders.  The 1973 resolution, put out by the American Psychiatric Association stated, “We will no longer insist on a label of sickness for individuals who insist that they are well and demonstrate no generalized impairment in social effectiveness.” The statement continued to say the APA supports “civil rights legislation at local, state, and Federal levels that would insure homosexual citizens the same protections now guaranteed to others.”  Psychotherapist contended that the DSM, psychiatry’s “bible” that defines all mental illness, is not scientific but a product of “unscrupulous politics and bureaucracy”. Mind you the same “unscrupulous politics and bureaucracy’, that had homosexuality removed from the DSM in 1973, if you actually followed the events. Psychiatry was in a crisis in the 1970s over questions like “what is a mental illness?” and “what mental illnesses exist?” One of the first things they did was try to finesse the problem that no mental illness met that definition of a disease. They had yet to identify what the pathogen was, what the disease process consisted of, and how to cure it. So they created a category called “disorder.” It’s a rhetorical device. It’s saying “it’s sort of like a disease,” but not calling it a disease because all the other doctors will jump down their throats asking, “where’s your blood test?”

The Board of Trustees of the APA approved a change in its official manual of psychiatric disorders. “Homosexuality per se,” the trustees voted, should no longer be considered a “psychiatric disorder”; it should be defined instead as a “sexual orientation disturbance.”   A lot of people confuse Psychiatry with Psychology.  Both discipline are similar but for one important aspect. Psychiatrists are medical doctors, psychologists are not. Due to that difference, psychiatrists can prescribe medication, psychologists can’t. Psychiatrists can diagnose illness, manage treatment and provide a range of therapies for complex and serious mental illness. Psychologists focus on providing psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help patients. Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (an M.D. or D.O.) who specializes in mental health, including substance use disorders. Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems. People seek psychiatric help for many reasons. The problems can be sudden, such as a panic attack, frightening hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, or hearing “voices.” Or they may be more long-term, such as feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anxiousness that never seem to lift or problems functioning, causing everyday life to feel distorted or out of control. For the psychiatrist, a mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. Such features may be persistent, relapsing and remitting, or occur as a single episode. … A mental disorder is one aspect of mental health. Because they are physicians, psychiatrists can order or perform a full range of medical laboratory and psychological tests which, combined with discussions with patients, help provide a picture of a patient’s physical and mental state. Their education and clinical training equip them to understand the complex relationship between emotional and other medical illnesses and the relationships with genetics and family history, to evaluate medical and psychological data, to make a diagnosis, and to work with patients to develop treatment plans. Specific diagnoses are based on criteria established in APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM-5), which contains descriptions, symptoms and other criteria for diagnosing mental disorders.  Psychiatrists use a variety of treatments – including various forms of psychotherapy, medications, psycho-social interventions and other treatments (such as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT), depending on the needs of each patient. Psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy, is a treatment that involves a talking relationship between a therapist and patient. It can be used to treat a broad variety of mental disorders and emotional difficulties. The goal of psychotherapy is to eliminate or control disabling or troubling symptoms so the patient can function better. Depending on the extent of the problem, treatment may take just a few sessions over a week or two or may take many sessions over a period of years. Psychotherapy can be done individually, as a couple, with a family, or in a group.

Psychology Emerges as a Separate Discipline

During the 17th-century, the French philosopher Rene Descartes introduced the idea of dualism, which asserted that the mind and body were two entities that interact to form the human experience. Many other issues are still debated by psychologists today, such as the relative contributions of nature vs. nurture, which are rooted in these early philosophical traditions. So what makes psychology different from philosophy? While early philosophers relied on methods such as observation and logic, today’s psychologists utilize scientific methodologies to study and draw conclusions about human thought and behavior.  Physiology also contributed to psychology’s eventual emergence as a scientific discipline. Early physiological research on the brain and behavior had a dramatic impact on psychology, ultimately contributing to applying scientific methodologies to the study of human thought and behavior. During the mid-1800s, a German physiologist named Wilhelm Wundt was using scientific research methods to investigate reaction times. His book published in 1874, “Principles of Physiological Psychology,” outlined many of the major connections between the science of physiology and the study of human thought and behavior (philosophy). He later opened the world’s first psychology lab in 1879 at the University of Leipzig. This event is generally considered the official start of psychology as a separate and distinct scientific discipline. Kurt Lewin was an influential psychologist who is today recognized as the founder of modern social psychology. His research on group dynamics, experiential learning, and action research had a tremendous influence on the growth and development of social psychology.  A brief his-story of psychology is necessary to overstand the point of the post. And before I go into the post please take a listen to this Ted Talk presentation by Nick Brown.

Suffice to say that this Ted Talk speaker, Nick Brown, will continue to be an outsider to more established members of the psychologist community. So far we know that psychology got its genesis from philosophy. We know also, that psychology and psychiatry are similar in that the focus on human behavior and the mind. Which includes things that stimulate or repress mental abilities. The only difference being that psychologists are not allowed to dispense medication. Based on the information in the first video, we can overstand that both Psychiatry and Psychology are basically guessing. And the question of who benefits is based on funding and politics. We know that the APA once was at the fore front to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder, only to classify it as a sexual orientation disturbance. Whatever the hell that means! In keeping with the continual march of the political left, social justice agitators ( I can’t call them warriors) and the constant push to redefine sexuality, gender, femininity and masculinity, the APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys .  According to those who’s interests it is to continue this trend of sexual redefinition, the APA’s guidelines is to help psychologists work with men and boys. The purpose of modern social scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, politicians, homosexuals and those who supports homosexuality and sexual confusion is to finally obliterate masculinity forever and redefine it as something else.

pharrell on the cover of gq's new masculinity issue for november 2019 Image result for rappers wearing dresses

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All these pictures posted in this blog is necessary to make a point that there is and has been an attack on traditional masculinity since 1964, when the civil wrong act became a Trojan horse for homosexuality to become a wildly acceptable socially. Again, homosexuality was an accepted social phenomenon, all be it one that didn’t push itself as an alternate lifestyle that everybody HAS to respect or accept.  Even after removing it from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM ), they still had to fight public feelings in certain sectors,including the traditional religion of Christianity. The Catholic Church’s own his story of pedophilia and rapes of non Christians, not withstanding. So they promoted the agenda of dismantling masculinity through the entertainment industry. Once we became inured to dudes prancing around in female clothing, then we see more and more scene of homosexuality in the movies and on Teevee. Homosexual musical artists are strongly promoted, regardless of their talent level. While the Damon Wayans and David Allen Greer’s depiction of homosexuality in mainstream was a parody, it foretold what the future was going to look like. All the picture above was a progression of what the show In living Color parodied back in April 15, 1990. Now we have a continuation of this attack coming full circle when the organization that started the legal acceptance of homosexuality, has now put out guidelines as to what masculinity should be. Everything else was the braying of the jack assess in the alphabet group, but since the APA is a supposed official scientific organization, backed by the government and public praise, they now validate all the public proclamations of feminists, LGBTQ, the LGBTQQIP2AA ( I kid you not)  and the sheep that follows them.

According to a 2017 analysis by Fortune Magazine, in 16 of the top companies, 80 percent of all high-ranking executives were male. Meanwhile, the 115th Congress, which began in 2017, was 81 percent male. But society felt that something was amiss for men. Despite the prominence of men in position of authority in various levels of private and public institutions. Statistics say that men commit 90 percent of homicides in the United States and represent 77 percent of homicide victims. They’re the demographic group most at risk of being victimized by violent crime. They are 3.5 times more likely than women to die by suicide, and their life expectancy is 4.9 years shorter than women’s. Boys are far more likely to be diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder than girls, and they face harsher punishments in school—especially black boys. That being said, the APA’s new Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men strives to show that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that “socializing boys to suppress their emotions” causes damage that echoes both inwardly and outwardly. Mind you this is a society that removed male involved sports like wrestling and football from numerous public and post secondary school curriculum. A society that says that traditional toys and activities of little boys, such as GI Joe and toy armies, to racing his little bike up and down the sidewalk as dangerous. This is a society that tells boys that traditional activities that cater to boys desire for rough and tumble, figuring out complex situations via male oriented processing, risk taking as a form of spatial development, as too violent. Then they turn around and wonder why boys hide in their rooms and parents basements to play video games. And they talk about suppressing of emotions. This is a society that promotes man spreading as a crime. That teaches little boys and girls that girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice and boys from Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails. A society where modern sitcoms and movies have removed heroic male authority and replaced it with heroic female figures rescuing emasculated simps from danger. In fact it is not traditional masculinity that is causing problems with young boys and adult males. But a society that has portrayed traditional masculinity as toxic, shaming males for not being the sort of males the feminist and homosexual agenda would like. These people take outliers, hyper-aggressive, outlaw types and promote them as the norm for masculinity. They associate masculinity with poison and seek to redefine masculinity based on something that is not a biological imperative since the dawn of time.

Modern researchers ( think grant funding) reject the idea that masculinity and femininity were opposite ends of a spectrum, and also rejected that “healthy” psychology entailed in identifying strongly with the gender roles conferred by a person’s biological sex. In fact a professor at Toronto’s University of Toronto, in a debate with Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, stated emphatically that there is no such thing as biological sex. This person claims to study the history of sex. Not that he was a scientist, doctor or anything mundane like that. These are the people setting the table for what is masculinity and what is biological imperative in humans. The main thrust of APA’s subsequent research is that traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful.  According to them men socialized in this way are less likely to engage in healthy behaviors. But what do they call healthy behaviors? See the images above as a small sample and example of healthy masculinity.

A 2011 study led by Kristen Springer, PhD, of Rutgers University, claims to find that men with the strongest beliefs about masculinity were only half as likely as men with more moderate masculine beliefs to get preventive health care.  preventive health care is defined as routine health screenings, check-ups, and patient counseling to prevent illnesses, disease, or other health problems.  And in 2007, researchers led by James Mahalik, PhD, of Boston College, found that the more men conformed to masculine norms, the more likely they were to consider as normal risky health behaviors such as heavy drinking, using tobacco and avoiding vegetables, and to engage in these risky behaviors themselves (Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 64, No. 11). This masculine reluctance toward self-care extends to psychological help. Research led by Omar Yousaf, PhD, found that men who bought into traditional notions of masculinity were more negative about seeking mental health services than those with more flexible gender attitudes (Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2015).

For this reason, mental health professionals need to be aware that men are often reluctant to admit vulnerability, says Fredric Rabinowitz, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Redlands in California who has stewarded the new guidelines since 2005, when he was president of APA Div. 51 (Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities). “Because of the way many men have been brought up—to be self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves—any sense that things aren’t OK needs to be kept secret,” Rabinowitz says. “Part of what happens is men who keep things to themselves look outward and see that no one else is sharing any of the conflicts that they feel inside. That makes them feel isolated. They think they’re alone. They think they’re weak. They think they’re not OK. They don’t realize that other men are also harboring private thoughts and private emotions and private conflicts.”

These private conflicts can have tragic ramifications. Though men report less depression than women, they complete suicide at far higher rates than women, and the numbers are moving in the wrong direction. The suicide rate for non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaska Native men jumped 38 percent between 1999 and 2014, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; for white men, suicide rates increased 28 percent in that time span (National Center for Health Statistics, 2016). Suicide rates for women have been on the rise as well, but because men complete suicide more often than women, men’s suicide death rates remain the highest. This vision of masculinity may summon up an image of a closemouthed cowboy, à la John Wayne. But there’s more to masculinity than macho swagger. When the rules of manliness bump up against issues of race, class and sexuality, they can further complicate men’s lives. For example, the masculine requirement to remain stoic and provide for loved ones can interact with systemic racism and lead to so-called John Henryism for African-American men, a high-effort method of coping that involves striving hard in the face of prolonged stress and discrimination. John Henryism has been linked with hypertension and depression (Journal of Black Psychology, Vol. 42, No. 3, 2016). Race, ethnicity and discrimination can also intersect with immigration status: As of fiscal year 2017, 68 percent of unaccompanied minors who crossed the border were male (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2018). Most of these children arrive from Central America and Mexico, fleeing gang violence (Journal on Migration and Human Security, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2015), an additional psychological stressors.

If my reader does even the most rudimentary of research, he or she will overstand that masculinity is the corner stone of civilization. Civilization have always been built on the backs and through the efforts, will and sacrifices of men. Masculine men. And culture, which is the frame work of civilization was also the foundation of masculinity that femininity built on to make it viable. We can never speak on masculinity with out the counterbalance of femininity and we should not. However, modern western society promotes a bastardized version of femininity as a competition instead of a complement to masculinity. Considering that femininity can not compete with masculinity by no known metric, masculinity has to be hamstrung to place femininity…the bastardized version…on a pedestal.  Since 1970s the North amurdikkka and most of the western countries have transitioned from manufacturing and production, to consumerism. Traditional manufacturing jobs have moved to third world and developing countries, where people and resources are abused and violated so that the west can become increasingly consumer oriented. Manufacturing is and always will be the purveyor of men. Consumerism of women. This is why almost every product marketed in society is marketed to the female or with the female in mind. Articles galore extol the wonder of the increase in female education, all while reducing access to trades. Society tends to devalue or dismiss tradesmen until they need some plumbing or electrical work done. Most educational curriculum is geared to women, and men are encouraged to enter that field and compete with women. But only if you don’t show too much masculinity.  There are nurses and male nurses. There are male PSW’s an child care workers, that have to have a certain feminine energy or the females around them will feel intimidated. Men competing in football, boxing and mixed martial arts is considered barbaric. Yet lingerie football league is sexy and women competing in boxing and mixed martial arts is considered a positive for female. The statistics on suicides, that I have read states that more females talk about and attempts suicide than males do. But the fact that males complete it more, is indicative of the ability of men to actually complete a task, while women will fail at even that.  In fact the narrative should be less about who actually completes suicide and should focus on WHY are people, including an increasing amount of young people are considering suicide. in the supposed richest and free-est nation on the planet.

Medical statistics also show that more boys are born than girls, but by the time they reach eighteen, girls catch up and pass them.  This is due to a lot of factors that include masculine factors, but could also be due to other factors as well. Wars, recreational injuries and on the job injuries are a few reasons why more men die than women before a certain age.  Most men are military personnel, police officers, fire fighters, oil rig workers, construction workers, taxi drivers, etc. vocation that carries a lot of risk of injuries or death. These are the vocations that build society and keep society safe for girls, women and bet males to feel free to denigrate masculinity. The idea that men do not go to see doctors, hides that fact that men feel no need to go to the doctor for every single sniffle or broken nail. While women complain about the non existent wage gap. A gap already proven to be false because most women take less dangerous jobs or that women make choices that men don’t. They can be married, have a job, not have a job, be married with children ( which removes them from the work place as their husbands take care of them), unmarried with children ( with the support of ex husbands, boyfriends or the government). Men too have a choice and that is getting a job or end up in prison. Why the two choices for men? An unemployed man is seen as a pariah in society. He is looked down upon and seen as unmanly. Not so an unemployed woman. Not every unemployed man is criminal, but every unemployed man is likely homeless, in a country that has made homelessness a crime. What these “experts” have shown the wise is that you can’t turn a science into a technology until the science is solid and repeatable. You can’t have an industrial revolution until you can make parts. And although psychology has been using those scientific methods for over a century now, it really doesn’t have much to show for it. Psychology has not become what we call accumulative science. Which is science that is measurable.

You cannot have toxic masculinity without toxic femininity.  Third wave femininity that produce some of the
most vile anti male thoughts and aggression, are never called toxic.
Yet toxic femininity just like toxic masculinity is as moronic as saying living wealthy, poorly


Y. Joel Wong, PhD, and colleagues have reported that at least among white college students, Asian-American men are viewed as less manly than white or black American men (Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Vol. 14, No. 4, 2013). Men and boys of color may also be viewed with suspicion by schools, law enforcement and others, leading to harsher punishments compared with white men and boys, says Christopher Liang, PhD, a psychologist at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania who helped draft the guidelines. “Boys and men of color [are] dealing with all their hurts and their struggles in ways that are consistent with masculinity,” Liang says. “So, ‘be tough,’ and ‘don’t show your hurts.’ And they have to do this in a system where their behaviors are looked upon more negatively than boys and men from different groups.”  Again we live in a society that sees masculinity as disposable, places boys and adult males, in difficult position that evokes specific responses, then shames them for showing passion and emotions. Then when they are told to man up, they are berated for burying their emotions. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

The clinician’s role, the experts say, can be to encourage men to discard the harmful ideologies of traditional masculinity (violence, sexism) and find flexibility in the potentially positive aspects (courage, leadership). He and his team are working on a positive-masculinity scale to capture peoples’ adherence to the pro-social traits expected from men, something that has yet to be measured systematically.  Sexism and violence must be placed in context. Sexism that places women intentionally at a disadvantage is wrong, but has nothing to do with traditional masculinity.  But then again there is the conventional definition of what is sexism, we must look at. Like wise violence without a purpose is called mindless or criminal. Certainly not a trait of traditional masculinity or masculinity in its wholesomeness. One important finding that the so called experts, point to is that there’s less daylight between what’s expected of men and what’s expected of women than a glimpse at media and culture might reveal. About a third of the traits that people consider to be positive aspects of masculinity, such as sacrificing for others and having strong morals, are actually expected more from women than men when researchers ask both men and women about the trait in isolation from wider gender cues. Other traits, such as community leadership, charm and humor, are expected more of men than women, but not by much. The study focused solely on positive traits, so it’s not clear whether people’s expectations for bad behavior are similarly overlapping (Psychology of Men & Masculinity, online first publication, 2018). Indeed, when researchers strip away stereotypes and expectations, there isn’t much difference in the basic behaviors of men and women. Time diary studies, for example, find that men enjoy caring for their children as much as women do. And differences in emotional displays between boys and girls are small, according to a 2013 meta-analysis (Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 139, No. 4), and not always in the stereo-typical direction. Adolescent boys, for example, actually displayed fewer externalizing emotions such as anger than did adolescent girls.