The consequence of being irresponsible

The news that Floyd Mayweather’s 19-year-old daughter, Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather,  was recently arrested and jailed in Harris County, Texas, for aggravated assault, after a 25-year-old woman was stabbed, is trending heavy on social media. Of course Floyd Mayweather’s personality, passed perceived and actual actions have also become a trend, primerely by those who never liked him. No! Not just never liked him. By those who hated his “black nigger ass!” Lets call a racist a son of a bitch, a racist summa bitch! There are numerous things one can say they don’t like about Floyd  Mayweather. And there are many.  But many of the things coming from the upper anus of his detractors are not just borderline racist, but straight up racist and hateful. One news outlet, attached his so called domestic violence arrest at the end of the story to imply that the apple doesn’t fall far from the nigger tree in the case of Yaya. But also to prove how the Eurosavages,  Mexican’ts, lawn jockey kneegrows and other sick sumama bitches, continue to be irrational in hating on a man that they don’t know personally.

According to the official reports, an altercation between Mayweather, rapper NBA Youngboy and a woman named Lapattra Lashai Jacobs turned violent Friday night, prompting law enforcement to show up at the rapper’s home and arrest Mayweather. Police had arrived at the scene after emergency medical staff responded to a 911 call shortly before 7 p.m. The medical staff that helped the injured woman contacted police and alerted them to the possible altercation. NBA Youngboy, born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, and Mayweather used to be in a “relationship”. Jacobs has a child with the rapper, according to reports.

The arrest and serious charges of Iyanna is a combination of bad or toxic parenting from a man who should be an example of authentic masculinity and positive father figure, but instead is a narcissistic blowhard. An absentee mother who clout chases, is a selfish celebrity hound and lacks a natural maternal nurturing skill. And a modern kneegrow fefail ( technically she is an example of all females today, but this blog is called blackmystory for a reason) who lacks accountability,  rationality, yet carries around a distorted sense of privilege beyond the scope of her intellect.

Let’s explore all the ways this association  and tragic ending, was wrong from  the jump. I saw a headline that described Yaya as a media star. What? What makes her a media star? Instagram and other platforms that any talentless fefail can clout chase and seek likes and fans, by showing off her tits, ass, what she ate for breakfast, who she fucks or sucks or how her Brazilian wax went? In other words, the modern fefail is an internet celebrity for just about any inane reasons. And they call themselves IG models, gets dick pics and innappropriate offers, in their Direct Messages, from as far away as India. From beta cucks and perverts crawling out every sewer and swamp on the planet.

What Iyannna Mayweather is, is a 19 year old kneegress, who used to be screwed by a dude who can barely form a coherent sentence but is called a rapper…an oxymoron these days…who had a 25 year old baby mother. Apparently this kneegrow was stringing along an insecure and immature teenager, who he told he was interested in, after fucking with her emotions. And she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Even the most well behaved female would go postal over shit like that. Iyanna Mayweather is symptomic of the average kneegrow female who chase after low hanging fruits, based in their celebrity status instead of their character. Fefails never pursue “nice guys”, because they are not a challenge, or they are boring. So they immerse themselves in drama, never accepting responsibility for their behaviour, choosing to only blame the men or on occasion, other women for her own stupid and reckless behaviour.

It doesnt help that while Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly one of the greatest if not the greatest boxing legend today, both as a boxer and as a money maker, he remains a boxer by nature. What I mean by that is,  i have spent some time in boxing gyms as a youth and noted then as now, that the best boxers are those raised in poverty, and who have experienced childhood trauma,  poor and neglected parenting and insecurity. It is these factors that bred men who have no compunction against getting punched repeatedly in the head due to their immense drive to overcome destitution. Floyd also benefited a lot from a father and two uncles who were each at one time, high level boxers. But he was damaged by the fact that his father sold drugs to augment his boxing career. Used him as a shield against a pissed off gun wielding dealer. While seeing shit growing up that would give anybody PST. Boxers  before Mayweather cane about, were used as rented mules to be discarded when they can’t  walk and talk anymore. Floyd Sr., never lived with his son’s mother. Jr was a boy who slept in a one bed room house with ten other brothers and sisters. Does this excuse many of his borish behaviour? No! But it explains the foundation of it.

As most talented athletes realized early, their skills pay the bills and not the indoctrination institutions. So Floyd quit school to focus on his career. And like all shinning star, who shined from early, he never knew how to be normal.

Unfortunately his fame entrenched and  exposed his lack of maturity, and he passed on only what he knew to his children. Arrogance, privilege and irresponsibility. Mike Tyson, is one of many who have had a similar rise and a greater fall, who’s life echo that of many other boxers in the history of the human cock fighting game. The thing is, regardless of what kind of father Floyd Mayweather or Joe the grocery warehouse stocker is, the modern fefail is always ripe to become a THOT and a ratchet behaving mess, due to the pull of feminism, gynocracy, social media and the willing attention of low hanging fruit kneegrows. This is a constant fight every parent today must deal with. I would lie if i said i saw this coming, because i don’t study people like her.  But at the same time i am not suprised either. The environment was too ripe for this not to happen at some time.

This is the other half of Iyanna’s parentage. It just goes to show you that while only a father can show a daughter how to choose a solid man. Only a mother can  show her how to be a solid woman.


One thought on “The consequence of being irresponsible

  1. Hey brother! It’s KP. How you holding up? This orchestrated chaos is getting out of hand. It’s like we’re living in George Orwell’s 1984. The news is lying to us everyday. Can’t trust tel-lie-vision. This so called virus has everyone losing their damn mind. I think the next few months will be rough for us. I’ve gone underground for awhile. Been getting family and friends prepared. The BLM movement is not about helping the community. It’s not a grass roots movement. It’s misleading the masses. Stock up on canned goods,weapons,emergency kits,backpacks,tents,hygiene products etc. I just wanted to check up on you. Make sure doing okay. In the end the righteous will prevail! Stay strong ✊🏾


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