Alpha male, beta male and female hypergammy

There is a saying in the world of masculine men. That every woman has a whore tendency. Whether some actually act on it is immaterial. The tendency is natural to women. What is a whore or in urban vernacular, a ho? A ho is an alteration of the designate whore. And a whore is a prostitute. A prostitute is a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.  Now the definition does not specify what payment is. A payment is actually  the trade of value from one party to another for goods, or services, or to fulfill a legal obligation. Payment can take a variety of forms.
Barter is the exchange of one good or service for another. It is a form of payment. Hence the reason why ho’ became a more easily overstandable description of women who whore themselves, but pretend to be too dignified or “morally” superior to women who do prostitution as a vocation.  I overstand prostitution as i got older. Prostitute are honest and open about their trade and do provide a service, which modern society and the recreational sex and “hook up” generation, hypcritcally shun.
This is a point no fake puritanical stance can ever obscure.  Prostitution developed a bad  reputation, coincidentally around the time when the sexual revolution entered the public conscience.  Women “getting the right” to fuck whom the wish, was supposed to remove control from the hands of pimps. Because the feminist wanted to be a ho without  a middle manager. Modern society in all its stupidity and ignorance looked at today’s  male sex traffickers and associated them with earlier pimps. This is so far from reality. The OG pimps, from the days of Iceberg slim and before, rarely if ever forced a woman to prostitute themselves. They usually coerced them to act on their nature. In the early days of the pimp game, the prostitute usually approches the pimp to be her manager and would give him a choosing fee. This is a “discreationary payment”, similar to what an athlete gives her agent of choice, to represent her to perspective teams.  OG pimps overstood that a woman will always test or challenge him, to see if his game remains strong. If he is weak she would leave him instantly. If he fails to manage her by keepin her “in pyschological check”, she automatically start disrespecting him, eventually leaving him.  But not before robbing him, getting  him arrested or even killed by a rival. So a pimp’s game has to be tight. Treating her like a truant child, ever  watchful of her constantly pushing the boundaries of his established rules.
This is why Malcolm X stated that every  man should learn what a pimp knows. Malcolm is not saying that you must prostitute a woman. As a man who learned from prostitute, he is telling men that every woman is to be trusted  only so much.  A womans nature is a lot of things, but the one aspect that stands out is her hypergamist nature. An aspect of her nature that causes her to constantly try to upgrade her men.  Combine this with the fact that women cheat a lot, but are psychopathically good at hiding or rationalizing this behaviour, with the help of society, what we end up with is often the type of incidents below in this instagram post.
Overstand  that this is not new to women. Its just more open today, because  modern society embolden women to be fearless and careless in this type of behaviour.  Many of these ho’s know that the legal courts and the court of public opinions are on their side. So if their husbands grow balls and decide to divorce her, he would end up paying through the nose. This is why marriage  for men these days, is a fiscally and socially irresponsible contract to enter into.  Overstand also that men who are considered masculine,  alpha or red pill, get cheated on as well. The difference is these types of men offers her either less of an incentive to cheat, or if he does get cheated on, chalks it up to the “game” and keeps it moving. Still, do not fail to overstand that even red pill men and alphas are susceptable to being cheated on as well. Just less frequently. This is why no man should trust a woman more than 60 percent at the extreme. And should like her instead of loving her.  Pay attention to what i just said. I will address it later. A woman will think twice about cheating or leaving a relationship, if she has limited to no options and the man does. The minute she thinks she has one upped  him, she will start looking to check out. If he doesn’t grab her attention anymore, doesnt “excite” her anymore. She  becomes suddenly bored and seeks her thrills somehwere else. Its usually by monkey branching. Swinging from cock to cock in order  to find the right fit.  Women are not looking for love. They look mainly for sexual arousal and sexual excitement.


In a survey done among marriage counsellors, divorce experts and pyschologists, it turns out that women tend to get bored and eventually developed wonder lust at least three years into a relationship. This survey was done with married couples or couples in a committed relationship. Conversely it was revealed that men’s affection or love tends to get stronger the longer the relationship grows. Many of these fefails admit, anonymously of course, that the sex gets boring after a while and the man becomes irritating in so many ways. What changed? Did the man’s  personality and character change? Or did the woman’s desire and interests change? Modern fefail….failed femails…are embolden by modern society’s  mantra of her looking out for number one. Of her being equal to a man. Of her demanding and receiving all the benefits of men. Yet in receiving these beneifts society also encourages fefails to absolve themselves from any and all responsibities. Even if a gun is being held to her head. The modern fefail behaves like a child who runs away to join a circus for the share joy and excitement.


And when the circus  has stopped and the monkeys can’t perform anymore, that’s  when they look for security.  In the form of what is called a beta provider. Now some females, the ones who are reluctant to be out there on what is called  “riding the cock carousel”, may fall back into the safety net of a beta provider, who fills certain criteria of the social or financial market place value. Those men may not be the Alphas, who fill the sexual market place value, but the social or financial cachet they posses, will sooth her ego and stroke her vanity. For a time. Until she once again becomes restless, if she is not grounded. Such a man appears manly  enough, but not enough that she couldn’t put her stamp on him. Or in the parlance of the dog, she pissed on his leg to mark her territory.

Like this chump Russel Wilson.

A man can have a masculine facade, but not be an alpha and definitely not red pill.  Russel Wilson is a blue pill masculine, in that he probably won’t  be putting on a dress. He plays football. A rigged game built for toughness and tough men. But he wifed up a ho’ and allowed her to lead in the realtionship. The modern female demands equality and a strong say in her relationship, yet the shit she does and encourages her simpanzee mate to do, serves to earn him her scorn. It is a natural fact that women looks to a man to check her out of her reckless ways. Even while she bitches  about him trying to “control” her. This is the dichotomy of the ungrounded female personality. While Ciera is out there as a mother, dressing half naked in public, Russell  Wilson has gone from conservative dweeb, to a retro Michael Jackson wanna be. Trust me. As half naked as she dresses in public,  real pimps know who wears the pants. He is safe still, because he soothes her vanity by pouring gifts and money on her. And his fame cast a light on her. Her vaniyy demands her being the center of his world, and the spotlights of the paparazzi. Lets see how it goes a couple of years into his retirement.

The second act

Sometime last year, I come across this video and wanted to do a post about it then. Sadly i am left bringing up the rear with the latest that happened between her, a married fefail, and the little boy bitch she was fucking. Apparently though this particular past relationship had been a hot topic for the length of the relationship between Jada Pinkett-Smith and husband Will Smith. I am talking about the love triangle that was not a love triangle between Jada Pinkett-Smith,  Tupac Shakur, and Will Smith, which sounds like something from a movie script. Its amazing how mixed up people become in overstanding the nature of females and males. Particularly in these supposed enlightened time. Or time of knowing. Shout out to the age of Aquarius soldiers. I see you!  And how people unconsciously still promote emasculating behaviour as righteous or some how profound.  Take a listen to these two videos before i give my commentary.


In order to fully  digest my next few words, you the reader HAVE TO overstand again, that the female nature is naturally hypergamist. This is biology and psychology talking. Not sone random blogger. This is a millennium strong biological imperative that has been further cemented in social acceptance since the first man came out of the central Afurakan region of the Kongo basin. Man being physically stronger, faster, hardier than woman in general, developed a greater capacity to endure physical hardship, long term pain and stronger will. As such his ability as a more fearless hunter, gatherer, builder, killer, and provider became a natural extension of the male biological imperative. A man is more logical than a woman. He sees and thinks in straight lines, in black and white and objectively.  A necessity as a hunter gather, soldier, killer, builder and provider.  Despite her status as the physical weaker sex, this does not regulate the woman to invalid status. Women of course have proven over time to be effective killers, hunters, gathers, builders and providers in their own right.  But this is not her first biological imperative. NTR…nature gave women the biological ability to give birth to other hue-man. Due to that singular ability,  and despite the abomination of mad scientist’s, trying to alter the physical structure of failed males in dresses, pretending to be women, birthing is the exclusive domain of the species with the XX chromosome.  Birthers have a deeper and much easier… but not exclusive… connectivity to the cosmic consciousness. This makes them natural nurturers, supporters and if in their natural state, much more gentler members of the two genders. None of what i have said to this point expresses a one sided state. Just that each gender has their own unique biological imperative that is stronger in them than the other. The biological imperative is also augmented by the organs secretion of specific chemicals that supports their different states. For instance, a woman’s adrenal gland is smaller than a man. She secrets mainly estrogen while he secrets mainly testosterone. Her internal organs can be displaced during birth because she has a specific cavity and birth canal that a man does not. Her mammalian glands are larger and is more suited to provide provision to a new born in the form of mother’s milk. A natural nutrient for the just born and weaning child.

Socially and psychologically, women have always consciously and unconsciously looked to the man for protection and provision, while she brings forth children to extend the unit.  She makes a man’s life and environment calming and peaceful and a reward for placing his health and life in danger as hunter, gatherer, builder, soldier,  protector and physical provider. The sociological and biological design unconsciously compels the woman to seek the strongest,  most fearless and healthiest male to breed with. He is often the one best able to provide and protect her. At times a woman will leave one male for a male that is better in all the above characteristics. Her hypergamist nature will compel her to always “climb” higher on the hypergamy ladder, always seeking the best of the best male prospects. This forces most males to up their game in order to keep the woman they have. Only a few special men, can fight for or show the requisite amount of physical prowess, to wrestle a willing woman from the arms of another man. Overtime men do less physically fighting, for a woman. Overtime as society became more civilized and urbanized, social status became more important than his military or hunting skills, in pulling a woman. These men are loosely called Alphas or masculine. Men who have the innate spirit and swagger of the strongest hunter, gatherer, killer, provider and protector that the woman’s nature is aroused by and attracted to.  Tupac Shukur is of the breed of men, called “hood”, “thug”, gangster, that are immensely attractive to every woman. Bar none. From the highest social stratus to the lowest. These men are natural celebrities. Or in his case, a ghetto super star. During a woman’s ovulation period she becomes strongly attracted to and desirous of breeding with such a man.  Field and other research has shown that up to 100 percent of women chase after the highest value men in the sexual and social market place. Usually around 20 percent. At most as close to 80 percent of those women will breed or seek to breed with that 20 percent, who tend not to remain stationary except with a woman of equal social and sexual market value. In the above video, Jada pinkett Smith said she and Tupac Shukur came from the same environment. Lower economic, as opposed to Will Smith’s middle class upbringing. Both were “hood” and could relate to each other naturally. In the video both speaks of their strong bond and love of each other. What’s telling is how she explained that Tupac was the first person, to recognize and celebrate her beauty, talent and intelligence. This means she had self esteem issues, similar to most black women in today’s modern society.  She implies that he awoke in her  a strong love for him. Consider the woman has two wombs. One in her midsection and one between her ears. A woman that is awoken by a strong  male energy is bonded to him both mentally and sexually. Because sex really starts in the mind, most young girls first 2-3  sexual experience is so powerful she becomes bonded for life to those earlier experience. If there is actual sex she can develop an inability to effectively bond with any other man, who is of a lesser masculine energy than her first attraction.

A lot of Jada fans and those who have buried their heads in the sand, disingeniously imply that their love was plutonic. Far from the truth. Jada speaks of Tupac like a chicken head that got fucked and fell in love hard. That by itself is not and shouldn’t  be an issue.  The issue…at least the primary issue is how she would go on about Tupac publically as a married fefail. At the drop of her bonnet, she will wax poetically about the love she has and will always have for Tupac Shukur.  Not only is this disrespectful to her husband, but this is not the echo of plutonic relationship in her constant retelling. And despite her saying the never fucked, i know  she is lying.  And Will Smith is such a cockhold, he grins and accepts it. When Cat Stevens wrote the song the first cut is the deepest, many at the time believed he sang about first love, but the wise ones saw it as an ode to the first sexual experience. They way Jada Pinkett-Smith talks about Tupac Shukur, is the way a woman speaks of a man that sexually “cut” her the deepest.

I would have given you all of my heart
But there’s someone who’s torn it apart
And he’s taking just all that I had
But if you want, I’ll try to love again
Baby, I’ll try to love again, but I know
The first cut is the deepest, baby, I know
The first cut is the deepest
But when it comes to being lucky, he’s cursed
When it comes to lovin’ me, he’s worse
In a survey taken of women from different socio-economic strata and ethnicity, the question asked was about the men they love and the men that sexually aroused them. Every single woman stated that the are attracted to men with money. Money being the impetus for security and a chance for provision of her, her lifestyle and security. Likewise every women stated that they became aroused to physically  attractive men. The guy with the fit body, washboard abs AND, most importantly the guy with masculine energy. Psychologists have stated in numerous articles that a woman feels safer in the presence of  masculine man. They feel he would be more capable of physically protecting her from harm. Such a man also triggers her breeding instincts. Hence the reason why most female will have a man who provides her with he necessities of, clothes and shelter, yet will drop her draws in a minute for the bad boy, thug type. Or for a situation that is risky and could potentially end her secure relationship.
This is the situation Will Smith found himself in. He was not a thug. He is not a natural alpha male. Will Smith is  considered by fans of the genre, as a corny rapper, who became an actor. Most actors have self esteem issues they learn to channel into roles that make it appear they are masculine. Until you watch them closely and view how they move in hollywierd. Tupac is the child of a black panther mother. He grew up on stories of the black Panthers. His step father is a black Panther. Unfortunately due to his mothers long standing drug habit and his step father being illegally incarcerated for decades, he found an outlet in the pseudo masculine or hyper masculine arena of hip hop. Specifically Gangsta rapping. For the most part the so called gangstas are lost males who, without proper training and direction for their strong energies, strive to construct or reconstruct what they feel is masculinity. Usually it starts with and ends with violence, confrontations, and a seemingly endless period of anger. The fact that this arena is an enclosed one that prevents any other form of self expression without being labeled soft, ensures a continuous stream of “dropped” bodies, hurt feelings and destroyed lives across the plane. And the architect of the destruction of the black male continues to make money off of this misplaced energy. Remember it was noted that as a girl, Jada Pinkett had self esteem issues. Something generations of black girls continuously have had to deal with in a society ran by men who hate women. Most of these girls rarely ever see a strong male figure in their lives, much less a strong patriarch. In fact patriarchy and masculinity  today is considered “toxic”. While males dressing as women and having sex change is not considered “toxic”.   So when a female meets a male with a different energy than what she is used to. And energy more dynamic and assertive, she becomes smitten. Millenium of biological imperative takes over. Especial if the bearer of that energy notices her and seeks to make her the center of his attention.
Everybody says Tupac was a genius wordsmith, actor and rapper. But he was also someone who sought out confrontation and care not who’s feelings got hurt. His increased fan base and his numerous run ins with the police, only served to embolden him and entrenched his image as a “real nigga”. A real nigga is a ghetto legend. He is the ghetto Malcolm. The ghetto T’chaka Zulu. The ghetto superstar.  Despite his growth and image of a man confident in his manhood, Will Smith is far from a masculine man, because his wife sets the pace in the relationship and despite his obvious love for her, he remains a beta male. No masculine man will accept the kind of open feminism portrayed by Pinkett-Smith or what was used to raise their way ward children. And no masculine man will engage in this open acceptance of his son being an homosexual, his daughter having sex with 20 year old men from 13 years of age.  Will Smith does this, because he has no moral standard, but also because he wishes to keep his wife hapoy with him and thus will play the submissive role in the relationship. I have no doubt she is still attracted to him. That is, to his fame and social market place value. After all he is rich and famous and is physically fit and handsome. But he bores her. If she got bored, like so many fefails who are not grounded in the science of relationship. And if Tupac was to suddenly come back from Cuba (according to conspiracy theorists) all that submissive role he has been playing will go out the window. Because sexual arousal,  beats basic attraction one hundred percent of the time.  Like the  poll I mentioned  earlier in this post, a diverse set of marriage counselors stated that women often grow bored of their spouse, and use that boredom as an excuse to initiate a divorce.  Many site a lack of excitement in their lives and an urge to “explore” other aspect of their lives. Particular as they get older. The exploration always settles on sex with younger men. These other aspects often result in reentering the dating market, looking for that thrill they lost due to marriage. Enter August Alsena.  Some effeminate male skank, who fell for a mature vagina and showed his bitch side by coming out publically to complain of being tossed aside. Where have we heard his before? Yep, Yep! From side chicks who wanted main chick status. This proves that women as much as men, enjoy the hunt. And women tend to cheat as much as men. They are usually more discrete about sharing it in open public forum.
And they cheat because women are always looking to improve on their situation. Primarily from a sexual place. Like i stated, even the masculine man or the alpha male gets cheated on. Don’t be deluded. So a beta male who thinks that being submissive to her demands, or even a masculine male who feels his masculinity will be enough of a deterrence are both delusional. The real red pill aware man knows she is not his.  It’s just his turn at the moment. And if he is a true alpha, he will chalk any infidelity up to being part of the game of lfe and move on from her.
This is why a man must like a woman. And he must ensure she loves him. He keeps her love by making her attracted to him. He stays in shape,  he grooms himself, he eats healthy and he ensures he is socially or fiscally relevant. He also must make her believe he always has options that doesn’t  include her. Nothing keeps a woman, in a gynocratic society,  hanging on like the challenge of losing out when she herself has little or no options. In turn he must like her, by keeping a little emotional distance from her. If you like something, like a good friend, you are not blinded to their flaws and you are able to critique or correct  these flaws. Once a man claims to fall in love, he is blinded to and too accepting of her flaws. He fails to show her a firm hand and as they say about giving a woman an inch…she will take the whole gaddamn field.
We currently live in what is called a hook up culture, where people engage in recreational sex and short term relationships. Sex, anonymous or risky has grown more frequent the further we move from the conservative period of the pre “civil wrong” bill signing. A signing that designated equality for women in all sphere of people activities. This bill ushered in the sexual revolution, making sexual freedom or the freedom to have recreational sex a legal and social right for every man, woman and teenager.  The story of Pandora and her “box”,  became the blue print for subsequent events moving forward. An increase in abortions on demand. The introduction of sex education in preschool or primary school. The explosion of STD’s, dating sites and apps. And the inevitable explosion of extra marital affairs, cheating and divorces.
I still want you by my side
Just to help me dry the
tears that I’ve cried
And I’m sure gonna give you a try
If you want, I’ll try to love again, try
Baby, I’ll try to love again, but I know, oh
The first cut is the deepest, baby, I know
The first cut is the deepest
But when it comes to being lucky, he’s cursed
When it comes to lovin’ me, he’s worse
I still want you by my side
Just to help me dry the tears that…

3 thoughts on “Alpha male, beta male and female hypergammy

  1. Thanks for this analysis! This definitely needed to be said. A lot of men need to read this information. I’ll definitely be sharing this post. Thanks again for such an insightful article 👍🏽


  2. Just an FYI (because I would want somebody to tell me) you have a bunch of typos in this post. It needs another edit. You’re also missing the possessive apostrophe on some words and have it on others where you don’t need it.


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