A culture of fear, a culture of sheeps

I once asked a former girl friend, to explain to me, what she believed “culture” was. She was like almost every black person, who is stuck in the past, living vicariously through lives of past celebrities and not practicing Sankofa. Only accessing past tales and being hung up on the very basics of ourstory, she recited the usuall, we have heard since Mathew Delaney started extoling the virtues of Afurakan  glory, here in the west.  That being, the stories of Egypt, the fan boy and fan girl  adoration of Mansa Musa making it rain on his hajj to mecca. The idea that we were ALL Kings and Queens, how we once ruled the world, etc. I definitely burst her bubble when i countered her statement by simply stating that culture is anything a group of people are doing socially at the moment. In particular, actions that have become a pattern of behaviour to a  psychological and spiritual slave. Thus we have gang culture, police culture, homosexual culture, feminist culture, vigilante culture and yes of course… a culture centered around what a specific ethnic group did, does or is doing today in 2020. This is why authentic Afurakan culture is viewed from two extreme points of view. On one side is the celebration of Afurakan Egypt, Nubia, Kush and Khart Haddas (Carthage ) as few examples to be proud of. These were some of the heights of hue-man inginuity and the creation of sustainable civilzations, our ancestors did. By the way, the Egypt or KMT that Afurakan people celebrate is distictive and earlier than the ones none Afurakans celebrate. They the none Afurajans and the kneegrowpeons still celebrate and promote a colonized Afuraka. In particular, the invaded and subjugated Egypt, making it the only culture in the world’s history, to become a course curriculum. Authentic Afurakans celebrated a pre-invaded and much more important culture and civilization. Where ALL of the knowledge was first assembled from earlier sources in central or Southern Afuraka. And where the intrinsic overstanding of the multiverse was more accessable and accepted, than the more mundane we anchor our reality to.

The other aspect of culture associated with Afuraka, is the post colonial, post Arab and Europe invaded continent. Where we gave up our original cultural practices for either Arabism, Christianinsanity or whatever passes for modernism and “civilization” today.

MOHANDAS GANDHI was once asked: “What do you think of Western civilization?” “I think it would be a good idea,” he replied. …

The varied and scattered detrius of post Colonial Afuraka, in an attempt to connect what was disconnected, tried and are still tryiing to recreate some things from scratch without a blue print. Yet they still only see the blue print and our blue planet, through blue eyes. A recipe for disaster for Afurakans. Thus we see the scarification, lip plate wearing and disfigured ears that were originally instituted to make us unnatractive to slavers who savaged is over 1200 years ( Arabs) and 500 years ( Europeans) respectively.  Which unforrunately became a tradition without context, during  and after the “great perversion” of the ma’afa. A perversion is the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

Then there is the ritual of drinking milk with blood,  because once driven off our lands and existing hand to mouth, we come to value cattle a d all its issue, as being more valuable than gold, diaminds or rubies. Or intellect. Or Akashic knowledge. Nations like the Maasai come to accept that blood and milk are more nutritious than fruits and vegetables. Two things you rarely  see when you live as a nomad on harsh terrains. Right now the world, as influenced by western… white society… live in a culture of fear and ignorance. As sheeple being lead to slaughter. If you go back two post ago, where i spoke of peeking behind the curtain, you will overstand that the agenda is to have us so dependent on the secret cabal and their representatives,  we will gladly hand over our soverignty, our spirit and our bodies, to the very people we PAY to be our mouth pieces. Its astounding to me how citizens feel so comfortable walking around with their faces and hands covered with plastics. Rebreathing carbon dioxide and walking wide circle around me as i appear to them to be one rebelious person. The incessant destruction of the surface bacteria of your hands, via constant contact with alcohol in every day hand sanitizers. And the confusion and fear that erupts around none masked cats. Overstand that you can heard sheep, but you can never heard cats.

Just this week i had two homeless savages go out of  their way to pick a fight with me, because i wasn’t  wearing a mask on public transit. The fact that the sheeples are self regulating themselves and policing others, is only slightly more screwed up as those who refuse to wear a mask and try to intimidate others, because they too felt superior, in their own right. This does say a lot about the idea of civilization in the west. I know people who are understandably compelled to wear a mask on at work. Then there are those who fall for the government propaganda of a deadly disease. A disease with such a low and suspicious body count, that hospitals…. deathpitals…. were ordered, in the early stages, to note every cold, flue, allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart issues, etc., as covid-19 related. The only incident they haven’t figured out yet, was how to put a covid spin on gun shot or stab wounds. Years of documented statistics have told us that a large number of people die in deathpitals. In fact death by doctor is the leading cause of death in the United Snakes alone. And most are due to neglect or blatant mistakes. If you have ever studied allopathic medicine you may remember one of the recommendations to reduce medication errors and harm is to use the “five rights”: the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route, and the right time.

Imagine then, being of immoral mind and spirit, tied  to allopathy and getting paid by your government to “doctor” the covid numbers of relatiively healthy patients, who just happen to die in that insititution from neglect or mistake. Thus the covid-19 death rate increases. Just like the infection rate. An infection rate any sensible person would be forgiven for  believing was the a tually caused by the flue, an allergy attack, complication from diabetes, stress or any number of matters people normally run  to the death pushers for. I have seen videos where people are complaining  about attending a hospital for stress and being diagnosed with covid-19. I have seen videos where hospital workers complain about the lumping of people into one category and the absolute disregard for the patient’s  health and safety. And you wonder why when your relatively healthy mother goes in there, she is later pronounced dead due to coronovirus. At this point, opposition to my views on this whole covid plandemic has nothing to do with the health and safety fears of the public,  and more to do with being in lockstep with swallowing the snake oil, the secret cabal has sold the world.

In fact when i even  look at some seemingly attractive women, they appear less attractive to me. Scurring around in their shield of fear. Leaving me to conclude that none of these women could ever be with me. If she is so gullible to believe all this inconsistent  bullshit going on, how can i feel comfortable with her being in the trenches with me, as i create  my Afurakan legacy? Or can i even trust her fearful ass to watch my back, as i go on the frontline to fight against white pathology and an oppressive oligarchy running the country? The planet. Go back and read the post about the happenings beyond the curtain and you just may embark on the road to putting the puzzle together around the latest ritualistic performance happening since it was initiated on January 20th 2020.

When bible  thumpers bring out their own ritualistic chants, particularly around “the end times” and the book of revelations. Many in their sleep state may or may not get spooked by the images invoked. However, only lip service is actually paid to the part about the “mark of the beast”. So concerned  are we in looking for some monster with horns and the numbers written in our palms, we totally bypass the aligorical implications that the beast of revalations is being revealed to us in an energy or personality state, instead of a goat headed thing. The beast will devour and subjugate nations, via wars. As well as social, political, financial and laboratory means. We have become do enthralled…enslaved…to their whims, those  of us accused of droptomania ( a burning desire to  be free) will be hunted as outluers. They will seek us out wherever we hide or reside. Even in our own personal dwellings.

The city of Toronto Ontario’s mayor says, masking bylaw could be brought in if apartment buildings don’t comply

Last night i had an  interesting dream. I dreamt that i was racing around trying to synthesizing a chemical that would destroy the increase in the vampire population in my city. But not just any vampire hoard. I envisioned a rapid increase in twinned vampires, roaving around like the movie World War Z. According to popular culture….there is that word again…vampires are not the mindless husks that zombies are supposed to be.  Yet in my dream they were. Slow, methoducal, yet coming forward relentlessly in a crowd. Even as i tried to overstand this particular vision, a thought popped up in my mind. That every manifestation and rendition of vampires, in movies or in books, often portray them not just as sexually seductive creatures, but also all of them having homosexual energies. The authors and writers of screen plays hide, the filthy beast originally portrayed by Bram Stocker, behind this sexual, homoerotic energy AND imagery. While Ann Rice is the one i believe, who really made her subjects the quintessential erotic animal, in modern times, you can go back to the original Nesferatu to see this combination in effect. Now what does this have to do with the secret cabal scaring us into masked obedience? Well….are we not seduced through both fear and compulsion? Hypnotized to be “food” for governmental representatives and other celebrities we keep hearing to have indulged in ritualistic, blood, sex and cannibalistic sacrifices? The vampire is the ultimate succubus and incubus. Stealing our energies through sex and leaving  us as drained husks. The  next time  you are out in public. On public transit or in a place where there is a large body of people. Observe the zombie like shuffle, the glazed and vacant stare. Notice how they look at you when you go out without your mask. How many react. I often feel like the protagonist at the end of the movie, invasion of the body snatchers. When the cloned persona of Donald Sutherland noticed a none alien, pointed to her and then made that chilling sound to identify an outlier. A rebel. Consider that this is almost how most masked sheep react when you are near them without a mask. When you stand less than six feet away EVEN with a mask. And this will be how they will identify you when you refuse to be vaccinated with Bill Gates inspired World War V, death vaccines.

Addendum: According to sources Bill Gates and his husband are angling for the vaccinationing of black people and aboriginals as the first selectes group in their population control plan. These savages are so confident their plans will  come to fruition, they are pissing on our heads and not even pretending its rain.

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    1. Yeah! I saw that too. Ehat his tells me is the secret cabal is playing the odds. They overstand eventually some people will start to resist. So they are risking this on the prediction that enough of us will continue to dance to their music and take rhe vaccine.

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