People without a country

The international legal definition of a stateless person is “a person who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law”. In simple terms, this means that a stateless person does not have the nationality of any country. Some people are born stateless, but others become stateless. 

A stateless person has no allegiance to a nation, nor are they owed allegiance by any nation. In the past one of the names given to a stateless person is the gypsy. The definition of a gypsy is a member of a tribe of people found throughout the world who has no permanent home or someone who shares this wandering lifestyle. As a wanderer, the kneegrow, a low vibration, low IQ member of the Afurakan tribe, is considered an outcast by the majority. Sometimes called a coon, but is actually more sambo, mammy, bed wench, or lawn jockey. The latter due to his or her penchant for volunteering to be massa’s yard dog. guarding the massa’s plantation house even though they have little to no power, other than the symbolic ones thrown to them like scraps to dogs by the kitchen back door. A people without a country is an apt description of the amurdikkklan kneegrow, because he or she chooses to remove themselves from regular black folks, whether via economics or more likely ideology. This ideology deludes them into believing that it will bring them closer to the white acceptance the so religiously crave. Yet often whites, don’t accept them because they are kneegows, but also because of the belief that anybody who so willingly betrays their people can never be trusted anywhere.  So this branch od kneegrow dumbshit becomes stateless. Rejecting black people for white validation. yet rejected by whites for the betrayal. However, they are still used as a buffer between black rage and black pain, and white privilege and white pathology. I was about to title this post “ a man without a country” as it related to ex NBA players, Charles Barkley and Shaquille ONeil, who felt embolden, to judge Breonna Taylor, guilty for interfering with the passage of police bullets as they were being fired from their weapons. I mean what other reasons were there for her to cause all these innocent servants of the peace, to be dragged through the mud, by ungrateful kneegrows and black athletes who should just shut up and dribble, catch or hit a ball. Charles Barkley stated that he couldn’t put the Taylor murder in the same category as the murder of George Floyd, because Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend shot at the police first.

This prompted a whole host of right-wing nuts, nutbars, and white pathologists to praise Barkley and his NBA sidekick, the big dummy, for being “free-thinking black men”. This includes the current resident bed wench, white male cum dumpster, and contestant for the Aunt Jemima of the decade award, Candice Owens to post this on her Twitter account.

An expected Twitter response from a twat, who has no horse, donkey, or monkey in the race when it comes to Afurakan people”s discrimination and suffering in Amurdikkka. I think Dave Chapelle owes us that kick in Candace Owens pussy for sure. Nevertheless, Owens is just another ambulance chaser, drawn to the drive-by done on Breonna Taylor by nukkas, who many black women foolishly believe would come to their rescue.  This is one of the problems with kneegrows in the west. We are the only group of people who majority of the time, look to entertainers and athletes as spokespersons for the solutions to our ailment. It is precisely this same reason why the agents of chaos, the white pathologists place these sambos in front of a mic to insult our intelligence and exacerbate our pain. Now two things can be right at the same time if one factor in context. And as my readers know, context is everything and everything is contextual. If you want it to make sense. Otherwise, it becomes fodder for spin doctors and ass lickers like Barkley and Oneil. To name the two most recent ball washers for white pathology.

The first truth is that Breana Taylor, like a majority of women throughout the ages and certainly over the past 30-40 years, exercised bad judgment in fucking a drug dealer and being his consort. Her association is alleged to have caused her to lose a very respectable job, due to a car rented in her name, being used in a robbery.  She had no intelligent reason to be in a situationship with a low-value bottom feeder, other than the emotionalism that females use to justify bad situationship choices. He made her panties wet. The second truth is she had a new boyfriend who for over a year, who for Coca-Cola.  While it was stated she was fired for the car incident, she was never charged and neither she nor her current boyfriend had a criminal record at all. The first truth is whatever her past was, it had nothing to do with why she was murdered. She was murdered because she was a nigger, and five hundred years later under the constitution of amurdikkka, she remains a nigger. Three-fith of a human being in the eyes of most none blacks and definitely in the eyes of the euro savages. She was also murdered, based on some dictatorial reason, this shit hole country liked to accuse Iran, China, North Korea, and any countries that don’t genuflect to them, off. Draconian laws and playing fast and furious with the lives of citizens. Only that amurdikkka added blackness to the mix to make the fuckery tastier for their homicidal palette.

The actual story is that a judge rubber-stamped a request for the race soldiers to converge on Taylor’s home, on a year old warrant. Since the no-knock law was passed in any jurisdiction, a race soldier can burst into your home without identifying themselves and not be prosecuted if the damaged your home or killed any of the inhabitants. Which is what happened to Breonna Taylor. Now white citizens have rejected this no-knock invasion as an encroachment on their rights as citizens and have been on record as firing at the intruders and getting praised in the media for it. And since dead men…or women… tell no tales Breonna Taylor is not alive to tell her side of the story. The funny thing is that her boyfriend is. And he did fire one warning shot before he realized that the intruders were race soldiers and stood down. Now here is the interesting part of this story. Earlier the media said they were looking for her boyfriend. A bald-faced lie, because the person they were looking for was allegedly in jail.  They pigs raided the wrong house, broke in, and shot it up, Injured the neighbours’ walls…which one of their members had his wrist slapped for.  Again, all based on a year-old warrant, with no mention of any current criminal activity at the address they went to. They even tried to get the boyfriend to slander Taylor in return for a reduced charge. A charge that was dropped against him, as the law itself stated he had every right to protect his home.

Some of those who claimed that Taylor’s murder was not the same as George Floyds, were the same dingleberries that claimed Floyd deserved having his neck kneeled on for eight minutes because he allegedly had robbed a pregnant woman. Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Lt. Bob Kroll, who represents more than 800 police officers as the leader of that city’s police federation sent this email to union members. In it, he criticized journalists’ and politicians’ portrayal of the man whose death had sparked a global reckoning over racism in policing. “What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd,” the internet claims,  about Floyd’s alleged arrests and incarcerations before his death — mostly among people who seemed to be searching for evidence that either the actions by the Minneapolis police officer who choked Floyd were justified or memorials to honor him were unnecessary.

This claim is both a mixture of true and false, as is the practice of spin doctors the world over. In brief, the alleged crimes and time periods are mostly accurate, with the caveat that Floyd was convicted of theft in 1998, not armed robbery. But the following information makes other aspects of the post misleading: Not all the crimes resulted in prison time, but rather jail sentences; no evidence suggests a woman involved in the 2007 charge was pregnant; it’s an exaggeration of toxicology results to claim Floyd “was high on meth” when he was choked by a cop, and there’s no proof that Floyd was “getting ready to drive a car” before his fatal encounter with police other than the fact that officers say they approached him as he sat in the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

Therefore ask yourself, why were Breonna Taylor and George Floyd demonized in major media outlets and n social media for their murder? Well those of us who have a country know the reasons. Yet its people without a country like Barkley, Ownes, and Oneil, to name three, who the doers of Isfet turned to when their act becomes old and stale when left standing by itself.  Please overstand that it is not just media-fed celebrities who have drunk the KKKool Aid of demonizing a black person murdered by race soldiers in this shit hole country. On stupid book, some low IQ kneegrow named Mack Major had this to say about Breonna Taylor:

Hard truth:

Breonna Taylor’s real killer was Breonna Taylor.
She chose to date a known drug dealer (not her first). She chose to live with him (without marriage) knowing both the street and legal repercussions that comes with that lifestyle.
She would be alive today if she made better choices.
This should be a teaching moment for our young women. You are responsible for your choices. And choices have outcomes.
There are always consequences to the choices that you make: especially when you choose to date a drug dealer, which is always a bad choice.
Look no further than this very incident.
It cost Breonna a career (she was fired from her EMT job long before the raid, due to being implicated in the murder of a black man after a car rented in her name was connected to the victim).
If the raid had been a successful one that night instead of ending in tragedy, it would’ve cost her freedom, as she’d be sitting in prison right now along with her boyfriend.
Ultimately it cost her her life.
Had she chose to date a better quality of man, she’d still be alive and most likely thriving today.
Choices have consequences. So please choose better ladies.
I can always tell a kneegrow that dislikes black women and by extension, black people. There is a big difference in pointing out the flaws of black men and women, trauma victims under white pathology. There is something else entirely when one chooses to parrot the narrative of a race soldier and a just us shitstym one knows, does not love even regular lower-class white people, much less black people.  On an occasion like this, I would end this post with my favorite all-time rap…Niggers are scared of revolution. but instead, I have a message to the Charles Barkley, Shaquille Oneils, and Candace Owens of the world.


5 thoughts on “People without a country

  1. How you holding up? I mean with all this virus nonsense going on. I make sure I jog around the block. You must stay in good shape. Get some sunlight and fresh air. Have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. I think something big is coming in a few months. This whole thing is just a hoax for more population control. The big news is Trump has the virus. So they say. I think they’re lying. I believe when the vaccine is available he will take it and say it’s safe. Then all his supporters will be asked to take it. Trump says it’s voluntary. But I’m not buying it. Trump and media work on the same side. They’re playing the public for fools. We must use our critical thinking skills in times like this. There’s so much deception around us. They’re playing mind games with riots,BLM,Trump supporters and Antifa. The republicans and democrats are two wings attached to the same bird. I know you know all this already. But spread the word to others. We are in a real spiritual battle. Our people are mentally and spiritually dead! And they need to WAKE up. I feel a real battle is coming. I’m fully prepared ✊🏾


    1. This is why Marcus Garvey is my spiritusl grandfather and Malcolm x my spiritual father. This brother is so eloquent that people grew reluctant to debate him. Grest addition to the post warrior.👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

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