Strippers for the DNC

Normally I don’t post videos like this, but if a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a video clip say? The amurdikkklan kneegrow and just about every kneegrow on the Afurakan continent and in the diaspora, have for decades fallen for the hokey dokey around this Roman idea of voting in the least vicious or slimiest crook, into politics. In amurdikkka, the kneegrow is constantly participating into what Einstein called insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The DNC is fuelled by the idea of Social Marxism, to tear down common sense, integrity and family values. When the ignorant kneegrow looks on the right and sees the anti Afurakan, anti human Rethuglican dick heads. And look to the left to see the living embodiment of Sodomy and Ghonorea. Instead of opting out to show the world what a farce this “selection” process continually is. Kneegrows double down like crack heads looking for that one high they won’t need to get down from.

All this shit about your vote makes a difference has entered into a whole new theater of the macabre. Them cave savages are telling you nukkas what they think about you and how much they care about issues surrounding you. This video is surreal and then again not at all!

Get out and vote babeeee!

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