The self hate that hate produced

I wanted you to listen to this interview, this kneegrow did with that Russian-Jew spy, on Vlad teevee. First of all, like a majority of dudes who can’t sing, can’t speak coherently, much less with any kind of diction, and lacks any talent other than bravado and an outsize belief in his talentless self, this kneegrow has the unmitigated gall to proclame what he just proclaimed. Sadly this is type of mindset is not new, not recent or not strong enough to have people decide to throw the whole nukka out with the garbage. I am so put out i don’t even want to say much, because it will be a whole lot a cussing up in here. This ladies and gentlemen, is what people miss when they talk about our enslavment inside prison camps. They say forget about it. Or indists it was so long ago. Because they want us to forget about the broken chains on the legs, while ignoring the current chains on peoples soul. White pathology cannot continue to exist without the support of kneegrows. This is fact!

Same shit! Different day!

When hard times create good times. Its called building a civilization. When good times create weak men. Its called being sophisticated. Eventually weak men will create strong men. And it will be because civilization had imploded and once again men have had to rebuild from the ashes of civilization’s own self destruction. It is as cyclical, as day follows night and night follows day. Once men were masculine and boys aspired to be masculine men. Today men are neutered and sexually confused boys, unsure of their place in a gynocentric and gynocratic society, growing into emotional wrecks. Unprepared, untrained and uninspired to continue the masculine tradition of leading, providing and protecting women and children in society. Yet it will only be a short while before all these females who dance with glee at the neutering of boys and men, will have to get back in line to become once again, feminine and cooperative. As the weak male they once engendered, will have failed to defend, protect and provide for them.

I have seen males in battle fatigue, wearing pink high heels in support of breast cancer. How does this support breast cancer, above and beyond practicing good hygenic diet and lifestyle? No! It is a political product of misdirection to create an agenda. We already see more than enough males wearing skirts, as an excuse to protest sexism, but in reality it is to brainwash and hoodwink weak males into believing that “sexism” is an actual scientific thing and not a product of political and social engineering. In order to truly overstand what i am saying, one must first acknowledge that there are only two and have always been only two genders. Once we have established that base line, we then move to overstand that equality is not the way of nature. The male and the females of the animal, avian and aquatic kingdoms are not, nor were they ever “equal”. Nature works in symbiosis. To be in a symbiotic state is to have a interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. One can assess the human male and female as both similar as species, yet different based on certain genetic factors. Those different genetic factors complement each other and provide the impetus for the creation of future humans, physically mentally and emotionally. Something biological equality could never accomplish on its own. Thus the demand for equality and the push to promote gynocracy over patriarchy is to compare apples and kiwi fruits. Everything masculine and patriarch is now toxic and evil. And everything gynocentric is not great and wholesome. But this is not a reversal or a dismantling of feminine “oppression”. Something that people who have never experienced true oppression can never overstand. This is the dismantling of the male’s essentiality and importance as protector and presider of female essentiality and importance. Oh, we are needed as providers. In fact the feminists demand that we continue to be providers. And we are still encouraged to provide hard faught for and hard won resources, to women waiting at the finish line of the distance race ran, in the game of life. And we are expected to stand mutely as they pick over the choice providers. As if we are just rented mules, only good at being mindless beasts of burden.

The death of patriarchy. Not the narrative that the social marxists and feminists promote. But the true patriarchy of men being the masculine fence that surrounds and protect the feminine garden, sometimes even from themselves. When that patriarchy is killed off, women will not be able to protect or lead themselves and will look towards the ill prepared males for protection amd leadership. There will be no balance. Fighting against discrimination is something noble to do. Males dressing up as females and being encouraged to do so, is neither fighting against discrimination or supporting of female victims of discrimination. No! Such a thing is the promotion and the promoting of the early stages of sexual confusion, eliminating the emotional and spiritual barriers between masculine amd feminine energies and encouraging sexual taboos to be the norm. Such was the cases in Ancient Greece, the old Roman empire and the fabled fall of Babylon. What was old is once new again. And not everything new is for the good of the people.

I salute the divine in you who ride with me on this!