The self hate that hate produced

I wanted you to listen to this interview, this kneegrow did with that Russian-Jew spy, on Vlad teevee. First of all, like a majority of dudes who can’t sing, can’t speak coherently, much less with any kind of diction, and lacks any talent other than bravado and an outsize belief in his talentless self, this kneegrow has the unmitigated gall to proclame what he just proclaimed. Sadly this is type of mindset is not new, not recent or not strong enough to have people decide to throw the whole nukka out with the garbage. I am so put out i don’t even want to say much, because it will be a whole lot a cussing up in here. This ladies and gentlemen, is what people miss when they talk about our enslavment inside prison camps. They say forget about it. Or indists it was so long ago. Because they want us to forget about the broken chains on the legs, while ignoring the current chains on peoples soul. White pathology cannot continue to exist without the support of kneegrows. This is fact!

2 thoughts on “The self hate that hate produced

  1. That Russian spy loves to promote black dysfunction. I can’t stand that low life parasite. The video by Dr Degruy is on point! She breaks it down perfectly. Too many of us suffer from this syndrome. And pass it down to our children. We must break the cycle.


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