Black Economics

How can a group have over 3 million people with collage degrees, yet be so underdeveloped economically? How can a people have over 10,000 elected officials yet have so little economic power?

I was inspired last this night, to put this to paper. To know the economics of black power, one must overstand the power of black economics. To wit, one of the basest element of this universe is the primordial soup, called energy. Energy is made up of infitismal sub particles that is endless, thus making energy incapable of dying. Energy never dies, it just transforms, for it flows from an endless source. In this realm, water represents one of the multiplicity of energy’s currents. The currency of water lies in its unbreakability. Water takes the shape of any vessel it fills. Water is both gentle and harsh. It destroys, yet nourishes. Water like energy is purity at its source, yet can be corrupted if not respected and allowed to follow its natural flow. Coming from a natural and endless source, water is fed by little streams called tributaries. Tributaries that contributes to the main body’s strength. Yet at the same time water is also diverted naturally and by man’s efforts, to feed other smaller streams. Multiple streams, create multiple opportunity for different environments to gain strength due to the flow of water’s currents. This is the power of black economics and the economics of black power. The main source feeding smaller lakes and streams, which in turn, acts as tributaries to the main body. Energy is water, and water is energy. Currents, currency. Thus in water there is energy. And energy gives life to water. The economics of black power, lies in power of black economics.  Black economics is greater than fiat money. Black economics is is to be like water my friend. It is to have an endless flow of nourishment, that gives life and health to its environment. Which is the culture. And all that would benefit from drinking its gift. Can you trap energy? Can you tame water? Is it wise to interrupt the natural flow of either, when you fail  to overstand that each will find another way to express itself? Whether for your benefit or not. Follow us at our flagship online store, , for more thought provoking entries over the coming week and month. May you be blessed with abundance!

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