Values and worth.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” -Jim Rohn

In the summer of 2020, I was invited to sit on a podcast panel relating to black fathers. I was asked to sit on that panel by a black male supervisor, working in a white organization. An organization I found out, that was presented with a unique idea of a program, the presenters were looking financial backing for. The organization ended up stealing that idea from the person, who originally presented it to them. The idea was to create a small community based program. A program I currently coordinate in the “field”, before finding out that it was stolen from somebody who was in turn, inspired by a rights of passage program, I created 30 years ago, which was stolen from me back then. Whew! The irony was so surreal, I had to sit down to catch my breath. Although I currently have one foot out the door as I write this. The program proposes to listen to the voice and concerns of black AND Caribbean men. No solutions are to be ventured, offered or talked about. Just listen to them gripe. Along the way we were expected to document each sessions, take them back to the organization, where they then send the information to their “stakeholders”, in my City. Stakeholders is a fancy way of saying those who give this organization grant money to pimp black men. The reason I have one foot out the door, was because I realize that all I am is a data collector so the city can personalize its continual excuse to give as little assistance to the so called marginalized section of society.

My life long experience with numerous community organization is if you want to create a vehicle of growth, you cannot depend on government support. And while grants are the supposed rights of tax payers, if you go to them cap in hand, you will be shown the back door. recognizing that the largest recipients of government grants are large organizations and corporations who don’t need it, but have strong political clout, small community based organizations tend to end up in a wash rinse repeat cycle of hand to mouth existence.

Nobody gives a shit about black boys in modern western society, except when they do something anti-social, and at that point it becomes a moratorium and hand wringing about absente fathers, truancy, juvenile delinquencies and black male toxicity. And since the city or its agencies doesn’t give a rats ass for black youth and teens, unless to use their plight to secure more rounds of grants, no actually service is provided them outside of some vague sports related program. Basket ball being the most popular among black men and boys. And sine there is hardly any sincere and constructive programs for black youth and teens, you know there is NOT ONE, program for black men. We are expected to go it on our own. and if we complain then we ARE accused of a variety of false things, from toxicity to misogyny, to whatever the latest leftist talking point that crops up.

This program, of which I speak, is about 10 years old and I did once participate in it, roughly five years ago as a facilitator. I left it because I saw little value in it at the time, only to return to it, due to this supervisor and I having a history of mutual respect and knowledge sharing that went back to the time I had actually created my original program. In fact he and a few others were instrumental in assisting me in trying to get the program into a few black schools, that would have helped them overcome the stereotypical failings and negative imagery of black schools in poor working class areas. Alas, the kneegrow gate keepers at the time, shut it down, because it actually offered a solution and not a band aid one.

Even after applying for the position I am in now, he had to fight to get me an interview, because I did not fit the profile of what the parent organization was looking for. To wit, I was neither a recent college graduate, nor I was I in a particular age bracket that could afford me a sense of “safeness”, for the young people who reviewed my resume and interviewed. Even though my resume actually made me over qualified, for the position, while at the same time, qualified my based off of the background I had working with my community for decades. Funny how that works huh? For this parent organization, I did not fit the predictable narrative of what organizations serving black people…specifically black men…were looking for. Young, recent graduate, easy to mold and not wont to challenge institutional racism or prejudice. Not that older people are not susceptible to shying away from challenging bullshit. I guess I was always built differently. When I was around 25 or 26, I worked as an employment counselor, one of the many stops on my journey to where I am today. At that time, I concluded that an employment counselor, like most of these pseudo intellectual, paper pushing image focused positions, was all about pushing an image of helpful supporters of people in dire need. However, if you truly see it from a purely logical position, something like a counselor in general and an employment counselor in particular, was about the image instead of the content. Why do I say this? Till this day, all an employment counselor does is point the desperate to become ” another brick in the wall” of a society with one foot in the industrial age and a half a foot in the digital one, along with the false overstanding of why being “skilled” is more fulfilling and valuable, in an advanced or advancing society, than just being a cog in an ancient, squeaky wheel.

As a counselor, I always pushed getting a skilled trade or an education to get functional skills. Failing to do that, I would assess where they are and challenge them to be entrepreneurs, instead of worker bees. Those who want to just be worker bee, then I would just point them to a job board and help them with a resume. It didn’t matter what ethnic group they fell in, the strategy was still the same. But what does skilled mean in today’s society? If you follow the bouncing ball, skills today is not the same as it was 30-40-50 years ago. And is certainly not what it should mean. Shoot, these days you have people getting in front of a mic and making load incomprehensible noise, with autotune and good beats as being skilled.

Let me elaborate further on this. Amurdikkka and folly tricksters in amurdikkka, for example, like to hear themselves bray like drunken donkeys, as the repeatedly beat their meat to the tune of ” America is the greatest country”! Then that old dufus Donald “lame duck” the president, came along to urge his Neanderthal inbred supporters, of every shade, to ” make America great again”. Now if you have been following my often repeated refrain around propaganda, and how propaganda and politics ( folly tricks) are two cheeks of an ass, that constantly shits the bed and shits on the occupant, you will understand what I mean when I stated that amurdikkka was great for ONLY TWO REASONS. The first reason was due to industrialization and how they utilized slave labour to build their early infrastructure to world prominence. And how they used and currently use “third world” indentured servitude to further maintain their status as a leading economic power on the planet. None of these two things could happen without the second reason, amurdikkka was ” great”. Their ability to kill, murder, rape (physically, intellectually, economically, resources), invade, colonize and occupy imperially, on a scale not even the brutish empire of old could have conceived of. But then the brutish empire never had the fullness of the industrial revolution behind them, the way amurdikkklan did at one time. With the most powerful army at the time. Over a long period of time. Amurdikkka, was, or thought it was a deep well with which the elites could dip into endlessly to serve them. While continue to fool those not in the “club”, to continue to feed the beast of avarice, vice, consumerism and enslavement.

Amurdikkka, stopped being “great”, economically, when it decided in the early to mid 1970s, to send their manufacturing over to China, Taiwan, the Philippines, India and a host of other developing countries. Those of you of a certain age will remember, reading or listening to the news report of the outrage of people losing manufacturing jobs overseas. Many of these same people ended up being mollified when the finished products came back, cheaper than before. Many were also given lower waged meaningless jobs to give them the illusion of having value to themselves and family. The ultimate purpose of all of this was the ushering in of a new age of consumerism. And like a vampire in a slaughter house, or in a factory of new born babies, the consumer kept sucking on the product, while sucking the life out of their own productivity. Things appear to be easier for us, we have well stocked super duper markets. We have 101 channels on the idiot box. And we have practically the world at our finger tips. All the while blinded to the fact that to have a well stocked super market, food consumption would go beyond, what normalcy is. Abnormal food, from corporate owned abnormal factory farms, filled with GMO and chemical induced crops, create addictive consumption. Which creates obesity and health issues that are further encouraged by increasing food additives, which causes addiction to chemicals in the food, which creates not only ongoing wealth for pharmaceutical drug pushers, but butchers in white coats, who probably have never actually read the Hippocratic oath. The certainly don’t value the energy in it. There is that word value again. We will get to it soon.

And the wheels on the bus goes round and round, all through the town.

Just like social media today, the barbershops and hair salons in the black community is our equivalency to the smoke parlor, coffee shops, ladies and men’s club, etc., where that segment of each community can get together to discuss things that affects each one and perhaps figure out how to best remedy what ails them. In the old days, black barbershop became a social club, a flea market and a “Lions Den” of business ideas and development. Today, like most things black men are conditioned to, the barbershop has become a place to complain, make japes, commiserate, but produce very little. As long as we are there doing that, the major population feels safe and snug in their privilege. And just as a measure of security, just like they do black boys or girls club, throw us a bone for some insignificant feel good program to give the feeling of something being done. There was a time black men barred from opportunities afforded them organically, would go out of their way to create opportunity has men of all ethnic groups, ages and time period have been wont to do. From criminality to things of productivity, we were once “kings’, warriors, builders, producers and leaders. Today we are niggers, niggahs, community hustlers, grant ho’s and poverty pimps. Which was what the podcast, I spoke about, was filled with. The organizer of the program was ironically, the same dude who had presented the barbershop program to the organization currently employing me. A dude I knew that was always a poverty pimp. The podcast producer, while unknown to me personally, was also a grant ho, who showed nothing for his bending over. Which is actually a prerequisite for getting grant money from any government. Overstand that, the government doesn’t get mad at you for doing the bare minimum, when it comes to black men and boys. No! They get mad at you for not doing the proper paperwork and accumulating data for them to weaponize against us, when we next ask them…“what have you done for mem lately”. On my turn of the podcast, I was hailed as an expert on Afurakan ourstory, a designation I have grown to dislike immensely. I was asked to comment on two things that a black father can do during the plandemic, currently orchestrated by the worlds government, and what to do when it ends. After listening to the bullshit talking points by men claiming to be fathers, but know very little about the intricacy of fatherhood, I proposed that we must be of value to ourselves, during and after the whole charade has ended. As black men and black fathers, we don’t have the luxury of sitting and waiting for a hand out. We must find and be of value to ourselves and thus add value to our family and community. You could see the collective jaw drops and vacant looks in the eyes of these dudes.

Most people attribute a monetary significance to value. Yet being valuable is more than a dollar figure. Value in this instance is something (such as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable. As a man your value lies in our personal and more important, our collective productivity. As a man your value lies in your contribution to the group you are in and how it impacts others in the group. And just like your intrinsic value, your worth is the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held. Thus if one is held in high esteem as a man, by your group, your network (s), your women, your children and society, you are a valuable commodity to be pursued. This is why content creator Kevin Samuels, has become the catalyst for the current dialogue around high value men. Kevin Samuels has ignited this talking point on social media, away from ass, tits, celebrity gossip, gangstah culture, world star hip hop and hooliganism, as the sole topics on social media. All the previous points of entertainment that allowed the idiots in the room to multiply. He has RE-ignited in society, what was lost to us due to consumerism, the coopting of black people demanding the right to not have road blocks to opportunities, with the poisoning of the movement to include feminazism, homosexuality and other ethnic groups. With the removal manufacturing from society, removing shops classes and home economic classes in high school and the removal of gym classes as well, society as a whole and men in society have become lost and feel of little worth. Today everybody gets a participation trophy, everybody is sensitive to competition, when (healthy) competition was a staple of the strengthening of men AND women in society. Men competed to see who could be more productive and valuable. Women competed to see who could be more supportive and nurturing. 60 years ago women were trained, through their domestic skills, to be wives, before they found husbands. Men were trained to be husband, through their productivity, before they found wives. Today you have women who can’t boil water, without burning the pot, and men who cant even put up a picture on a wall, without damaging the wall.

I posted this video here, for the simple reason that modern misguided women keep speaking about their need, desire and preference in finding a man that can take care of them. All the while shouting about being strong independent and wanting equality. This is hypergamy on steroids. Even though equal rights and feminism has forced women in to men’s space, yet expect men to treat them both as equal and as unequal in specified situation. If a man goes against the grain, he is vilified and destroyed by a screaming mob of cultists. At the same time you have men whose focus is not earning a six figure income, but still get their panties twisted in a bunch, because those who don’t meet the criteria explained, feel as if they have to front or show out to impress, hard to impress women. They will get angry and seek to destroy other men, who’s work and success is on another level than theirs. Not every women will get a high earning man. And not every man needs to be a high earning man. High earning meaning low to high level six figure 100,000 as a base up to the millions. This is a near impossible feat to achieve, even in entertainment and athletics. High value is a small segment of society, regardless if race. Its like playing in the NBA. You may want it, you may dream of it. You may even train for it, but if you don’t make it, it doesn’t make you less of a man, as long as while you are training , you have a contingency plan and you don’t neglect other areas of your life that is a safety net for you to fall back on. in conclusion, your value and worth is your life blood and oxygen in modern society. Its based on your productivity and how your productivity impacts others in your group and outside your group. There are levels to productivity, just as there are levels to value. Ultimately as men your purpose must first serve you, before it and you can serve others. After all, one cannot pour tea from an empty tea pot.

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