“You either die a hero or live long enough to see your self. become the villain.” 

The quote in the title became a popular saying raised to philosophical level, ever since Attorney Harvey Dent expressed this sentiment in a dinner scene from the second of the Dark Knight movie triology .

One philosophy student and fan of the movie, explained its meaning this way: “No matter what good you intend to do, as long as you live and continue, you will bring about just as much evil as good, if not more through accident or intent.”

Interestingly enough, in that same movie, the man who emphatically stated only the batman could “complete” him also made a profound but lesser shared insight. And that was:

“A villain is just a broken hero” – The Joker

In the recent beginning

The Western world. That part of the globe that has been demarcated by regions… North, South, East, West, by planetary colonizers, is a euphamism for the “majority” of region that are mostly occupied by the so called “white” or “Caucasoid” peoples of the planet. They collectively, politically, psychologically and socially identify themselves by the shade “white“, to separate them selves from the other “shades” of brown, Yellow and the extreme opposite of their own chosen shade on that spectrum…”black“. This was to ideologically promote the idea that white was the most pure and superior of shades and black the least pure. Thus ensuring that anything contradictory violates the law of “god”. Please pay attention as I connect the dots between the title of this post and what I just wrote.

The old African proverb, “until the lion learns to write, the tale of the hunt will always favour the hunter”, is an apt statement for the next few paragraph. One of white people’s greatest hero and general, Napoleon Bonaparte once stated that “history ( his story) is a series of lies agreed upon”. Thus the western world is not really unique in telling his story in a way that glorifies him. And him only. The difference is that his story is mostly based on a series of lies agreed upon and rammed down the throats of others. According to baba Neely Fuller in his epic tome, The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Textbook, those who described themselves as “white”, control the planet as we know it or as we think we know it via, what he describes as nine major areas of people activities: Those nine areas are (1)Education (2)Entertainment (3)Economics (4)Labour (5)Law (6) Religion (7)Politics (8) War and (9) Sex.

In controlling all activities under each of those nine areas of people activities, the planetary colonizers also control what people think. How they view the world. How they relate to nature. And how they act in accordance to natural laws. Statistically there are approximately 8 billion on the planet. Between 55 -60% of this are women with roughly 40-45% being men. Of those 40-45% percent of men, the last statistic I saw ( admittedly a long while ago) white men make up roughly 10% of that 40-45%. Please accept that this is a blog and not a mathematic class, so focus on the context and not the number. So now if the population of those that call them selves “white men, are around 800 million. And of those 800 million, another roughly .01% or 80,000, are considered the elite and most powerful when it comes to influence and the control of resources and peoples behaviour and thoughts. Within this imagines 80,000 there are hierarchy, where an even smaller percentage tells the rest of the 80,000 when to wipe their vaginas after sitting down and peeing. The halls of power mongering makes for some intense groveling and ankle grabbing. Both figuratively and literally. But before you finish having a good chuckle at my less that flattering comment, be self aware enough to overstand that those power mongers groveling to their bosses, tells YOU what to think, how to think and at what time of the dat to think. Including whether or not there is a god, what god looks like or whether a man can get pregnant or what actually is a woman.

These same powermongers, and you see them in the halls of politics, corporations, the churches and temples, and on the teevee. The propaganda and mind control mechanism of the powermongers. These corrupted, dark energy beings have colonized our minds and spirits and turned us in to automatons and useless eaters. Far more insignificant that at any period in his story or our story. Evidence of this colonized mentality and spiritual corruption is easily shown in the newspaper headline below.👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

A seven year old boy once saw a homosexual associate of a friend of my ex-wife, putting up some curtains in the house she shared with a pseudo Rastaman. The young lad exclaimed over and over….“he is a upside down man”! Nobody understood what the little boy was saying, or why he was saying, until my ex-wife shared the story with me. Upon hearing the story, I not only overstood the greatness of the divine world. But also how much children are more connected to the divine world and its only our corrupted “adult maturity”, that removed these youngsters from their more pure spiritual self. Amenti is purported to bet the name for the so called Kemetian underworld of the dead, Which is neither under the earth surface or a cemetery, where the walking dead reside. Amenti is actually place on the other side of the veil between the material world and the spiritual world. Where the “children”, worshipers of Ausar, and all righteous ancestors of humans will reside for eternity. As long as they are able to pass through the halls of justice, where the quality (not the weight) of their hearts are judged up against the feather ( justice/ truth) of Ma’at. Some black Egyptian scholars and lecturers have stated in the past, that one of the judgement of those who violate the laws of the 42 Ma’at or the even more extensive 77 ordinance or code of human behaviour, is to be placed “upside down in Amenti”.

Knowing what I know now, as opposed to then. I can state emphatically if you violate the laws of Ma’at, and exist in opposition to nature’s laws, you may still be placed metaphorically and metaphysically, “upside down”. But certainly and definitely not IN Amenti. Maybe outside the gates. There are stories I heard more than two decades ago, of ancient peoples in Afuraka/Afrika, when men or women who violate the 77 divine codes or the 42 negative confessions, by practicing homosexuality, were buried upside down and facing away from the South and West. The East and the North being the two lesser points of spiritual vibration in traditional spirituality of Kemet. So when that little boy said the homosexual guy was upside down, his pure spirit recognized that this was somebody acting contrary to natural law.  And the little boy picked up on that low vibration. Now this was in the early to mid 1990s. Today a seven year old boy could be sent to the principles office, if he attends the killing fields of the public fool system. His parents would then be investigated by the FBI ( this is a true occurrence by the way) for not using the proper pronoun of a little boy who is zealously indoctrinated to believe he could get pregnant in the future. In fact among the plethora of attacks made against men, by toxic females, effeminized males, homosexuals and feminazis, are the ideas that men are failed females and all men are latent rapist waiting to gow into their true nature.

Another of the insane utterance by imbeciles and people 4 beers short of a six pack, is that men are useless and women do not need men. The above mentioned newspaper headline, identifies two homosexual females, who have rejected the laws of nature and who obviously hates men, yet decided to go to a SPERM BANK, to get artificially bred to have a child. Some how these morons thought they would have gotten the sperm from the left testicles instead of the right. I joke on this because in middle ages Europe, men thought that if sperm came from the right nut sac, they would have a boy. So some highly intelligent fellas would cut their left nut sac off to ensure no female sperm would sneak into the party. I guess if the wife produced a girl child after all that then he can conveniently or diabolically accuse her of being impregnated by another man, with two intact nut sacs. And these are the people who claim to be morally, intellectually and spiritually superior to the indigenous populations across the planet. It is obvious that those “lickity split”, bought into the notion that they could will a female sperm to magically appear. And the failure of such appearance is caused due to the clinic, somehow failing to separate the female sperm from the male sperm. I guess they failed to read the fine print which stated, no buyers remorse. Or that the sex of the babies are not predetermined by mortals. Heavens know though today’s scientists are trying to play god in that aspects. 

Of those in the upper echelon of the 80,000, playing god. The drive to attain and hold on to power is a massive endeavor that entails a direct fear that if the masses ever had the veil lifted from their eyes and their minds, somebody will have to pay the tax man, because some assess would be severely taxed by a pissed off mob. We see this occurring time and time again throughout the millennia. Its only through technology and the wonders of religion and miseducation, that the power mongers are able to not only stave off the “lynch mobs”. And hear me out now….religion is wherever and whatever is worshipped these days. You have heard of the church of Beyoncé right? RIGHT? Well there is also the church of socialism, liberalism, social Justice, Feminism etc., etc. Any thing that creates a cult like following that have people losing their minds and grip on reality. At least reality that normal and sane people can attest to.

We have also seen over the last two month how the planetary colonizers, through their propaganda machine called media, are controlling our thoughts and view points on the tribal conflict (war) in the Ukraine and how they have had us losing our damn minds the past two years over a manufactored ( man-u- factored) crisis that has nothing to do with honest science, but everything to do with politics and economics. The tale of the hunt indeed. 

Language is another part of the “Major people activities” that resides in the sphere of education. Thus as controllers of our thought process, they are able to define and direct our thoughts and world view through the manipulation of languages. The right language, based on truth, justice and natural existence, has a way of healing the synopsis in our brain. The wrong language has a way of degenerating that same brain function. So if you were to read one of their information sources…the dictionary. And look up what a empire is/was. You will find the following. Empire: A major political unit having a territory of great extent or a number of territories or peoples under a single sovereign authority. An empire is also an imperial sovereignty that rules or dominates in what is called a dominion. Now nowhere in this definition do we read about murder, rape, terrorism, genocide or kidnapping/enslavement. Nowhere in the definition do they mention how a political unit ends up having dominion over a number of territories under one single sovereign authority. Because once some one has dominion or soverignity over you, you have no soverignity over your self. Which is contrary to god or man’s natural law.

Empires rise and empires do fall. The last extended empire, the Brutish empire, grew over three centuries and reached the height of its territorial expansion in 1920, when the realm controlled 35.5 million sq. km of territory, and ruled over between 470 and 570 million people. 

Their slogan was “the sun never sets” on the Brutish empire. That was before the sun actually fell on their collective heads. Empires rise and empires fall. Scottish philosopher Alexander Tyler of the University of Edinburg noted there are eight stages proceeding the fall of an empire. Only he called it civilization or cultures.

  1. From bondage to spiritual growth 
  2. From courage to liberty 
  3. From liberty to abundance 
  4. From complacency to apathy 
  5. From dependence back to bondage 
  6. From complacency to apathy 
  7. From apathy to dependence 
  8. From dependence back to bondage 

I will not go into too much details like others who comment on Tylers work, because each reviewer has his or her own interpretation usually based in a religious context. What I will say though is that every great empire fell for those very same reason outlined by Tyler. Today the last remaining dinosaur of an empire is not called an empire but is called, euphamistically, an Hegemony.


  1. The predominance of one state or social group over others.
  2. Predominance; preponderance; leadership; specifically, headship or control exercised by one state over another or others, as through confederation or conquest: originally applied to such a relation often existing among the states of ancient Greece.
  3. Leadership; preponderant influence or authority; — usually applied to the relation of a government or state to its neighbors or confederates.

Sounds like a description of an empire to me. This empire called the global American hegemony is quite literally ( in my worldview) a syphalisitc parasitic daughter of the filthy whorish grandchild (England) of the filthy Whore of Babylon ( the Greco-Roman empire). In other words filth don’t fall far from the asshole.

As America (amurdikkka) goes, so goes unfortunately the rest of the world. And like a mature bull rider trying to test his mettle on a 600 pound beast, we the riders are subject to the movement of the raging bull. Whether it throws us off and trample us. Or fall down and crush us underneath it. By tying ourselves to that raging bull we end up getting Fornicating Under the Command of the King ED.

The burning of the bra and the beginnning of the end

From the beginning of recorded activities over eons, men and masculinity were celebrated, honoured and respected by other men, women and children. Men had to EARN their respect. Men had to EARN the title of MEN. And while in most of the world, yes even in parts of Europe, women were honoured, celebrated and respected as well. However, many women didn’t so much as earn femininity, but it was assumed that femininity was always there. All they had to do was maintain it. For themselves, their families and society in order for society to exist in harmony. However, evil never sleeps and so, the power mongers who stay awake at night trying to figure out how to hold on to power, devised an age old scheme, but on a grander scale of doing so. By pitting men against women, to keep both distracted, the power mongers came up first with institutional religion, then capitalism, then socialism and then social justice. All are part of an octopus designed to control people. The final slide down that slippery slope was to appeal to the darkness of mankind’s animal self. By applying the sexual revolution by introducing feminism, the power mongers destroyed the nuclear family, got men and woman to go at each others throat and become so distracted they leave the children…the future men and women…to the mechanism of the machine. The only thing worse than women not existing in their femininity are men not existing in their masculinity. Because without men, anywhere in society, society falls. And when I say men, I mean the traditional definition of men, not these noodle back simpanzee manginas, parading around with blue hair, finger nails painted black and talking about men can get pregnant.

Without the covering and protection of men, women become like wild animals allowed to shit on the carpet and drink out the toilet bowl. And when men support this or ignore it, because frankly modern men are the animals that tear up the sofa cushions and sit on the living room floor. When men and women support the respective degenerate behaviours, we enter in the last stages of the fall of the western and amurdikkklan hegemony.