White historiography the stolen legacy

Christianity is in a race to prove its relevance with Judaism and Islam, always wanted to prove the divinity of  Yeshua messiah, recently took umbrage with a Coptic reference to him being married. Yeshua messiah, for those not in the know, is the original Hebraic name for the Christianized or Romanized Jesus Christ. Also Hebrew and the Hebraic language is miles apart from Judaism and the Yiddish language spoken in the Zionist state of Israel.  These people who tell us they can speak the coptic language that decided that the original practitioners of Christianity had it wrong when they saidd the made a mistake in saying Jesus the Christ had a wife. And they had the ever unbiased Vatican to put out that news feed.

See the  story below:

Handout image of an ancient papyrus written in ancient Egyptian Coptic

An ancient papyrus written in ancient Egyptian Coptic is pictured in this undated handout image. The fragment which a Harvard scholar says contains the first recorded mention that Jesus may have had a wife is a fake, the Vatican said on Friday. REUTERS/Karen L. King/Harvard University/Handout

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – An ancient papyrus fragment which a Harvard scholar says contains the first recorded mention that Jesus may have had a wife is a fake, the Vatican said on Friday.

“Substantial reasons would lead one to conclude that the papyrus is indeed a clumsy forgery,” the Vatican’s newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, said in an editorial by its editor, Gian Maria Vian. “In any case, it’s a fake.”

more of the story here


DNA studies have claimed that most modern Egyptians descend from European invaders who took over such as the Greeks, Romans, Ottoman Turks, French, British and drove out the real Ancient Egyptians into parts of Africa.  Present day Egyptians have no Ancient Egyptian culture in them, they don’t dress like them, dance like they use to, nor do they even have Ancient Egyptian words in their language. Just like the people in Israel don’t speak ancient Aramaic, Hebrew Semitic language, but speak Yiddish winch is an Eastern European language of the people called Khazar.

Modern Egyptians are Fake Egyptians.

Black Egyptians Today. Lower Nubia has been part of Egypt for 5,000 years, and yet back in the 1980s, there was a debate on the controversiality of the thought that Ancient Egyptians could have been Black Africans. Today, the debate is pretty much being settled, with Egyptologists recognizing the Nubian origins of early Egypt. ( thanks to  )

Ashra Kwesi Reveals God’s Chosen Children at the Temple of Ramessu – Kemet

Black Iraqis


Afro Iranians & dark skinned Iranians

Black and Mixed Iranians (Bandaris= Persians, Arabs, Blacks and a Mix of all) of south Iran (Hormozgan, Sunni province of Iran)talking about their lighter-skinned countrymen of the north. The Afro-Persian is making fun of people from Tehran, centre of Iran, who have lighter skin and have not seen black people among them, and he is describing the reaction of those people and asking him the reason why he is black, but in a very funny way. Basically a diss do all those Iranians who think Iran is only made up by Tehranis, Shirazi (thanks to  )

A Cauasian Lecturer’s take on Our story

Europeans trying to Steal Jazz music…

The Roots of American Popular Music (Stolen Black Culture)

Statistics you wont hear white people quote!



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