“If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final.”

another guy named
  Calvin Coolidge




 This small passage is excerpted from wikipideia

The Frankfurt School is a school of neo-Marxist critical theory, social research, and philosophy. The grouping emerged at the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung) of the University of Frankfurt am Main in Germany when Max Horkheimer became the Institute’s director in 1930. The term “Frankfurt School” is an informal term used to designate the thinkers affiliated with the Institute for Social Research or influenced by them. It is not the title of any institution, and the main thinkers of the Frankfurt School did not use the term to describe themselves.

The Frankfurt School gathered together dissident Marxists, severe critics of capitalism who believed that some of Marx’s followers had come to parrot a narrow selection of Marx’s ideas, usually in defense of orthodox Communist or Social-Democratic parties. Influenced especially by the failure of working-class revolutions in Western Europe after World War I and by the rise of Nazism in an economically, technologically advanced nation (Germany), they took up the task of choosing what parts of Marx’s thought might serve to clarify social conditions which Marx himself had never seen. They drew on other schools of thought to fill in Marx’s perceived omissions. Max Weber exerted a major influence, as did Sigmund Freud (as in Herbert Marcuse’s Freudo-Marxist synthesis in the 1954 work Eros and Civilization).


However, the Frankfurt school was also where the neo-Marxism and neo-Freudianism it preached came to dominate the American Inc’s academy and elites, and hence much of American Inc’s culture. The attitudes and ideas the Frankfurt school and its pupils and allies spread among the intellectuals seeping into the veins of American Inc’s culture, into the flesh and cells. Significant anti-family ideas were simplified and promoted by educational institutions and by the media thus producing an anti-family culture.

 The neo-Marxists didn’t look to the flawed economic theories of Marx, but to his earlier, more destructive musings. They didn’t want to abolish capital, they wanted to abolish society. Years before he had inflicted his feeble and unscientific Das Kapital and the dogmas of dialectical materialism on the world, Marx called for what had to be accomplished—the ‘ruthless destruction of everything existing.’



[That destruction would wipe out religion, the family, morality, the free interplay of men and economic forces, human relationships, and everything that made Western civilization…]



In 1922, a conspiracy was hatched at the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow by four important figures. Karl Radek, a power person  in the Politburo and the representative of Lenin, Felix Djerzhinski, head of the Soviet secret police, Georg Lukas, cultural commissar of the short-lived Hungarian Bolshevik revolution, and Willi Muenzenberg, the brains behind the organization . Using the seemingly benign Institute of Social Research, planted in the prestigious Frankfurt University, and dedicated to neo-Marxism…



 [‘We will take over the intellectuals,’ Willi Muenzenberg boasted. ‘We will make America stink.’]


To a great extent, the conspiracy succeeded, and the cluster of intellectuals around the Institute of Social Research became the powerful group known as the Frankfurt School. It began in Germany, where the Institute, led by Theodore Adorno had a connection to almost every debasement of art and culture, but it did not end there. It insinuates itself into Britain, compromising the intelligence services of that country, and even greater the harm, when it decamped to America, courtesy of John Dewey and Columbia University.


From Columbia, it methodically began to blast the minds of America’s educators, and through them America’s future. “John Dewey’s sponsorship gave the Institute a lock on Teacher’s College—the foremost educational institution in the U.S. The influence of Teacher’s College, in fact, reached out across the country, as its graduates filled more that 60 percent of all teaching and educational and administrative posts in the country.






From the dumbing down of the America Inc’s edumacation system, to the dumbing down of the world, the Brave New World Order marches on!


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