Hear the words of the Rastaman say:
“Babylon, you throne gone down, gone down;
Babylon, you throne gone down.”

Said I hear the words of the Iyaman say:
“Babylon, you throne gone down, gone down;
Babylon, you throne gone down.”

And I see the angel with the seven seals say:
“Babylon throne gone down, gone down;
Babylon throne gone down.”

Rastaman Chant,
The Wailers



Some of the headlines read:


  • “Crisis on Wall St. as firms collapse”,
  • “Asian, European stock markets shudder”
  • “Black Monday”



A week ago Wall Street and its capitalistic hogs in the pilot seat, woke up to find two more of its moneyed Icons had fallen. Lehman Brothers, burdened by $60 billion in soured real estate holdings, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after futile attempts to rescue the 158-year-old firm failed. Its businesses in Britain placed in administration and employees seen carrying away boxes and bags were walking out of Lehman’s London offices. As it was with carrions of all kinds, Bank of America Corp., snapped up Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. in a $50 billion all-stock transaction. The demise of these two Wall Street institutions came as shock waves from the 14-month-old credit crisis roiled the U.S. financial system six months after the collapse of Bear Stearns. The world’s largest insurance company American International Group Inc., as well, was also being forced into restructure. A global consortium of banks, working with government officials in New York, announced a $70-billion pool of funds to lend to troubled financial companies.

 We witnessed the image of the talking heads and experts on the Tell Lie Vision, all predominately European, with a smattering of them others (particularly as the markets in India and China were being discussed).  They were all emoting alternately, concern, confidence and brashness, assuring those who have lost life savings that the Government would have to bail them out of this disaster. The masses where lied to that the Federal reserve, who for over a hundred years has been stealing hard earned wages through shake downs called income tax, were going to purchase these companies and “hold” them in trust for he new owners – the tax payers.

 How the west was won is well documented in travels of Christof Colon (Christopher Columbus) and the genocide of the indigenous people, the Maafa of African peoples and the savagery of Eurocentric imperialism and colonial expansionism has been maintained through capitalism and De-moc-racy.


 American genocide





Capitalism in practice is destructive and murderous. For instance, in 1995, Gap factory workers earned 27 cents to sew a shirt we buy for $34.00.  Nike made $9 billion in sales with take home profit of $796 million. Over 500,000 people toil for Nike averaging $800 per year, or $40 million total. Garment workers in El Salvador earn $7.20 a day, but shell out $15.38 daily for rent, three small meals, transportation to and from work and childcare. This doesn’t include money for utilities, education and health bills. Nazi lover Walt Disney’s clothing factory in Haiti pay their workers $2.15 a day even while their daily expense averages $6.12. Thirty-seven percent of all clothing and apparel sold in Canada are made in China where workers are forbidden to organize to improve their conditions.  Eighty percent of all the products we slavishly consume are made by females between the ages 12-and14 year old. In 1997 the UN conference on Trade and Development reported that wages for unskilled workers had dropped 30% in so called developing countries that had drank the cool aide of Free Trade and the liberalization of their trade laws to attract manufacturing business from developed ones.  A $32 men’s shirt cost $4.74 to make in Mexico’s free trade (sweatshop) zones. Of the $4.74, 52 cents goes to production workers and another 52 goes to their supervisors. The remaining 80% go to the corporation and retailer. The family that owned the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy purchased 230,000 acres of Forest in Mendocino County, California. After which they proceeded to log old-growth redwoods, destroying nearby Coho salmon fisheries, wiping out precious wildlife habitat and polluting public drinking water. Since December 1999, Wal-Mart Canada has imported 70 tons of garments from Burma, from factories owned by Burmese drug dealers and then lied about severing its Burma connection in January 2000. Burma has been censored internationally for practicing slave Labour.  We put consumerism and the profits of greedy Corporate whores above health reform, fighting poverty and educating our children so that they can impact the future positively in a just society where each of us are responsible for our neighbour’s welfare. In a consumer, driven society there is widespread lack of moral discipline and a glorification of greed and material accumulation, an increased breakdown in family and community and a rise of lawlessness and disorder.


[LOS ANGELES — An unemployed man with an advanced finance degree who was despondent over his own financial problems shot and killed his wife, three children, mother-in-law and then himself in an upscale home in a gated community, police said yesterday.]


Downpressor Man




Roughly, 6000 years ago, a small band of brothers sat around a fire, in secrecy, to plot out a course that would affect the planet and people that lived on it.  The impact was on a scale that we hope will never be experienced again. The occasion was to decide the best way to dominate the “known world”.  Colonialism is an assault on a foreign population, while expanding the colonizers interests. This includes controlling the natural native resources, excluding them from the original owners. The invaders/colonizers first deny the colonized their humanity then impose their own cultural mores and values in order to denigrate the culture of the colonized. Through the physical destruction and eradication of all the symbols of the colonized cultures, the invader ensures that the natural rebelliousness inherent would not find a place of comfort and safety to be embraced and plugged into. The colonizers further seek to control the colonized conscious and unconscious thoughts and acts, through nine identified areas of “people activities”.

These nine areas include Law, Entertainment, Education, War, Sex, Labour, Religion, Economics and Politics.  Even the importation of their own fallacies, fantasies and nightmares into the colonized “pale looking” worldview is implemented, all the while shunning and ridiculing the fantasies, fallacies and nightmares of the colonized as backwards and ignorant. The fact that the people who control the planet through the nine area of people activity is 10% of the planets population and with in that controlling interest the male is 40% of that population, holding and maintaining that dominance is very burdensome and stressful. It is through his Iceman’s inheritance that this minority has been able to hold on -fingertip to the edge- for so long. The homicidal/suicidal tendency in this minority, fuelled by his hatred of all things natural and pure had caused him to strike out at any, and all things, including himself, his woman and his children, the earth, the life giving water and air we breath.


Equal rights and Justice



Recently a deformed defecation from the anus of a Boar (pig) who’s savage fore fathers once physically colonized Azania, took issue with my post on The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale and Cuba’s Role in the Defeat of Apartheid (apart-hate).  Bolstered by his sense of “White Privilege”…an invisible backpack of unearned assets he cashes in daily (White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack by Peggy McIntosh), this cur dog had the nerve to call himself one of the masters in Angola. This hatred inbred into devils such as this is blindly leading the planet over the edge. As I once heard, they are like car jackers, vexed because the car is not theirs, so they drive it recklessly over a cliff. This opiate induced false privilege was evident in John McCain, Sarah “Pit bull”, Hillbilly Clinton and those who hate Obama for his skin tone, spewing vile, verbal garbage at one so much more poised, intelligent, charismatic and masterful than they would ever be.


 What A Wonderful World

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