Two distinct yet similar creation story 

Yacub’s theory

The first time I actually heard this story, I thought that these brothers in the NOI were tripping on some serious narcotics. This was a point where my previously Christian influenced frame of understated enslavement, ran up against one that was different and inconceivable to all that I thought I knew.

According to the Nation of Islam (NOI), Yakub (also spelled Yacub or Yakob), was an evil scientist responsible for creating the self styled “white race” — or as the NOI called them, “a race of devils”. Yakub created “white people” by a process of “grafting” from the original dark matter population of the planet. It was said to have taken 600 years for Yakub and his successors to fully whiten his creations. This was achieved under a despotic regime on the island of Patmos. The reasons for Yakub’s actions are unclear. According to NOI doctrine, his progeny were destined to rule for 6,000 years before the original dark matter peoples of the world regained dominance, a process that began in 1914.

The doctrine of Yakub was first proclaimed by Wallace Fard Muhammad and was taught and later developed by his successor The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The name Yakub is a variant of the Semitic name referred to in European language versions of their fantasy book, as Jacob or in modern Khazaars communities as Ya’akov. According to some observers, this Caucasian looking fellow Wallace Fard Muhammad appears to have adapted the Biblical Jacob’s role as the father of the tribes of Israel to reposition him as the originator of the Caucasian people as a whole (including the eastern European Khazarian tribe who called themselves Jews).

In recent times, the so-called doctrine of Yakub has been rationalized within the NOI as an allegory for the evolution of the Caucasians from the original dark matter, black-skinned, highly melenated human populations of Africa, and as a parable warning of the dangers of eugenics.

You have noticed statements saying Yakub was playing in his uncle’s backyard, well, he also called his uncle “father”; this is because his father died before he was old enough to know him. So through playing with some magnets, Yakub found what his mission or purpose in life would be. He told his uncle, “Father, I know that which you know not.” His uncle replied, “Yakub!, what is it that you know, that I know not?” Yakub’s reply was, “I am going to make a man when I grow of age” meaning when he finishes the study of genetics. His uncle replied, “Yakub, do you not know that if you make a man other than the original man who is already here on the Planet Earth, you will be making the devil himself?” Yakub replied, “Nevertheless, I know that which you know not.” From Yakub’s continuously saying he knew what his uncle knew not gives one the impression that Yakub’s uncle did not know his mission or purpose for being on the planet earth.

So, when Yakub came of age at 12, he came into the knowledge of how he would graft a people, finished all the universities throughout the Holy Land, and began going about converting the dissatisfied Black people to his doctrine which was based on lies and trickery; Genesis 27:35 tells of how he, Yakub, dealt with his said father with subtlety; Genesis 27:36 further shows Yakub taking Esau’s birthright  One phase of this birthright was to rule all over the planet earth, which Yakub’s children have done for the last 6,000 years by supplanting.   Yakub’s history shows that he did his job through supplanting, something similar to what the biblical his story of Satan is supposed to have attempted in the minds of men on earth. As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said…Our Black Brothers and Sisters who followed Yakub had no idea that he intended to strip them of their dignity, their birthright their clothes of knowledge (meaning mind) nor did they have any idea that he, Yakub, would strip them of their clothes for covering their privates or shame.”



Like a drop of water plops to a surface, so Yurugu fell to Earth with such a thud, that the inhabitants, the complete spirit-filled beings, were scattered across the galaxy. Un-be-know-est to him, he created a variety of ethnic groups-some more closely related to him as he landed directly on their heads (trauma?), however, many of the original people remained and this is their story.

In his excitement to contribute to humankind; physical manifestation of the logic minded half of spirit; Yurugu just could not wait for his other half, heart, and anyway, he reasoned that he had sufficient knowledge to impress the other physical stars in the down below with his brightness of mind. Now here he stood, surrounded by greenery, sweet scents, gentle sounds, and a false sense of completeness. Remember, he has no heart, which is his female twin soul.

See description of the Kimit rituals explained in the beginning.

The earth was full of colors, green fruit/food, brown trees, yellow sun, red flowers, and blue water. Even the things flying about his head and darting about his feet, the source of the music he heard, were a combination of color. There was energy in Motion creating sound.

Suddenly, Yurugu heard movement in the water, just beneath the tree….there. He approached slowly searching for glimpses of the melodious sounds he heard. Finally, Yurugu was able to see her. Her ebony skin glistened in the water, which ran down her body in rainbow shaded trinkets. She must have sensed his presence as she was looking his way as he came into the clearing. For a split second, he saw a site which blinded him and he saw whiteness, as if stepping into the midst of brilliance…and…he saw the Light.

It was there on her face, just behind her smile (a look of pure disgust) then she turned swiftly and violently. Away from him she flew.

Confused, and stopping his own smile, Yurugu looked down at himself attempting to “know” why this beautiful creator would not look upon him. After all, today is his “arrival day”. Yurugu bowed his head to see himself and BAM !!! He realized he had no color.

This was terrible, what had he done, passing up his heart, as he realized the purpose of the heart, what shall he do now. He became terrified when he realized the beautiful creation he’d seen was now out of the water and swiftly moving away from him. Her body was gorgeous, the fullness engulfing her essence… oh and the magnificent color! She was the color of Amma, the great creator! She was the completion of life and the physical manifestation of his female counterpart – the heart. Knee-grows really should read this ten times and let it sink in. She was the manifestation of the one he ditched with his refusal to wait for a heart. And he thought “he had to have her” (Jungle fever? Plantation dreams?).

Suddenly, he heard loud sounds, and as he turned he fell to his knees. Standing before him was the most splendid sight he is sure he will ever behold, the seed carrier of Amma and other half, ammA (the male-female principle that is inherent in nature).

From his lowly position on the ground, Yurugu hung his head in shame as he realized it was the heart that would have given him his color and male principle as his eyes beheld. His own male principle, (seed carrier called a brain), appeared under-formed and limited in the face of ammA’s). Yurugu noted the strength in the form of ammA and when he turned, there “she” was again.

Yurugu, hiding his male principle (suppressing his intellectualization, something edumacated knee-grows can’t do), turned and ran spending many years alone, surveying the land, enjoying the fruits of it, trying to figure out how he could get a heart to complete his being. He had spent time watching her, Amma, and his brain would attempt to come forward. However, it could never reach the proportion of ammA’s and besides, it has no color. Yurugu noted it was during moments like this, (desiring Amma and watching his sickly principle attempt a response) that he had color. His principle seemed to show the life force within, the blood which carried the life force Asili. (Blush)

Because he had no heart, Yurugu became angry and bitter. He began to resent the animals of the earth and would destroy and eat them, seeking their blood and hoping his own would become transformed and color filled. You see, due to Yurugu’s limited brain, his thought process was defectiveHe did not know he could not recreate his life nor could he produce true life without a heart to empower his male principle.

Once he realized that he in fact did not have sufficient knowledge, and that ammA would not even acknowledge his presence and recommended he be banished to the “Northern Cradle”, Yurugu became filled with a rage so great, it sent him into a deep sleep. In his sleep, he dreamed he had all power. The land was populated with white people and he was ruler. He became their ruler because he found the secret of the two globes (left/right brain which carried wisdom) and which held his essence down. Without this globe, one’s essence, which resides in the heart, would float out of his body and go back to the great creator, Amma.

Because Yurugu had no heart, the information provided by his globe was devoid of feeling. (Dissociation) When he awoke, he believed the dream as reality and denied his whiteness. In so doing, he also denied responsibility for the part he played in his current existent, his choice to come to earth without a heart.

This the Dogon tale of Yurugu and the creation of the “white people”. Like all things this is a story filled with allegory and is used as teaching tool.

The story of Yurugu represents the original trauma experienced by man as he is transferred into mankind (a kind of man), the traumatic infestation of an incomplete Asili (blood which carries the life force). This kind of man had no color and no spirit. Dr. Marimba Ani author of the book Yurugu has stated that Africans as a result of Yurugu’s actions were now infected with a Cultural Aids virus…Yurugu and its asili.

This is a story of usurpation, where their (yurugu’s) position were eventually transferred or traded for our True state and place on the planet called earth. This was done based on the BEHAVIORS of the Caucasians, children of Yurugu.

Note: Dr. Richard King (the black dot) once stated that due to the calcification of the Pineal glands the Caucasians dreamt dreams of vampires and werewolves. This seems factual when you consider the plethora of movies coming out of hollyweird including the new and disturbing trend of Zombie culture.


So far you maybe asking how does the Kimity presentation of the soul gel with yakub’s theory and the story of yurugu?  Well every culture has a creation story.  And on the continent of Africa,where the species called man evolved. Africa is a land mass of  30,220,000 km², with 54 “recognizable” sovereign states, nine territories and three unrecognizable states, recognizable by the imperialists standards.  Asia is said to be 44,579,000 sq km, but the wickedly wise combine the so called East Asia with South Asia, because even in geography, they refuse to acknowledge African supremacyAccording to the Imperialists-again take this with a grain of salt-there are well over 1500 languages (UNESCO has estimated around two thousand) are spoken in Africa and double the number of dialects.  According to them Nigeria has more than 500 languages. Cameroon has 278. South Africa has 31, including 11 official languages.

These are all estimates by the UN, so you may want to round it up some . The  dark matter population of Africa is alleged to be  320 million,  minus the 100 million in the arab league (as if there are not dark matter people prominent there).  Keep in mind a census in Africa is subjective, because census takers can barely get shit right in Toronto or New York, much less a continent this big.  And don’t get me started on China and India having a billion people, because I doubt anybody procreate like African people, despite the amount of genocidal activities against us since Herodotus first went to learn at the feet of the gods.

Anyway, I digress…this post is about a culture of death opposing a culture of life. in a nutshell, you have Yurugu, whose impetuous nature caused him to run headlong into this world by jumping out of the side of the birth mother, instead of coming through the birth canal like normal, like the delivery through the cut in the belly associated with Julius ceasar. In so doing he interrupts the process and was incomplete. This is allegorical, but instructive, because it is overstood that for the child to be complete, physically and most important, spiritually  he/she has to cover the nine month gestation period and go through the process the butterfly goes through as it evolves in stages from the caterpillar.

In interrupting the birthing process Yurugu was bereft of his Ib (heart) and due to this was also bereft of the the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Sheut, and thus the  aakhu, khaibut, and khat, aspects of the soul that makes man the living entity he is above the carbon body. Without a soul, in the form of the feminine principle (feelings, intuition, spiritual connectedness) Yurugu became left brain dominant:  The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking. The left-brain is often described as being better at:

  • Language
  • Logic
  • Critical thinking
  • Numbers
  • Reasoning

With his right brain aspect missing: The right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities that are popularly associated with the right side of the brain include:

  • Recognizing faces
  • Expressing emotions
  • Music
  • Reading emotions
  • Color
  • Images
  • Intuition
  • Creativit

He is unable to be intelligent in his emotion and lacks feeling in his intellect.  Thi is the principle of Ma’at, balance. many people think the Caucasian man lacks emotion, it is more that it is not mature, thus he views the world through a prism of  irrational intellectualization. Where as the story says, he “became their ruler because he found the secret of the two globes (left/right brain which carried wisdom) and which held his essence down. Without this globe, one’s essence, which resides in the heart, would float out of his body and go back to the great creator, Amma.

Because Yurugu had no heart, the information provided by his globe was devoid of feeling. (Dissociation) When he awoke, he believed the dream as reality and denied his whiteness. In so doing, he also denied responsibility for the part he played in his current existent, his choice to come to earth without a heart.”  Thus by suppressing his  essence or life force  within, the blood which carried the life force Asili, yurugu and in turn his descendants are at odds with creation, god, nature and the universe. His narrative is about usurping god’s role in the heavens, removing spirituality from national discourse, corrupting spirituality into dogma and calling it religion where the feminine principle is eradicated and the only being of power is the male principle. This hatred of the feminine is encapsulated in the Christian Jesus being effeminate and or genocidal in nature (look at the three major religious dogma).

Rest assured good is at war with evil and life is at war with death.

African people are an alive people. We are always dancing, singing, being lively. We wear vibrant colors, our voices when we communicate is loud and musical. When we are happy at work we speed through the day. When we are confined we get moroseful, from the Greek Morus.


All of this is because of one thing and one thing only, the thing that both Yacub’s creation and Yurugu lacks…the dark matter that is in the outerverse and the innerverse, predominantly in African people.

Melanin (God’s dust) Pt.1 of 3


2 thoughts on “A culture of Life vs a culture of death-Part 1 (continued)

  1. This is one of your best posts yet! I’m reading or should say studying the Dogon but it is intense and not easy to skim through.

    When I first learned about the amphibian God, I said “what”? My Christian upbringing is like an impenetrable force. But I’m slowly trying to unlearn the damage.


    1. This is the thing queen…Christianinsanity and Arabism is what is corrupting our minds and poisoning our souls. We believe in Yurugu’s version of the invisible creator, but not the African version. We believe we can do all things through Christ, but nnot in the things the universe puts in us.

      THEY have information out there that there are earth like planets populated by beings in our galaxy, outside out solar system, yet feed us the idea that WE ALONE are here.
      To Quote Parliament Funckadelic…”free your mind and your ass will follow!”


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