The information below is taken liberally from  by Adel who got the video and lyrics from . One can always depend on cynicalafriKan to document the excesses of a culture of death.


“When will this obvious snowball turn into an avalanche? Men wearing women’s clothes, carrying purses, striving to be sexy, and openly proclaiming to be in touch with their feminine side is setting up the perfect parameters for an extremely gay, black society. Homosexuality is very open in certain Caucasian societies overseas that gays are able to put on elaborate concerts that draw a huge number of spectators. Now, with the subtle hints of gayness in the music today, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing gay, black performances that looks like this…” …Adel.

Rammstein  Bück Dich uncensored

English lyrics

Bend down, I command you
turn your face away from me
your face means nothing to me
bend down
A human on all fours
I take him on a walk
ambling along the corridor
I am disappointed
Now he comes backwards towards me
Honey stays stuck on the garter
I am disappointed, totally disappointed
Bend down…
your face doesn’t interest me
The human has bent down
and moved into a good light
I show him what you can do
and I start to cry
The human stammers a prayer
out of fear because it goes worse for me
he tried to bend down even more
tears run up the back
Bend down…
Bend down, I command you
turn your face away from me
your face means nothing to me
bend down once more
Bend down

Isn’t this some satanic, bestial shit happening here? But how can dysfunctional knee-grows really complain about this, when we indulges in a similar activities on -Black enabling tel-lie-vision (BET)? as people of the Sun most of us cannot and have not the courage to address it. Pull the mask of this macabre destructive dance, because we ourselves have had our pineal glands, the third eye, so calcified, that we cannot look into the mirror darkly, but only on the surface where narcissistic behaviour are the norm for a parasitic culture of death, that is cancerous in it’s spread.

Here is another example of perversion from cynicalafrikan, which if you are thinking with your heart and not with your intellect, ensures you are aware that sexual abuse, sexual perversion and maladaptation is second only to out of control violence and vertical violence (top down, systemic, wholly legal and thus acceptable) which has been a staple of western society since its beginning.

In his ground breaking book, The Iceman’s Inheritance, Michael Bradley, a Khazar, outlined the origin of this maladaptation in comparison to other more balanced people on the planet. Incredibly he was denounced by his socialist peers, even though initially they praised the man and the premise of the book. I guess the spoke before actually reading the book. It is fortunate for him that he has not to date suffered a mysterious suicide like Arthur Keostler (13th tribe)or died in a shoot out like William cooper( They Pale horse) by agents of the white supremacist state.

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